Chinese Fight Arabs—In Italy

The extent to which Europe is becoming overrun by non-Europeans has been made clear once again with the news that the 300,000 strong Chinese “community” in Italy has started engaging in a racial war against Arabs and Africans coming into that country.

Italian police announced last week that they had raided nine premises as part of an investigation into a Chinese criminal gang they suspect of being behind a spate of attacks on North Africans in northern Italy.


According to the ANSA news service, the police said that the raids had been carried out in the Tuscan town of Prato, which is the epicenter of what might be the single largest Chinese-occupied ghetto in Europe—and supplies labor for the textile industry under sweatshop conditions.

Prato is officially home to some 16,000 Chinese nationals, but local media say the true figure is around 50,000—most of them illegally present in the country.

According to the police, the Chinese gangsters are formed under the name of a “cultural organization” named the “The City of the White Stag”—and they are also accused of extorting Chinese businesses in Prato.

Last week’s raids were carried out under warrants issued for criminal association and “commissioning racially motivated violence.”

The police said the head of the White Stag group had organized vigilante-style patrols in Prato as part of a protection racket which had led to attacks on Arab newcomers to the city.

In total, it is estimated that there are at least 270,000 Chinese living in Italy—but that figure is only an estimate, and the true number is likely to be much higher.

The Chinese criminal involvement in the textile industry in Italy—and many other illegal activities—was detailed in the best-selling book Gomorrah: A Personal Journey into the Violent International Empire of Naples’ Organized Crime System, by Roberto Saviano.

The book—which was also used as the basis for a film and spin-off TV series—revealed the extensive Chinese involvement in the smuggling of illegal goods through the port of Naples, and their further involvement in criminal enterprises all the way to the north of Italy.

Illegal Chinese immigrants are smuggled in by the Chinese gangsters on board ships docking in Naples, along with millions of euros of contraband goods.

From there, the illegal Chinese invaders are put to work in sweatshops making copies of branded Italian luxury clothing and fashionwear.

These goods are then distributed out through a chain of shops—also run and staffed by Chinese—which can be found all over Italy, and increasingly, through the rest of Europe.

In 2013, a Chinese sweatshop factory location was exposed when it caught fire. The workers had been locked in the factory, the windows barred to stop them from escaping, and seven were burned to death. It emerged afterward that the workers had also been living in the factory.


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  1. Now those are two groups who are infamous, for both their ability commit, and to stomach, some of the most savage and cruel acts of violence humans are capable of…
    Let them fight.!

  2. Throw george soros and bezerkel merkel into their crime wars. What a tragedy that this is happening in Italy.
    That 300,000 Chinese will so be a billion in short order. That number alone is mind boggling. European culture will no longer exist.

  3. When are people going to wake up??? Put them all on a bus and let them all go home and commit mayhem there. Get rid of the gangs the same way. We had better grow some cojones pretty soon or we are literally going to lose our countries. Ask the Swedes about it.

  4. A state cannot rule *people*, it can only rule *a* people who share a common ethnicity and sense of asabiyya. Chinese and Arabs are just too different from each other and from us to live by a common set of rules, so they create their own shadowy mini-states.

    “extorting Chinese businesses” means collecting the taxes that the Chinese mini-state needs to protect its people. If they roughed you up for not paying on time, thank them, because that wasn’t 1/1000 as bad as what they’ll do to any one who molests you, your family, or your business!

  5. “talian police announced last week that they had raided nine premises as part of an investigation into a Chinese criminal gang they suspect of being behind a spate of attacks on North Africans in northern Italy.”
    Ah….I suppose Italian police are at last trying to find out how to deal with the brown invasion. Go investigate those groups that can.

  6. Military strength ethnic cleansing never sounded so good. Fine Italian soap. Storm the banking criminals top to bottom like Phillip the Fair (1285 – 1314) and cleanse all our Europid nations.

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