Chicago: 137 Dead in New Record

Black and Hispanic gang warfare and criminality in Chicago have resulted in 137 murders during the months of June and July, setting a new record for that city which is well on its way to becoming a second Detroit.

The total number of homicides in Chicago is now at least 389—compared to the total of 400 for all of last year.


Violence in the 70 percent plus nonwhite city has been rising steadily, focused on the suburbs that are the least white.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said that the “same neighborhoods” have been taking the brunt of the gun violence.

“We shake our heads and ask why some of our communities on the West and South sides are being held hostage,” he said at a news conference, ignoring the realities that those are the most heavily nonwhite areas of the city.

The nonwhite crime wave is now so far-reaching that Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn went to Chicago on August 10th for a crime and policing summit.

“If we were to draw an ellipsis and a density map around our highest poverty neighbors with our highest rate of unemployment, highest rate of school drop outs and the highest number of abandoned homes, that ellipsis would be the location of our highest rates of violence. We’re the social agency of first resort for the poor,” Chief Flynn told the meeting—also ignoring the fact that those areas to which he was referring are all nonwhite.

According to Chicago Tribune statistics, the city has seen 389 homicides and more than 2,500 shootings so far this year.

The spike in violent crime comes at the same time as the Chicago Police Department has been officially placed “under investigation” by the Department of Justice after violent protests by the anti-white “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Fox32 reported that leaders from three Chicago black gangs located on the West Side had an “operational meeting” last week to plan assassinations of white police officers.

Leaders from the Vice Lords, the Black Disciples, and the Four Corner Hustlers took part in the meeting.

The Four Corner Hustlers have “provided guns” and have a “sniper in place,” according to an alert issued to police department members.

The Four Corner Hustlers are also supplying the other two gangs with automatic weapons, which all three factions have agreed to use against the police, the alert continued.

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  1. The police should pull out and protect the white neighbourhoods. The blacks will eventually solve their own problems or they will all be dead.

  2. That’s not too high a number. South Africa loses +- 50 per DAY to murder according to official statistics. The CIA has the number closer to 90 per DAY. Official statistics are always lower than actual numbers.

    So Chicago has a lot to catch up. suggest the cops stop interfering & the problem will soon solve itself.

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