Chinese Fill Hong Kong with Trash: “Lack of Education” Blamed

The lack of Chinese  concern for the environment—already well-known from the vast pollution levels seen in most major cities in that country—has struck Hong Kong, which is now literally drowning in a vast mountain of trash which it is has no hope of containing.

A mountain of trash along the Hong Kong shoreline.

According to an understated but politically-correct report from Vice News—which does not dare point out the obvious racial angle to the story—the “densely packed Chinese metropolis of 7.4 million people has a major waste problem.”

This is, the report reveals, because there are “no full-scale recycling plants, and people generally aren’t educated about environmental awareness.”

Hong Kong harbor.

Hong Kong, an autonomous territory that covers 427 square-miles and currently boasts the fourth highest population density of any sovereign territory or state in the world, disposes of a “dramatic 15,000 tons of trash every day. That’s the equivalent of throwing out the Brooklyn Bridge each night—and still having a couple hundred tons to spare,” the report continues.

The city’s three major landfills which serve the city are “expected to run out of space in just a matter of years, according to Hong Kong’s government.

Hong Kong shore front.

In the landfills, waste is compacted before being covered with a layer of soil at night. The water that seeps through that decomposing waste is then treated in facilities. The government’s legislature acknowledged in a panel over a decade ago that the highly toxic substance, called leachate, runs off into the city’s groundwater.

The report does admit that “much of the mounting waste problem comes down to mindset. Hong Kong has had its own government for 20 years now, though it has yet to successfully address the territory’s deep-seated environmental issues.

“At the grassroots, many people have little concern when it comes to the basics of waste mitigation: reduce, reuse, and recycle. As such, Hong Kong generates over 3,300 tons per day in food waste alone, and there is little regard for single-use plastics, which are clogging the city’s shores.”

The damage from Hong Kong’s lax approach to local waste management is already evident.  One landfill leaked toxic runoff for years before the government addressed it.

“These days, many beaches look more like, well, garbage dumps than the tropical paradises they once were. And last year, marine trash reached unprecedented levels,” the report added.

It is not just in Hong Kong that Chinese pollution levels are destroying the environment.

According to the Chemical and Engineering News of January this year, As 2016 gave way to 2017, residents of Beijing, Tianjin, and many other northern Chinese cities suffered through the longest stretch of stifling air pollution ever recorded in the country. They choked through eight continuous days of thick, light-blocking haze, starting Dec. 30, 2016. This stretch of bad air began only a week after people in 70 northern Chinese cities were enveloped by similar days of haze composed of high concentrations of particles less than 2.5 μm in diameter (PM2.5).

Also known as ultrafine particulates, PM2.5 consists of solids and liquids. Its sources include black carbon from incomplete combustion as well as sulfates and nitrates. Levels of such ultrafine particles surpassed 500 μg per cubic meter of air in both of the recent incidents in China.

That level is twice the daily concentration of 250 µg/m³ that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers hazardous to human health. In contrast, few U.S. cities recorded an air quality index of above 50, which can be translated to a PM2.5 concentration of 12 µg/m³, during the recent days that northern China’s air was filled with haze, according to EPA data.

In spite of all these pressing and critical problems in the Third World, race-denying liberals in the west continue to impose “green laws” on European states—inventing hoaxes about “global warming” to justify the deindustrialization of the West and to impose higher taxes.

If these race-deniers were serious about containing environmental control, they would be spending their time and efforts working on halting the Third World’s destruction of the planet—and stop focusing on the one race, Europeans, who have proven themselves able to control and reduce pollution.

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