“Rapefugee” T-Shirt: Charges Laid

Charges have been laid with the German prosecution service over the “Rapefugees Not Welcome” T-shirt and logo, according to a spate of controlled media reports today.


The Leipziger Volkszeitung reported that well-known far-leftist “anti-fascist” lawyer, Jürgen Kasek, had submitted the complaint to the state prosecutor in Dresden by fax on Friday in order to try and prevent the T-shirt from being distributed at Monday’s weekly Pegida rally in that city.


Kasek, who is an official leader of the “anti-fascist” movement in Leipzig—responsible for many of the most violent communist attacks in recent German history—is also leader of the “Green Party” in that city.

Kasek’s Facebook page is filled with images of “anti-fa” violent acts, and he and his movement are the main drivers behind the pro-invasion movement in Saxony.

The Leipziger Volkszeitung said that Kasek had said in his charge that the “Rapefugees not welcome” logo was “not satire, but sedition.”

His reasoning, the article continued, is based upon the claim that the distortion of the word “refugees” into “rapefugees” is an “excuse to incite hatred.”

A copy of the complaint has also been sent to the Leipzig town clerk’s office.


The German Mopo24 news service also reported on the move to criminalize the “Rapefugee” logo, saying that Pegida founder Lutz Bachmann’s Facebook post of a picture of himself wearing the T-shirt was going to “land him in trouble.”

“This is hate speech,” Kasek was quoted as saying.


Kasek, left, and a “friend” during a recent pro-homosexual rally.

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  1. It looks like Kasek has a goodly dose of Semite in him. That would make sense as Jews have always been behind Communism. They utterly fail at socialism but make excellent capitalists and Bolshevists.

  2. Your ad says ‘available in white and black’. Surely white, black, and green? — Maybe they will become collectors’ items.
    …. NB don’t forget there were far more mass rapes in Russia, East Germany, Vietnam, and in the USA by blacks. Just saying.

    Editorial note: “White and Black” refers to the T-shirt color.

    1. Okay, so I’ve spent over 4 hours watching the ‘ONE THIRD OF THE HOLOCAUST’ video and I’m converted, completely changed my views.

      Trouble is, it’s the same people pulling the strings of this white European genocide now. If they could fool most of the world into believing the ‘Holocaust’ happened as they claim, then what hope have we from this forced invasion today.?

      1. Stu, thank you for taking the time to watch some of those videos, and to, also publicly acknowledge your new
        viewpoint. That takes a certain type of courage.
        The word holocaust means : LIVE burnt offering.
        Now when we consider the Fire-Bombing of, Dresden and Hamburg and other German cities that is where the
        so called holocaust was. History is twisted by the ‘victors’. If you have time watch : “Hellstorm”, a slightly biased
        film but worth considering.
        Japan was also firebombed and nuclear history there also needs questioning.
        If Jewish involvement is ‘pulling the strings’ then who are pulling their strings ; Jesuits ?
        The Bank of International Settlements ?
        We have the hope of, ‘The Truth’, eventually.

        1. Dresden, Hamburg and other German cities wers bombed because that’s where the
          holocaust had been taking place? I’m speechless!

          1. Kol, I did not write, ‘had been taking place’.
            I wrote …” that is where the so called holocaust was.”
            That is, the Live Burnt Offering was the German people in those cities being firebombed.
            Now, this is getting off topic, bye.

          2. As bombing of Hamburg in July 1943 was absolutely justifid (severe damage to
            German armaments production, U-boat shipyards and oil rafinery) then bombing of Dresden in Feb. 1945 was totally unnecessary and caused 25,000 civilian deaths!

    2. I know exactly what you mean – that’s even worse than the famous Hollywood blacklist based on which Jews from Hollywood were denying employment to screenwriters, actors, directors and musicians to anyone suspected to be a commie or just a sympathizer … truly revolting!

    3. where ever or when ever rape is used as a weapon its totally wrong,disgusting,total soul destroying to the victims be it men,women,or children that get raped. I believe rape is one of the most serious crimes today and that the scum from all walks of life and cultures should be punished severely. Just saying.

  3. Is a tee shirt saying “refugees not welcome” also illegal. It is an immediate opposite of “refugees welcome” What then of freedom of speech. A tee shirt saying “rapist not welcome” merely categorizes the sort of persons not welcome again freedom of speech

  4. The German Prosecution Service has a commission to sanitize the gold and silver watches, gold and silver jewellery I-pads, computers, cell phones, ladies frilly panties, bra’s, wedding rings etc. and they have the European Convention on Human Rights to do the deed. They will meet in camera (Article 33). Will not avail themselves of treaties, conventions or declarations of the UN (Article 62) with their own rules and procedure (Article 55) and no doubt present a Friendly Settlement supporting the High Moral reputations and integrity of the participants of the last successful maraud. If History repeats itself they will find some Hungarians guilty of the crimes and vilify those innocent people like this; “Let it remain hereafter illegal at times to give refuge or comfort to evil men, subject rebels, or malcontents, rather each party should be bound to inflict the deserved punishment on men of that type… Let it be permitted to neither of the parties to nourish and to support (the Hungarians), whom they call freebooters, the so called Pribeck, and that kind of most criminal men, who are not mercenaries of either of the (maraud participants) but live by plunder, let them as well as those who shall have supported them, be punished for their deserts, and such criminals, even though they profess correction of their way of life, earn no trust nor be tolerated near the border… Taken from Article XlV of the treaty of Passarowitz July 21 1718.

  5. The best news would be to read that all left-wingers had committed suicide. What a lovely thought, the end of PC correctness bullshite and the end to their other madnesses.

    1. me too. Alot of people seem to have their own agenda for keeping him in and staying in the EU. Not much better with Labour they would open the doors even wider. Liberals who are they? so whats left green party or UKIP know where my votes going.

  6. I don’t think it’s going to take a T-shirt to incite hatred. The real culprits are doing that very well already – and so is the fascist German government, persistently covering up stuff, supporting Islam, to push its agenda. 140 police to protect the people of cologne from the Islamic rampage – 1700 police to stop Pegida?

  7. i watched the you tube of the german girl surrounded and raped by a huge crowd of Arabs….It is one of the worst things i have ever seen,!! i nearly vomited and i am in shock…..that poor woman…..i will get a tshirt with that image on it and wear it to the march in birmingham on the 6th Feb….. Shocking, Disgusting….I never thought we would see this criminal behaviour in thr 21st Century…..

  8. Ban the T Shirt, but not the rapists….? This is what he is saying, shame there isnt the same outrage and condemnation of these arab sex offenders……

        1. I would say we should be surprised – Germans assumed the leadership of EU and they should set really good examples to follow, don’t you think? Especially that they’ve been so viciously attacking Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland for being supposingly undemocratic and persistently staying parasite-free 🙂

  9. Some people are ofended by hijabs on the street – not everywhere muslims have so easy like in London, Birmingham, Malmo or Brussels:
    “Toronto police said the men approached the woman called her a “terrorist” and told her to “go back to your country,” adding that the men then tore off her hijab, robbed her of her money and cellphone and punched her”
    I think if you have a good lawyer you can easliy avoid being charged on bases that your religious or atheist rights are being violated by women wearing Burkas or even hijab. Next could be Sikhs as they are equally aggressive. People in the West are just way too passive and those camel riders are taking advantage of that!

  10. “Man tried to pull woman’s hijab off’ in random attack outside State Library of Victoria, Melbourne”
    “2 women wearing hijabs allegedly verbally, physically harassed on Toronto subway”

    If such acts become really widespread then it could become the new trend coming to town near you – think about it!

    Otherwise we could be hearing more of this:
    “Farhad Sarfi, 23, is on trial for murdering Polish national Orina Morawiec, 21, at their flat in south-east London in August last year”

  11. I could guarantee anyone that if I wore one of those t-shirts out in my nearest town here in Scotland, I’d be in a police cell before I could go a hundred metres from my car, and Comrade Sturgeon would be making calls to ensure I was given a custodial sentence, even if, given my current state of health, it meant I died behind bars.!

    1. The UK must be the most craven, law-abiding country in the world. We`re increasingly screwed down for the most minor PC things imaginable.
      Yes sir ! No sir ! Three bags full sir ! Will you sh*t on my sandwich now sir ?
      Not to worry ! All good training for the future NWO Merkel has planned for us all.

      1. We have been well and truly conditioned for decades Jay, everything we say and do, and our rights gradually eroded in the hope that we wouldn’t realise until it was too late, and weren’t they right.!

        Another reason that Muslims will take over the UK more easily than any other country, because we’re already subjugated. Only revolution could change things now, and we’ve seen in Cologne what they’re prepared to do do anyone who demonstrates, let alone take real action. 1,700 police with water canon for a relatively small demonstration compared with previous marches, yet only 150 police standing around unable to help a thousand strong gang from molesting and raping innocent girls.

        1. Stu, Arabs didn’t have to get any permission for their “gathering” like Pegida did and during New Year’s Eve police had to be present all over not just in Cologne like on Saturday – you can’t compare those two situations!

          1. Perhaps not Kol, but do you think they’d have brought water canon if they had known what was going to happen at New Year.?

          2. Good point! For what we know, most likely they’d have not. Obviously, there were in place some direct orders of “special tratment” for those invaders and they knew it – how come only after few days in Germany they act so cocky with such confidence and arrogance?

  12. Wait, so if they get charged for saying “refugees who are rapists (rapefugees) not welcome” this means those pressing the charges are for welcoming refugees who are rapists?

    1. That’s certainly a good argument for their lawyers to take up in court William, though I imagine the prosecution will argue that the term and the logo are implying that all refugees are rapists. Frankly I personally believe they are, or at least are potentially rapists, it is after all condoned, or in fact instructed in their ‘book’.

  13. Let’s not get sidetracked. 1000 migrant muslims coordinated a sexual attack on women moving freely about enjoying NYE in Cologne. Disgusting, outrageous arrogant pigs. Merkel has opened the floodgates for division and dissension amongst her own people and refuses to close the door. Such stupidity is confounding. Close the doors NOW and try to deal with what you have brought in. These muslim men adhere to the koran people, do you honestly think muslims will live in peace with those they consider infidel? This is wholly an abomination to the free world.

  14. I am not going to receive my T shirt ! . . . . I received this message today, together with a refund. 🙁 That’s put a stop to my personal protest then !
    Notes from merchant
    “Our apologies. The printer has been pressured into destroying the T-Shirts. We have halted sales and are refunding all orders until we have secured an alternative source. If you have ordered stickers, they will still be shipped. Thank you”

    Editorial note: This is unfortunately accurate. It just goes to show that we live under a dictatorship masquerading as “democratic,” manned by hypocrites who accuse their opponents of wanting to do the things that they themselves do. Dark times.

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