Charlottesville Car Ram Attack: White Man Snaps after 5 Hours of Violence by Anti-white Thugs

Five hours of violent attacks—including the use of homemade flamethrowers, rocks, fireworks, chemicals, paint and feces—by anti-white thugs against a peaceful and legal gathering of whites in Charlottesville, VA, caused one white man to snap and ram his car into the crowd of anarchist terrorists, killing at least one of the reds and wounding 35 others.

The man, identified as 20 year-old James Alex Fields Jr, of Maumee, Ohio, was arrested near the scene and charged with second degree murder after he drove his car into the thugs as they were gathering in the city center in preparation for a renewed attack upon the whites.

A “Black Lives Matter” terrorist uses a homemade flamethrower on white people in Charlottesville.

Masked anti-white thugs (left) attack whites in Charlottesville.

A police vehicle and victim of one of the paint/chemical bombs thrown by the anti-white thugs.

The inevitable result of five hours of constant, unprovoked attacks by the anti-white terrorists. A white man snaps and drives his car into the crowd of thugs.

As pointed out by one of the rally organizers, Richard Spencer, on his Twitter account, the white rally was legal, and peaceful.

“We came in peace. It was the government and antifa that used force against peaceful, lawful demonstrators,” Spencer tweeted in response to a comment by Melania Trump who said that “no good comes from violence.”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)—which had helped secure the legal right for the rally to take place—against stiff opposition from the local authorities—confirmed on their Twitter account that the police refused to intervene to stop the anti-white violence, saying that they would “not intervene until given command to do so.”

Observers on the ground pointed out that the legal rally had the constitutional right to be protected against the violent attacks, and the refusal of the police to halt the violence—and indeed, the police’s attacks upon the whites—shows that they are equally to blame for the tragic events.

It is furthermore of interest to note that the establishment has been quick to condemn the Charlottesville incident as “terrorism”—which, if the facts are as they claim, it is—but refused to condemn terrorism committed by the “Black Lives Matter” and the other anti-white thugs at Charlottesville, who started the violence.

Furthermore, these same establishment figures have been equally silent about other “Black Lives Matter” and far-left incidents which involved car ramming attacks, shop wrecking and street violence (as in Washington D.C.) and even the shooting of policemen, and physical assaults on white people (such as in Dallas, Texas, and other places).

In addition, the establishment and the controlled media will always claim that any nonwhite terrorist who attacks whites is “mentally unstable.”

It is one rule for white people, and another rule for nonwhites, a hypocritical standard which, ironically, is part of the reason why whites are increasingly opposing the establishment’s institutionalized anti-white racism.

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  1. Why is the news calling one side "white nationalists" and the other side "anti-whites?" The whites are peaceful and legal, the black terrorists are causing the problems. But the news blames the whites. I'm so tired of these damn blacks taking all this free money from America and destroying everything and then leaving honest whites and blacks to cover the bills for them. It's disgusting! Throw them in prison or deport these terrorists. Grow a pair and face reality. It's gone on far too long.

  2. I am so disappointed in President Trump that he lashed out at those legally protesting as the instigators . It was clearly Antifa and blm who showed up with mace , flame throwers and balloons full of urine and feces who attacked white people . Nationalist my butt ! Slap a name to make them a hate group so they are not heard and called criminals . President Trump your doing what the left has been doing to America for decades . Your suppose to be in office for change !

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