Children Invader Criminals in Vienna

At least 30 percent of all nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Vienna, Austria, have now been arrested for criminal offenses—including at least seven aged under the age of ten, police in the city have announced.

The figures were contained in a report in the Austrian Krone Zeitung dealing with the fact that the invaders each get monthly welfare payments in Vienna of €914 (US $1,028) per month.


According to the Krone Zeitung, there are already 22,000 “recognized refugees and asylum seekers in Vienna”—and this figure is set to increase because the welfare payments in the capital city are higher than in the rest of the country.

However, the police statistics were buried in the article. The Interior Ministry—which oversees the police—told the Krone Zeitung that 30 percent of all invaders in the capital had been arrested for crimes last year.

The police figures also revealed that some 6,503 invaders had been arrested last year. This amounts to a third of the 22,000 “recognized refugees.”

Even more “alarming,” the Krone Zeitung said, was the fact that the number of criminals among “young asylum seekers”—that is, those aged 20 and under, had increased by 72 percent.

“Even seven refugee children under nine were delinquent,” the newspaper added.

The paper went on to quote city politicians warning that the huge welfare payments to invaders in Vienna was likely to result in more than 90 percent of all “asylum seekers” in Austria eventually descending on the capital in search of the most money.

In Upper Austria, for example, the welfare payments given to invaders is substantially less—€365 per month—and with more than €400 extra in cash waiting for them in Vienna, the city is bracing itself for a mass influx from cities such as Linz and elsewhere.

An earlier report revealed that the city of Vienna had already spent €544 million on welfare payments for the invaders in 2015—an increase of 26.3 percent on the previous year.

Throughout Austria, welfare handouts to the nonwhites amounted to approximately €870 million.

Last year alone, 90,000 “asylum applications” were opened in Austria, most of them in Vienna. Some 64,000 decisions are still pending.

The welfare payments given to the fake refugees are on a par with unemployment benefits paid to jobless Austrian nationals—except that payments for Austrians are usually stopped after a year, whereas the nonwhite invader payments are indefinite.

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  1. Where is all the money going to come from, taxes or borrowing, because no country can afford to keep these people indefinitely. The bubble will burst very soon.

    1. It can’t come from taxes; there simply isn’t enough. So it must come from borrowing, from the Jews who run the central bank. (Just ask Merkel). The more they borrow, the more interest payments for Jews. It can’t last forever; at some point Jews will jump ship, claiming to be persecuted, and making up more lies, as is their invariable habit.

    2. Supposedly the long-suffering taxpayers according to Merkel and her combination of EU halfwits.
      Or maybe taxpayers only start to pick up the bills when even the obscenely rich Soros and his co-conspirators – having originally funded this little jolly – start running out of money…… which surely can`t be that long…..can it ??

    3. Yes. Yes, it will burst, and very soon. However, that’s also part of the plan. I recall reading something years ago about the Marxist/Communist agenda to flood nations with indigent, unskilled, Third World peoples. Not only would they destroy racial and national cohesion, but the non-stop growth of the welfare base of the population would eventually lead to the total collapse of national economies, opening the door for an entire restructuring of financial and business institutions on Communist-collectivist principles, while the catastrophe is blamed on “capitalism”.

  2. Western welfare is a monster magnet to Third World invaders. “PC” seem to make enforcement of national laws impossible.

  3. Why don’t people get the fact that we are the ones subsidizing all this insanity. Cut off their life blood. GENERAL STRIKE ALL ACROSS EUROPE. Nobody goes to work. Nobody pays their taxes. BLEED THEM DRY.

    1. Interesting. I’ve thought something similar for years. It would absolutely work, but would be nearly impossible to execute. The weapon of choice of the globalists is money. It pays for all the chaos, wars, propaganda and such going on in the world today. If everyone woke up tomorrow and stopped spending money, the elite would be powerless overnight. In an instant, the richest people in the world would be those with real knowledge and a skill or trade they could apply. The elites have absolutely no skills of any kind. They live off of us applying our skills every day. If money suddenly didn’t matter, they’d be the poorest people on earth in an instant. Doctors would still treat patients, police would still protect, farmers would still farm, you could still get what you needed at the store, etc. We’d keep society going, it’s just that no one would be doing it for money. Society would still function, but the elites couldn’t buy anything or anyone off, fund any wars, etc. Their phony paper money system collapses, but we still survive. Impossible, I know. Still, it’s interesting to think about.

  4. So the EU not only sanctions but stupidly makes indefinite welfare payments to many thousands of Muslime parasites who keep themselves busy engaging in criminal activities.
    Remind me – exactly who are the so-called `backward` people in this whole disgusting debacle ?

  5. Some idiotic SJWs must have given them these cardboard signs containing: “Thank you Austria” (for your stupidity) “AFG/Afganistan”. Muslim illiterates normally can’t write their own names. They only can write “big breasts” or “ficki ficki”.

    1. Mongols doesn’t belong to Central Europe – but to Central Asia, their primitive homeland. These have nots, no-hopers and good-for-nothings must be Dschinghis Khan’s late triumph.

  6. €919 a month! WHAT!! I have worked all my life and now live on a British Pension which is very difficult to do, and I can assure you it is less than these gimmegrants are being given, without having to lift a finger to work for it. You really couldn’t make it up! Vote BREXIT

  7. In todays Germany many pensioners ignominiously have to collect deposit bottles in the public trash cans like hobos for their daily survival. Even if they’d worked their whole life hard and long. Our bridges, streets and schools are becoming ruinous. But this by the lefts “beloved” invaders get billions of our taxes, to live in hotels, wear expensive clothes and buy smartphones.

  8. The Marxists have created a parallel society, subject to different rules to the people who have to pay for them.

  9. vote her out…? what about try her for High Treason and execute her according to the Law? Is treason no longer a capital offense? in the U.S.? Germany? Austria? doubting the numbers of WWII carries up to a 25 year imprisonment… so what does High Treason warrant?

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