Chinese Detergent Ad and Media Hypocrisy

A Chinese detergent TV advertisement which “washes” a black man into a Chinese man has provoked controlled media hysteria and cries of “racism”—even though the same media were silent when an Italian commercial showed a white woman being turned into a black man with the tagline “Coloured is better.”

The Chinese advertisement shows a young Chinese girl being approached by a black male. She then puts Qiaobi brand detergent in his mouth, and throws him into a washing machine.

When the washing cycle finishes, the washing machine door opens and a young Chinese man comes out, to the obvious delight of the girl.


The German news service Deutsche Welle lost no time in describing it as a “racist laundry detergent ad in China” which had sparked “outrage on social media.”

The Wall Street Journal said the advertisement “raises questions of racism” while the Los Angeles Times said that it “is playing off the idea that black people are somehow dirty.”

The LA Times article then went on to blame white people, saying that the “use of black people as metaphors for filthiness used to be routine in American and British soap advertisements—and in that sense, the Qiaobi commercial also has a distinctly Western heritage.”

Many other controlled media outlets followed a similar line—and blamed whites as well.

However, all these controlled media outlets were conspicuously silent when an identically-themed Italian TV commercial aired a few years ago—with a muscular black man replacing a skinny white male.

In that advertisement, the tagline of the advertisement even read: “Coloured is better.”

colored is better

The difference in attitude toward the two advertisements is clear: when there is a chance to attack white people for “racism” (even though the Chinese advertisement doesn’t feature European people), then the controlled media makes it headline news.

When however, an advertisement appears that denigrates white people, on an explicitly racial basis, the controlled media makes no objection at all—yet another example of the establishment’s institutionalized anti-white bias.

A non-“racist” TV advertisement, according to the controlled media:

A “racist” TV advertisement, according to the controlled media:

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  1. For crying out loud …the whole damn world`s going crazy !!
    How long before being normal, law biding and above all, being white makes you a criminal?

  2. Isn’t this what advertising is about? – Trying to convince us to buy something we don’t want and don’t need. Both of these ads are obvious examples of false advertising because as most women on the planet know, white guys are HOTTEST most desirable men in existence. They make the best lovers, husbands, fathers, and providers. They are gentle, compassionate, loyal and funny and plus – they got crazy mad skills! Just wish there were more of them. Ladies, you have your orders. Grab that sexy man and get busy creating more white babies

    1. Shhhhh,Justagirl, you should know your place by now and the modern way things work like black and white subjects,they the blacks with huge chips on both shoulders,not the good sensible ones,are allowed to do and say what they wish,the disappearing whites have to turn the other cheek every time,and as a male I agree with what you have said.

    2. I feel the same way as a white male too. Our women are more attractive and better personalities than other races. I think blacks hate whites because we are better looking than them, smarter than them, have a better work ethic than them and create the best civilizations out of nothing while the blacks and mud races destroy nice things.

      BTW, thanks for your comments to me on dating/girls on the “alt right and women” post 🙂

  3. One thing I like about Asians: they look out for their own race, they aren’t into political correctness, they look down upon racemixing and they don’t let other races push them around like whites do.

  4. Brilliant article. Those ads are all but identical – same setting, behaviours, actions. Incredible. NB for people who haven’t seen them, youtube has several sites showing US (or rather Jewish) ads which portray whites as wimps etc and wise, knowing etc blacks. The black actor Morgan Freeman is riding (or has ridden) that wave.

  5. This has to be one of the funniest ads I’ve ever seen! I wonder if China will sell us some in the States so we can distribute it in Detroit, Chicago Baltimore, etc…. My God, the national IQ would go up 20 points overnight!

  6. I believe it can only take a Psychologist to explain why roughly 50% of the West’s inhabitants are supportive of this incomprehensible madness.

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