Chinese Merchants Selling “High Quality Refugee Boats” on Famous Alibaba Wholesale Site

Merchants using the famous Chinese e-commerce website “Alibaba” are advertising “high quality refugee boats” for sale to human traffickers for use in the ongoing nonwhite invasion of Europe, it has emerged.
The advertisements have emerged after the European Union took steps to restrict the sale of such boats in Libya.
The large rubber boats have become the favorite method of transport used by the invasion organizers, particularly as they now no longer actually have to cross the Mediterranean Sea, and only have to travel a few miles off the Libyan shore before their cargo is picked up by pro-invasion leftists and EU naval units for the rest of the trip to Italy.
The boats are on offer for between $800 and $1,100 per unit, and the manufacturers promise that they can provide “800 units per month for rescue boat (sic).”
According to the sellers, a company in Zhejiang, China,  the boats are  constructed out of plywood, aluminium and PVC, and can carry 25-30 passengers. Life-jackets are considered “optional equipment”.
It’s not the first time Alibaba has been caught out selling such boats. Another web page which has since been removed from the site advertised “inflatable rescue refugee boats” as being “not likely to sink”.
“The boat has good capacity of anti-sinking,” the advert read. “When the boat is in max loaded condition (even the boat is filled fully with water), the boat still can be float on the water.”
A leaked report from Operation Sophia, the EU’s mission to crack down on illegal people-smuggling routes across the Mediterranean, confirmed that Libya-based smugglers were buying Chinese-made inflatable boats and shipping them to North Africa via Malta and Turkey.
In one case, Maltese customs officials intercepted a shipment of 20 packaged rubber boats bound for Misrata, on the Libyan coast, but were forced to release the cargo as there were no legal grounds to hold it.
Last month, the EU took measures to restrict such sales as part of its steps to disrupt the business model of people-smugglers by imposing restrictions on the export and supply of such boats to Libya.
“The rubber boats used by the smuggler networks in the Mediterranean are fabricated somewhere in China,” Dimitris Avramopoulos, EU commissioner for migration, said on a visit to Beijing in May.
In a statement sent to MEE, a spokesperson for Avramopoulos said that he had “requested the support of the Chinese authorities to better fight against migrant-smuggling in the Mediterranean, having in mind that a certain number of rubber boats used by the smugglers are produced by firms operating in China.”

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