Chemnitz: Refugee-Terrorist Attack Foiled

German police have foiled yet another nonwhite refugee-terrorist attack, this time on an airport near Chemnitz, in the state of Saxony. Three other refugee-terrorists have been arrested and police are looking for one more, named as Jaber Albakr, who came to Germany last year pretending to be a Syrian refugee—and who was given “asylum” by the Merkel regime.


According to German news service Focus, Jaber Albakr escaped before a massive police swoop on the apartment block in Chemnitz where he had been living.

Focus reported that the nonwhite had been “under observation by the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection” for quite a while, and that yesterday evening, police had acquired a “crucial clue” and decided to act.


Focus said that Albakr had been planning a bomb attack “on a German airport” and had “entered Germany as a Syrian refugee last year.”

“It was intelligence received last night which indicated a serious threat,” a police spokesman in Saxony was quoted as saying. The information was so “red hot,” the report continued, that investigators decided to act immediately, as a “serious escalation was feared.”

When a large contingent of police stormed the apartment, they used a small charge to blow open the front door—leading to unfounded news reports that a bomb had gone off.

Explosives were discovered in the empty apartment, forcing police to order the evacuation of the entire building and much of the surrounding area.

Two of the three nonwhites arrested knew Albakr, and are in custody in eastern city of Chemnitz.  A third invader  is being questioned near the train station in the city, where a bomb disposal robot was used to remove a red suitcase from the platform.

Saxony police have announced on their Twitter feed that they are preparing to carry out a controlled detonation of the explosives seized in the raid, and posted up a picture of their preparations near the scene. They intend to set off the explosives in a hole dug in the ground.

The planned attack is only the latest in a long line of terrorist incidents perpetrated by the nonwhites who have flooded into Germany as a result of the “open doors” invitation Merkel issued to the entire Third World in 2015.

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  1. The former DDR regime renamed the ancient city of Chemnitz as ‘Karl Marx Stadt’- that’s one of the few schoolboy bits of trivia I remember from the 1970d.

    Anyhow – better a Karl Marx Stadt run by Marxists than a Chemnitzistan run by Merkel and the CDU.

  2. If they have been watching him for a while and knew that he was a terrorist, why did they not ‘do’ something about it beforehand?

      1. Yip screw everyone else’s human rights, health and safety laws, etc. Same bunch of clowns who’d fine you for not wearing a seatbelt, bicycle helmet etc but would let thousands of criminal savages poor across the borders hell bent on raping, bombing and killing. This is simply lefties/crooked governments terrorising their own populations.

  3. For how long do we have to suffer this bs? Surely we need mutiny within the current political circles, rather than rely on future rigged elections? Why oh why did our ancestors even bother to defend their lands??!

  4. Well, what a success. They caught 3 and there is just another half a million to go.
    They would have no problems like that if they stood up and told that tw*t merkel no invaders allowed in the first place. Of course, they thought to do that after queuing for hours for latest i-pad and than it slipped their mind. Got to have your priorities right, right?
    Alas, the 280.000 that german police is looking for are now all over europe meeting their (still as many) pals and preparing to entertain us with their fireworks. Isn’t life wonderful? Wander how many are in muslim patrolled areas of london? Wish I had remington 1100…

  5. Knowing blacks killed all French in Haiti, they still brought them into their country.
    Knowing blacks are killing white population of South Africa, white countries still bring them in and send billions to Africa.
    Who’s the low IQ here?

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