In yet another example of the nonsense that is “modern art,” a 91-year-old woman has been left off with a caution after filling in a crossword puzzle at Nuremberg’s Neues Museum—only to find out that it was an “artwork” valued at €80,000. The “artwork” in question consists of a shabby crossword puzzle cut out from an old newspaper, pasted onto a scratched black background and titled “Reading-work-piece.”

The death of Elie Wiesel has been celebrated by the controlled media as almost the passing of a saint—but in reality, Wiesel was a proven holocaust hoaxer, and an extreme Zio-racist who celebrated the murder and expulsion of Palestinians. His book Night—supposed to be a “memoir” of his camp experiences, has been shown even by Jewish sources to be fiction.

Six out of seven female recruits to the US Marine Corps fail the physical entrance test, as opposed to just 3 percent of men, new figures have revealed.
The high failure rate underscores the idiocy of fake feminist equality which demands that biological reality be ignored in job determination.

A shocking insight into the duplicitous minds of Jewish holocaust hoaxers has been provided with the confession by a prominent “survivor” that he made up Auschwitz lies “in order to enhance the truth.”
Joseph Hirt, who has spent the last 15 years touring schools and educational institutions all over the US East Coast, was exposed as a liar last month by a local schoolteacher.

A number of Adolf Hitler’s personal items—including a 1940 field tunic, trousers, neckties, a pillowcase, and his dog license—have together commanded at least half a million euros during a recent auction.
Hitler’s tunic went for €275,000 (US$312,000), his necktie for €18,000 ($20,500), while the 1929 dog license went for €3,800 ($4,300)—all way above their reserve prices.

The controlled media-promoted “transgender” craze is—predictably—spreading with the first US court order officially allowing a male to change his registered sex to “nonbinary.”
A county circuit court judge in Multnomah County, Oregon, has granted a petition from a man, who claims to be a woman, to change his official sex designation from “female” to “nonbinary.”

Yet another famous “Holocaust survivor” in the US, 90-year-old Joseph Hirt, who has spent fifteen years lecturing schools about his “escape from Auschwitz,” has been shown to be a fantasist liar who invented everything.
Hirt also started producing a photograph of an emaciated man lying on stretcher, claiming it was himself. This picture became one of his stock props in his “lectures.”

The more a Christian church becomes “multiracial,” the quicker its attendance drops and the institution declines, a new study has shown.
The report, published in the latest issue of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, focused on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Traditional historical accounts which claim the Phoenicians were all Semitic has been turned on its head with the news that ancient DNA extracted from a 2,500-year-old Phoenician skeleton has unquestionably shown European racial origins. The study found that the DNA of the famous “’Young Man of Byrsa,” was an exclusively European marker—likely the result of extensive admixture with Europeans.

In yet another exposé of the hoax that is modern art, visitors to a San Francisco art gallery spent hours admiring and photographing a pair of plastic glasses, under the impression it was part of the exhibition—when in fact they had been placed on the floor by a prankster. He got the idea after seeing the nonsense that was being passed off as art at the exhibition.

Only 43.8 percent of people in England and Wales define themselves as Christian, 48.5 percent have “no religion,” and the rest have non-Christian beliefs, says a new report. The figures did consider Scotland or Northern Ireland, where Christians make up 48 and 93 percent respectively.

The world’s largest replica Viking ship, the Draken Harald Hårfagre, has docked in Qaqortoq, Greenland, on its way to the US as part of its “Expedition America 2016” expedition. The Draken Harald Hårfagre landed yesterday at the southwest tip of Greenland—the same spot from where Leif Eriksson sailed in the year 1000 AD to the Americas.

Around 50 percent of all men in Western Europe are descendants of one Bronze Age “king” who generated much of the nobility class which spread throughout Europe, a new genetic study has claimed.
The study, published in the Nature Genetics journal, analyzed the sequences of 1,244 human male Y chromosomes drawn from the 1000 Genomes Project.

Today’s “Victory Day” parade in Moscow is an exercise in hypocrisy—because it ignores the fact that the Soviet Union was allied to the Nazis for nearly two years of World War II—and invaded five neighboring states itself before the war with Germany broke out. The Soviet Union invaded Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Not only did the world Zionist movement cooperate with Hitler—as claimed by UK politician Ken Livingstone—but it also formally offered in writing to fight for the Nazis against the British to facilitate a German victory in the Middle East.
Among the leading Zionists who made this offer was Yitzhak Shamir, later Israeli Prime Minister.

In another example of the Jewish lobby’s power, far-left UK politician Ken Livingstone has been suspended from the Labour Party for accurately saying that Hitler supported Zionism. Hitler did support Zionism. He approved the “Transfer Agreement” with the World Zionist movement to expedite the transfer of Jews from Germany to Palestine—and Himmler’s SS enthusiastically supported the Zionist project.

The West’s controlled media ignored yesterday’s commemoration of the 1940 Massacre at Katyn, despite the presence of the Prime Minister of Poland, senior government figures, families of the victims, and the Polish military—because the atrocity perpetrators were Communists and not Nazis. The Katyn Massacre saw 22,000 Polish officers executed in a forest outside Smolensk, Russia, by the Soviet Secret Police.

Six great battles, three stunning technological breakthroughs, and one epic voyage of discovery have made it onto a list of ten greatest moments of white history, compiled by the author of March of the Titans, the Complete History of the White Race. Writing on his personal blog, author and historian Arthur Kemp said that he had been motivated to compile the “top ten” list because no one had created such a list.

A combination of satellite imaging and extended study of the Eddas has enabled archeologists to discover an 800 AD Viking settlement in the New World—which reveals that the Norsemen had explored far more of North America than earlier believed.
Previously, the only known Viking site was in L’Anse aux Meadows, located on the northern tip of Newfoundland. That temporary settlement, dating from about 1000 AD, was abandoned after just a few years.

Rhino poaching by Africans for Asiatics, who backwardly believe that the animal’s horns contain sexual stimulants and cancer-curing abilities, is threatening the continued existence of that species. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the number of African rhinos killed by black poachers has increased for the sixth year in a row.