Channel Invader Earns £700 ($930) Per Month

The Sudanese invader who illegally entered Britain by walking through the Channel Tunnel in August 2015 has been rewarded by the UK government with a welfare payment of £700 ($930) per month and has moved into a house in Birmingham, the Sun newspaper has revealed.


The nonwhite invader, Abdul Haroun, was granted leave to remain in Britain in December, and thus now qualifies for the full range of UK welfare benefits.

According to the Sun, he was recently spotted going to a job center in Birmingham and attending a mosque near his new home, a semi-detached house worth at least £100,000 in Perry Barr, close to the world famous Aston Villa stadium.


The Sun reported that “after jumping four fences in Calais and dodging 100mph trains in a pitch black tunnel, he has now swapped his dusty tent on the Chad-Sudan border for a room in a £100,000 semi–detached house a short walk from the shops.”

Haroun lived in the camp for 12 years, before taking advantage of the UK’s liberal asylum policies to chance his luck and swindle his way into Britain.

He made the Mediterranean Sea crossing into Italy along with the hundreds of thousands of other fakers, and then, thanks to welfare payments from that country, worked his way across Europe to Calais, where he took up residence in the “Jungle” camp.

After months of trying to break his way into trucks and other vehicles crossing the channel, he finally managed to sneak through the tunnel, walking the entire distance from France to Britain.

Even though Haroun has absolutely no proof that he was fleeing anything, or that he was persecuted in any way, he was immediately granted “asylum” upon his arrival in the UK, and is now living a life of luxury compared to the Sudan—a reward for breaking every law in the book.

Haroun’s treatment highlights the fact that UK immigration law overtly favors those who break the law. An “ordinary” immigrant, say with a job offer, who enters Britain legally, does not qualify for any benefits, and has to pay a lump sum upfront for health service costs.

In addition, legal immigrants are subjected to all manner of means tests, must have a certain level of education, and must have an income above a certain level in order to even qualify to enter the country.

However, an invader like Haroun, who is completely unemployable, has no money or education at all, and whose only qualification is that he is a lawbreaker, is instantly rewarded with an income equivalent to that of a native Brit on welfare.

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  1. Yet that useless europhile May wants to be PM. She is a traitor to the UK and the MOST useless home secretary in all of British history!

    1. Did you notice when May was interviewed in relation to her aspirations and, ‘rock-solid’ beliefs in addressing what the ‘Leave’ campaign voted for in the referendum, she replied to a question on immigration by saying, “the British public wants to see SOME control of immigration”? ‘SOME’ control? Anyone that has had any contact with Government Ministers over any campaign issue will be aware that to avoid doing anything or doing the least possible, they always refer to taking, “a light touch”. So, 333,000 last year? will, ‘SOME’ control = 332,999?
      Do not trust May!
      On another subject, I have just learnt that Nigel Farage has just stepped down as leader of UKIP. Oh dear! I cannot get my head around this bad news yet so I will not make any initial comment.

      1. When I was made redundant in April I could not get a penny and because I had deferred my pension until July 2016 I could not get job seekers either. This is what angers me so much about people who have contributed nothing get everything and those who have contributed all their working lives get nothing

        1. I hope all the British in Birmingham have also been housed before this migrant got his new home. People who come here without a job or somewhere to stay should be at the back of a queue of all our own homelsss before they get anything.

        2. Yip so true which is why my attitude has changed about a lot of things, totally disgusts me that people who work and apply themselves via study etc are screwed and seen as nothing more than cash cows to be milked. I care nothing for refugees, their lives are not my responsibility regardless of what the lefties tell you

    2. 100% correct. the Conservative better understand that if they don’t elect a Brexitier’ as PM and get us a good deal then they will have only a few years left before all their scrabbling around for personal power will be consigned as will Labour into political oblivion.

      1. We shall see how tupid they are, but its all about votes flood the uk with invaders and the Brits will be out voted – then what?

      2. As regards the next election in the UK (which could be at the most 4 years away) the problem is, the axe hanging over the Conservative/Labour parties has just resigned. There is the stated ‘why’ i.e. he achieved the desired aim – the Referendum, but I for one believe there’s much more to this than we are told. What pressure to follow the Brexit plan is there now?

  2. This is so wrong, he should’ve been found guilty of entering the country illegally, done his time and then immediately deported…..Just another scrounger !!!

    1. Yes antieu and my daughter who was injured serving in the Royal Signals and pensioned out gets less than that per month. It is beyond criminal.

    2. Yep I’ve worked all my life and he gets way more than me. My daughter who actually works for her money and due to the minimum wage is worse off than him its disgusting she might have to give her home up as she cant live properly on the money that she earns.

  3. Words fail me, and this has all happened before the referendum. The downside is that there is no mechanism within the UK courts to have had this scumbag deported as the ECJ over-rules our at all times. His money should be paid by all the do-gooders that have represented him and getting him asylum – and that word is what will upset a large majority of the taxpaying public. Politics is corrupt, and the need for a massive revolt against all politicians is long over due.

  4. Well there you have it. This is what the Brexit was all about. Kill off the white European immigration, making life harder for the native Europeans, and making way for all those beloved ethnic invaders.

  5. Following true to form he will top his money up with petty theft and other crime and will be sitting pretty. Keith Vaz said today there are probably half a million illegals in the UK, an obvious under estimate.

  6. Beware of blaming everything on the EU and expecting things to change after Brexit. This is typical Britain, afraid of its own shadow; being so crippled by political correctness and fantasies of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” that it lets all the wrong people in, and worse, allows them to stay. Leaving the EU won’t alter this. Of course there are questions about how he managed to cross Europe to get to Calais, but the real story is how Britain reacted. As a black AND Muslim he hit the jackpot with the PC brigade, so they crawled out of the woodwork to fight his corner and make sure he stayed. Remember, it wasn’t the European courts involved here – BRITISH courts decided not to give him a long prison sentence, and the BRITISH authorities granted him asylum.

  7. And what about the free housing? Is it a 1 bedroom house? A 2 bedroom? Why has he been given a house ?Is he being made to pay the bedroom tax? Our own are homeless or told there is no housing for them…My neighbour was made homeless after years of caring for his father….And i cannot even get a shower installed from my rotten council (cost approx £1,000)for my 88yr old ma, she grafted hard and paid in since she was 15….I have the misfortune to live in a “Sanctuary City” and see more and more of these “characters ” everyday..All the while we suffer from the cuts…..We have also had the abuse of the teenage girls, and a moslem breaking a gay guys jaw…..We are Dhimmis in our own country….

    1. And they wonder why post Brexit violence against foreigners is on the rise aye, seriously they cant be that stupid.

  8. The major problem with the UK at present is the lack of in depth analysis as to why we are where we are financially. Every government has spent far more than it has ever received and the amounts given to the EU and Overseas Aid over the last 40 years has been a major part of that. Every politician has failed to be honest with their constituents, irrespective of party, that in my view amounts to lies, more lies and even more lies over those 4 decades. Although some may correct me, but I’ve always felt that when governments wanted to change the way this country was being governed they should have made it public knowledge in advance and give the pros and cons of their plans unlike they did in the recent referendum. With the debts this country has, sadly, as a former book-keeper, there comes a time when you have to draw the line somewhere, hence the cuts. Every day on TV news channels, there are always people asking for more money, but no one cares where it is coming from or what will be cut so that they can get their increased funding. The silence on the realities of the unknown level of immigration of both EU and non-EU and its costs to the public purse will alienate the taxpayers and hardworking people for years to come. The joys of being 70+ are more than I envisaged when I worked and worried about getting old!

    1. Rob, you missed the ending of your contribution haven’t you? I suspect you were intending ending with: “……..all at the Europeans expense.”

    2. If you get the opportunity, ask your MP whether British businesses would welcome a boost of over 23 Billion Pounds (2011 statistics – probably more like 26/27 now) a year spent with them from within the UK. Then inform your MP that the 23 Billion Pounds equals the total remittances sent OUT the UK by foreigners (including EU) working in the UK. British workers would almost certainly spend money they earn in the UK. “Immigrants pay their way through taxes”? If you believe that, you’ll believe anything!

  9. They are lying about migration. When I go shopping now which is out of town ,there used to be more whites than invaders now they well over take us pale faces.They are from Africa and every asian country known to man.When they consider the time is right we will not to be able to do anything about it. They stock weapons such as machetes. That is why Cameron has sent our soldiers to Afghanistan so we have no one to help us.As for the cost I keep track on the banks.Deuche bank is expected to be the first to fail.Obama has done the same to the US.Cameron has done this to the UK. There is talk that a crash will happen possibly Sept/Oct to disrupt the American elections. The debts of all countries will be so high there will be no recovery.The banks will then take our money to alledgedly get rid of debt.What they are really wanting is one world paper less currency.Which would take the peoples freedom away completely.Brexit has disrupted this somewhat, which is why Cameron was so desperate. Now we have to hope Trump does the same in the US and we have a very small hope.But the zionist bankers want this desperately which is why they paid Cameron such a lot to get the remain vote. But they have not finished with us yet.Break the banks like in Greece no money to pay bills ,no food all these people in the country Mayhem.Only hope maybe UKIP if we can last long enough. Read Koudenhove Kallergy plan. spelling might be wrong.

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