Chinese “Lookalikes” Scamming US Immigration Tests

Chinese would-be students are taking advantage of the fact that white people struggle to tell them apart to scam college-entry tests to gain admittance to the US, it has emerged.

It has become big business for Chinese people, clamoring to get into a US institution, to hire scammers, known as “gunmen,” to take SAT, GRE, and English proficiency exams on their behalf.


These “gunmen” pose as Chinese students on behalf of those who are not proficient in the English language, are not smart enough to score well on collegiate-level qualifying exams, or both, and help them to secure their all-important acceptance letters to major US colleges.

These letters are crucial toward obtaining a “student visa” to “study” in the US—and, once inside the country, the “student” of course vanishes into the growing “Asian community” rather than actually studying.

The tests are organized by US companies overseas to help colleges vet prospective students, and the “gunmen” charge as much as $10,000 per test.

The core of the problem lies in the fact that the “gunmen” use the real student’s identity documents—usually a passport—when taking the test.

The white invigilator cannot determine whether the photograph in the document is the same person as the one writing the test.

The scam has become so widespread that it now has come to US shores as well, along with the hugely increased Chinese population.

“Hiring test-taking proxies has been a widespread practice in China for a long time,” Terry Crawford, who runs InitialView, one of the companies employed by colleges to vet students, recently told the media.

“With so many Chinese students wanting to study in the US, it’s natural that these fraudulent practices are spreading here, where security is comparatively low.”

Law-enforcement officials in this country say that highly organized rings of college-admission-exams imposters—once considered a unique artifact of the high-stakes, test-driven Chinese education system—have arrived on US shores.

Recently, fifteen former and current US college students originally from China were arrested in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and pled guilty to attempting to scam the applications system.

They arranged test-takers for friends or took the tests for others. Most of them will be deported.

“During our investigation it became clear the scope of the scam is very broad,” David Hickton, US attorney for western Pennsylvania, said in the aftermath of that incident.

“The networks we uncovered are obviously meant to serve a much larger group than these 15 students.”

American colleges and universities were home to over 300,000 Chinese students last year, according to the Institute of International Education—an almost 11 percent increase from the year before.

Even more incredibly, the Chinese test-taking proxies are advertised on the Internet—in the US, in Chinese.

“Our price is high but reasonable,” one site says in Chinese.

“Give us the anticipated test score and test time you prefer. There are only six tests in each year … our gunmen are limited and excess-demand, please book the service as early as possible, especially for those who need a higher score.”

Faking excellent scores, according to the site, costs more than simply faking good scores.

“Please contact us individually if you need the test score of 2100 to 2200, the service fee changes based on different cases.”

Scores are guaranteed. “We have the confidence to take your money as we let you pay after you get your score.”

“These services are not exactly underground,” New York defense lawyer Anna Demidchik was quoted as saying after representing Quifan Chen, a wealthy University of Connecticut student, who recently plead guilty to having a gunman take his GREs for him in December 2014.

In the past year alone, the College Board, the non-profit organization that develops and administers standardized tests in the US, delayed many scores from four of the seven times the test was administered in Asia while it investigated cheating suspicions.

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  1. Too many Chinee in Canada. Too many Chinee! The Universities, city centers and administrations are overwhelmed with the worst of Chyna on a banal greed spree. They imitate european stock, crawl into our churches, community centers, sports, trades and professions with a callous order of imposition that never appears to reach civil conscientiousness of their own invasive presence. Many whites like to bask in the illusion that they assimilate and don’t harm anyone: ignoring the tipping points, at which their core totalitarian monstrousness appears just like the tortuous yellow peril of old.

    The west could quite easily do without Chinee food, if it also meant being relieved of the ridiculous and alienating weirdness of the Sino-Tibetan stealth occupation project. Foreign exchange asians are embarrassing, sleepy and very often totally uninteresting — Western and European Universities do not need these people. All they bring is banal impersonation, and proxy genocidal anti-racist vanities.

    1. I was in Canada a few years ago, British Columbia and was shocked at how over-run it is with Chinese from China.

      We ended up eating at a small cafe in the airport that was Chinese run – my cousin and I got food poisoning, both of us, my cousin had to be hospitalized and I was deathly ill for a few days and it took six weeks to recover. My husband said later he should have taken me to the hospital. I lost a lot of weight and when I finally did go to the doctor about two weeks later, my doctor said my ribs were all out of place – from violent vomiting.

      It was horrible.

  2. The UC (University of California) actively recruit students in China b/c they pay the coveted out of country tuition, often upfront and in cash – three times the price a California in-state student would pay.

    I was shocked at how many Chinese students (from China) were at my son’s UC – while White, American, California-based students are locked out.

    Obviously, it’s all about the $$. For an in-state student, the UCs cost $100,000 for four years. I know b/c two of my children attended UCs – no scholarships for our children, of course, even though we California parents pay to keep the UCs up and running through our punitive state taxes.

    1. I live near a UC–Irvine–that has been over-run with Chinese students. The parents often buy (in cash) nearby condos in the $500k-$1M range for the kids to live in while claiming in-state status.

  3. Western nations are being taken for one helluva ride. TPTB have obviously had a collective lobotomy.
    The never-ending scams perpetrated by innumerable international free-loaders, crooks, cheats, rogues, swindlers, invaders, not forgetting the `refugees and asylum seekers` from around the world must inevitably bankrupt us.
    The question is – how long before countdown ?

  4. So on one hand some Chinese have “gunmen” take the tests for them and get artificially inflated scores. On the other hand, Chinese who get honest scores face massive affirmative action discrimination against them, needing higher scores than whites and massively higher scores than other minorities to get the same admissions consideration.

    The system is nuts.

  5. That’s sad these Chinese students are rich and American students are starving. If this is true then we should stop buying their fricken products from China and buy American made instead. We should be smarter than them but we are not!

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