Chicago: 10 Shootings a Day—No “Outrage”

There are ten shootings per day in Chicago perpetrated by blacks and Hispanics, and, over the Fourth of July weekend, 13 were shot over a 17-hour period—but there is no mass “outrage” over this nonwhite gun crime rampage.

Instead, the controlled media prefers to focus on alleged “white racist police” and thereby incite hatred against whites.


And the facts are not even hard to come by. The Chicago Tribune, for example, in an article dated July 1, 2016, reported that there were ten shootings every day in the 70 percent nonwhite city—although, true to form, it attempted to explain the “complex causes of Chicago’s spiking violence” by blaming environmental facts instead of admitting the racial element.

The report said that as of the middle of this year, “homicides have jumped by 49 percent citywide to 312,” and that “shooting incidents have risen by even more, marking the third consecutive year of double-digit increases.”

Chicago is the “the runaway leader in the sheer volume of killings,” for the entire US, the report continued.

“New York and Los Angeles don’t even come close,” the report said, pointing out that through June 19, Chicago had more homicides than those two larger cities combined.

New York and Los Angeles together had fewer than 1,000 shooting victims during that same period, while Chicago topped 1,900—about ten per day.

The cause of the violence is, the report admitted, “linked to gang conflict over everything from petty disputes to control of drug dealing, as well as the splintering of gangs into smaller cliques fighting over a few blocks at a time.”

Then the report goes into the usual “environmental” excuses for nonwhite crime, listing “long histories of poverty, joblessness, segregation, and neglect in these crime-ridden neighborhoods,” and, of course, the inevitable claims of racist white police shooting innocent black passersby at random.

All of these “arguments” of course ignore the fact that there are plenty of impoverished white areas, and suburbs across the nation, but they are not plagued by world-ranking gun crime and shootings, murder, and mayhem.

In addition, as all factual analysis of the statistics show, in real terms, more whites are shot by police than blacks, and when violent crime statistics—which result in interactions with police are factored in—this become even more apparent.

The controlled media’s agenda is obvious to all: when nonwhites commit gun crime, then all manner of excuses—which mainly center on blaming “racism” which “causes poverty”—are found, and the statistics are buried.

However, when a white police officer shoots a nonwhite criminal—whether in the line of duty or not—then this same media broadcasts this fact to the world, blaming “white racism” once again.

The media’s approach—and it is one shared by the liberal establishment, and the “Black Lives Matter” campaign—is that whites are always to blame, no matter what the circumstances.

It is fortunate that the Internet now exists, and their lies, deception, and hate can be exposed for the world to see.

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  1. The point is to make white police officers ignore crimes of non-whites. Exactly like “law enforcement” of Europe.
    As african-muslin-non-white “transformation” (rape of whites) of USA goes full swing.

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