Charlotte: Anti-White Hatred Erupts

Simmering anti-white hatred—generated by decades of controlled media bias and establishment politics—has erupted in in Charlotte, North Carolina, with thousands of blacks roaming the streets attacking whites at random.

The excuse being used this time is bizarre: a black policeman, Brentley Vinson, shot an armed black thug, Keith Lamont Scott, who threatened police as they arrived to serve a warrant on another black man.


There is therefore no reason to attack whites in “retaliation” for the shooting—but this fact has not stopped anti-white hatred erupting across the city, as the “Black Lives Matter” narrative, pushed and endorsed by the media and corrupt politicians like Hillary Clinton has created the completely mythical idea that white police officers randomly gun down blacks at will.

As a result of that relentless 24×7 hate propaganda, any shooting involving police in America is automatically presumed by the low IQ black masses to be another example of “white racism.”

For example, the brother Keith Lamont Scott, while being interviewed by local TV stations about his brother’s death, told the cameras, “I just know that all white people are f-cking devils,” and that “All white cops are f-cking devils, and white people.”

Other videos taken during the first night of the unrest following the shooting showed crowds of blacks chanting “f**k the police” repeatedly.

In one incident captured on a cell phone and broadcast on Twitter, a white passerby was attacked and beaten by blacks in a parking garage in the city.

The anti-white incitement is currently at fever pitch, and North Carolina governor Pat McCrory has been forced to declare a state of emergency for the city and deploy the National Guard and State Highway Patrol troopers to assist local police.

According to local news reports, the rioting has continued for a second night in the city, during which one black was shot by another black.

Local medical services reported that they were “responding to multiple incidents uptown” and police fired tear gas and rubber bullets as mobs of blacks looted shops, destroyed vehicles, and blocked roads, including the Interstate 85. One truck which stopped on the I-85 was looted and set on fire.



The Charlotte Area Transit System was forced to halt its street car and bus services, and closed the uptown Transportation Center.

Businesses in the EpiCentre were forced to close, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame, a Buffalo Wild Wings, a Westin, a Charlotte Hornets NBA team store, a CVS pharmacy, and the EpiCentre Sundries stores were looted by the mobs.

Local TV station WBTV’s helicopter showed mobs of blacks trying to stop vehicles on I-277, and throwing rocks and steel bars at the cars.



The Hyatt House, a hotel in Charlotte, told WBTV that two employees were assaulted by protesters. A protester even knocked down CNN reporter Ed Lavandera while he was reporting live.

As usual, the original shooting victim, Keith Lamont Scott, had a long criminal record, including convictions in Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Texas records showed he was convicted of evading arrest with a vehicle in 2005, and several months later, of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


Whites constitute only 49 percent of Charlotte’s population. According to the NeighborhoodScout website—which provides data to prospective homebuyers—the crime rate in “Charlotte is considerably higher than the national average across all communities in America.”

According to official statistics, the chances of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Charlotte is 1 in 24, and relative to North Carolina, Charlotte has a crime rate that is higher than 78 percent of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Violent crime in Charlotte is one of the highest in the nation, the NeighborhoodScout website added.

Once again, the overall message is clear: even in cases where there are no whites involved at all, the black masses will automatically blame whites for any incidents within their community, programmed as they are to instinctively hate white people.

Given that reality, the only solution to the problem is equally clear: complete physical and geographical separation provides the only means of safeguarding white people.

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  1. Good news, blacks: You were born black, but you don’t need to stay black. Just put on a police uniform or join a “neighborhood watch”, shoot a black, and you’ll instantly be an eeevil white man!

    1. Lol true no bleaching required lol. Why anyone white would vote for Clinton or a leftie is beyond me. You cant really blame blacks as whites have created this mess by voting in rubbish and allowing them to import garbage. Wonder if the blacks will team up with the muzzies or will this be a three way war.

    2. This is the second time I have watched a black police chief, mayor, ask for this to happen. And they meant it! It’s a Law Enforcement cry for help. Let’s see how many show up to take the basic test? MSNBC ;has just spurred me onto saying this: Black guys? Are you willing to say you’ll change races? Sayin’ you’ll change races? Don’t get me started.

    1. Uh, oh. MSMBC again, black female commentator on “stop and frisk” Institutional racism exists, they are in a rage! Could she actually be helping Trump? Something has to change seems to be the cry…..

  2. Thomas Jefferson said Blacks and Whites can not live under the same government- they are just too different. How right he was.

  3. Lots of videos of the aftermath. Where are the videos of the shooting… All these people have cell phones. Why didn’t they video it? Heresay isn’t evidence.

  4. Expect problems this weekend as there’s a group who has said they will start taking down statues of “historical racists” in the south. I like the group in the photo carrying a traffic cone, and and power lines sign like they’ve done something very important. Watching some of it last night, you see them posing for the media cameras, if the media left it alone, most of them would go home. Funny how no one is talking about the black man who was shot by protesters….

  5. It’s just as the KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov, said. If you haven’t seen his interview videos, look them up online. He laid out exactly what’s happening and how the U.S. is being slowly turned to communism in four phases. We’re through the Demoralization phase. All the ties that bind people together as a group have been dissolved: faith, patriotism, a common culture, and so on. Seems nobody can agree on anything because we have no identity as a group, just a bunch of individuals going their own separate ways and living their own “truth”. We’re now solidly in the Destabilization phase, where social breakdown escalates without ceasing. Part of this phase is to prove the local police all over the country as incompetent and racist, therefore, the government must nationalize all police. You’ll no longer know your local police chief or any other officers because they’ll be issued from and trained by the government. Presto: the American KGB. Soon after, the Crisis happens. This is total mayhem, especially for the big cities. This most likely is accompanied by the big and final financial crash. At the height of the horror and people’s spirits are utterly broken when resistance is impossible, Normalization happens. Think Bolshevik Revolution and you can finish the end of this story. Wake Up, America.

    1. Bezmenov omits the most important part of his story: Jews massacred Russia, Jews took over the US financial system and started wars, Jews are ruining the west by forcing nonwhite invasion. Remember he was in the KGB and must have plenty of stories… He’s just another half-truth phony.

  6. Although reported in the UK, at every new nightly outburst, or now as “peaceful” demonstrations, it is always presented to the ignorant British public as taking place in some backward, out of the way town, somewhere in the USA where poor blacks are oppressed in the “Mocking BIrd” sense; completely ignoring that Charlotte, at over 800,000 inhabitants, is the second largest city in the South and a major economic centre.

  7. Whilst complete segregation is indeed an answer, its not the final one – repatriation to Africa is the only way to rid ourselves of this cancer.

  8. Why do ‘Afro American’ riot, burn down their homes and loot every time things don’t appease them? L.A. riots, Newark, NJ. riots, St. Petersburg, Fla riots… Euro Americans (like myself, since no one in my bloodline is a Native American Indian) don’t destroy their homes… they go to COURT.

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