Chinese vs African Invaders in Melbourne, Australia

A Chinese invader-owned convenience store owner in Melbourne, Australia, stirred up a local media storm after putting up a sign barring blacks from his store after being continually gang-robbed by the African invaders.

The sign on the Melton store, west of the city, which was put up last week, said “Statement Because the 14–18 year old black always steal. Prohibit 14–18 blacks and dogs into the shop [sic].”

When interviewed by local TV station 7 News, the Chinese store owner said that he put up the sign after a confrontation with a group of Africans earlier that day.

He said it was an impulsive reaction to the morning’s confrontation—one of about 20 similar incidents in the past two years.

“[Shoplifting happens] a lot of times,” he said.

“Always black person… young boy, after playing soccer.”

Seven News has found the sign, which has since been removed, was put up after CCTV captured a group of at least nine Africans storming the milk bar, intimidating the owner, and shoplifting whatever they wanted.

The footage shows the gang of Africans entering the store and spreading themselves throughout the shop.

From behind the register, the lone Chinaman demands that they leave their bags at the front of the shop, but he is ignored.

He then orders the Africans out of the shop, but they take no notice, and stuff their pockets with goods.

The desperate owner then comes face to face with the group, holding a golf club, but does nothing with it.

He attempts to take back some of his goods from the Africans, but they ignore him and one says to him, “Hit me, hit me.”

The African then tells the Chinaman, who reaches to take back some of the goods the black has just stolen, not to touch him.

“Don’t touch this. Don’t touch this. This is mine now,” the African says.

The incident raises two salient points. Firstly, the wholesale importation of Africans has caused an outbreak of this sort of wild criminal behavior across a number of cities, and secondly, it raises the question of how the Chinaman and the Africans got into the country.

According to Australia’s much-vaunted “points-based immigration system,” all potential immigrants “must demonstrate a basic competence in English” and are awarded points if their language skills are deemed “proficient” or “superior.”

Clearly, the Chinaman would fail the most basic English test.

Secondly, potential immigrants must gain additional points for certain qualifications and employment histories—gained in Australia or overseas—or other factors including tertiary education and whether an applicant’s partner fulfils certain requirements.

For some visa subclasses, sponsorship by an employer or family member or nomination by a government is required. If an applicant is not sponsored by an employer, their occupation must be on an approved list. For each occupation, there is a limit on the number of applications that can be accepted.

For the 2015-16 intake, Australia has already approved all 1,000 available visas for auditors, company secretaries and corporate treasurers; the 1,788 industrial, mechanical and production engineers; and 1,000 other engineering professionals.

Clearly, neither the Africans nor the Chinaman involved in this latest incident qualify for residence under any of these rules—raising the pertinent question of what they are doing in Australia at all.

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  1. If you continue letting in non-whites into Australia, you will destroy your country. Do not do what the Swedes, English, Germans and Americans have done.

    Before you know it, Australia will become unrecognizable.

    Wake up Australia!

  2. Absolutely, I live in Austalia now but have travelled a lot. Whether necessary or not, at least the Chinese are hardworking and productive, Black Africans just the opposite!

  3. Australia has historically been the place where White countries deport their prison population. Should bring back a White Australia policy. Chinese shop-owner would prefer White Australia policy and limited Asian immigration with zero immigration from Africa too.

  4. I agree that the Chinese are hardworking and productive, but, You need to stop bringing in them as well. They will eventually change the demographics of Australia.

    If I had to choose between Chinese or Africans, I would rather live around Asians. Without a doubt!

  5. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    The West, including Canada and America, is not and never was intended to be, a place for "all races and nations". To claim that it is, or was, is a direct attack on the identity, legitimacy, and existence of the Western people.

    This talk about “oppressed minorities” dissimulates the very real disenfranchisement of the White majority, and serves to deny us from our rights to public empathy, to dignity, or to even basically survive in a world of our own.

  6. I've been in Australia for 23 years, met my now wife shortly after that. Since the day I met her she's been clamouring for the return of the white Australia policy, you'd be her best friend.

  7. Fight for your country Australia. Don't hand your country over to Africans and Muslims. They will take over Australia demographically.

    Modern Australia was built by Europeans not Arabs or Blacks.

  8. The abolishment of the White Australia policy was the greatest act of treachery our politicians ever subjected us to. Australia used to be such a beautiful and safe country, and people loved the culture and lifestyle we had. It was built on the back of pioneering British settlers and hard working European immigrants. Now the cities are just like any other western country, filled with low-bred 3rd world and Middle Eastern scum. They don't deserve to be here. At least the Chinese are respectable and industrious, but the Africans, bloody hell…

  9. The Chinese are decent, honest and hard-working people (and have many lovely women). They will never do anything to hurt the nation that allows them to settle there.
    Africans (Muslims?) are a different story. They ought to be kept away from your shores – if you wish to remain a civilized nation. They bring nothing but chaos and societal conflict and there is no upside to their presence in your country. Keep them out!

  10. Melton is not a pleasant town by all accounts. People move there because the cost of housing is much higher elsewhere. I personally don't like what the place has become. It used to be English ancestrally, albeit poorer English.

    The government packed into this town several thousand Africans.

    There is a tendency, as the store owner has since realized, that the Africans know that people will, generally-speaking do little or nothing, maybe call the cops, and so they, the Africans can get away with such crime. Maybe, back in Africa, they would have their hands cut-off for stealing.

    It would be nice for hoodlums of any kind to be put into their place away from civil society, and I don't mean some comfortable jail cell at a cost of up to AU$40000 per year to the taxpayer.

  11. She would no doubt love Australia First Party, the ONLY federally registered truly Nationalist party in the country. They stand by the White Australia Policy, and believe victory can be achieved through civil dissent, otherwise known as the 'Immigration Restriction Act'. They just achieved as high as 18% in this months council election in Blacktown NSW. They run candidates not only in local elections, but also contest state and federal seats (e.g. the Senate). The entire state membership of One Nation WA recently defected to AFP, with more coming in droves, sick and tired of the civic patriots and looking for Nationalism. AFP is Nationalist Labour, Protectionist, and 3rd Position. They have a strong alliance with other Nationalist organisations both domestically and abroad in mother Europa. Unlike other parties that compromise and become corrupted and adulterated with liberal dogma, AFP refuses to budge or core racial issues and will not be intimidated by corrupt govt. stooges whom have threatened and bullied so many others successfully. AFP have strong legal standing that in turn intimidates the liblab bipartisan party traitors.

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