Christian Orgs., Canadian Govt., Agree to Take Thousands of Africans from Israel

Several Christian churches in Canada, working directly with the Canadian government, have struck a deal with the Israeli government to take thousands of African invaders in the Jewish ethnostate rather than let them be deported back to Africa, it has emerged.

The “deal” struck between the three parties will see all the Africans who have either applied for “asylum” in Canada, or who are officially being sponsored for immigration to that country by the Christian groups in Canada, have their deportations from Israel halted while their applications are “processed.”

A report in the Toronto Star revealed that “Ottawa has reached a last-minute deal with Israel to suspend the deportation of asylum-seekers who currently are waiting for resettlement to Canada.”

Adam Austen, press secretary for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, also announced that in fact Canada had already been taking in Africans from Israel, telling the Toronto Star that “as the country that resettles the highest number of African asylum-seekers from Israel, we are in direct contact with the Government of Israel to convey Canada’s concerns about the situation.”

The report went on to quote a spokesman for the government’s Immigration Canada department who “confirmed it has reached an agreement with Israeli authorities to allow the Canada-bound asylum-seekers to remain in the country and not be jailed until their sponsorships are finalized.”

“We ask that sponsors advise the department should any of their applicants be issued deportation or detention notices,” said Faith St. John. “Our office in Tel Aviv has dedicated resources to deal with the applications.”

Italy Tavor, a spokesperson for the Israeli Embassy in Ottawa, said the country recognizes the significance of the current “migration situation” and has allocated dozens of new staff positions to streamline and expedite the asylum determination process.

Jenny Miedema of the Dufferin County’s Compass Community Church, “which is sponsoring 14 African refugees through Tel Aviv, said sending asylum-seekers to third countries” said that the Africans had to come to Canada because sending them to Rwanda means they will be “dropped off at a brand new country, with a brand new language, with no legal status. These countries are no safe haven. By sending them there, it becomes somebody else’s problem.”

Joanne Beach, director of justice and compassion for the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, which has a sponsorship agreement with Ottawa, said “Canada must do its utmost to expedite the resettlement of refugees.”

“The alliance is still concerned for the welfare of those at risk of deportation in Israel who do not have applications currently in process. We are appealing to churches to consider entering into a sponsorship agreement or partnering with a Canadian Jewish organization to help those at imminent risk of deportation from Israel,” said Beach.

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  1. At least in Canada there is plenty of land where you can get away from these savages. In the UK you are falling over them everywhere you go. They have more rights than the natives and have wishy washy liberals filling in forms for free money bending over backwards for them. Some of our inner citys are now just cess pits and the tribal wars will start soon to be sure.

    1. No, they go directly to the already overcrowded urban centers in Canadastan where all the other migrants flock to.

  2. Fear no Canada , Im sure the Zionist Jew in the U.S. will gladly enable tens of thousands of these savages to relocate to the U.S. …….

  3. I’d be willing to bet that many of those “Christians” who operate out of Canada and Israel are actually Crypto-Jews. Faith St. John is a nice, shield name. Italy Tavor is definitely a Jewish fake. These people aren’t just gonna communicate with Tel Aviv. Many of the fake “Christians” are most likely duel-citizens acting in the best interest of Israel. This is how Jewish power structure works.

    1. I agree completely. The Trudeau appointee Freeland and the Christian Alliance, spouting Marxist “Social Justice” propaganda, use Christ’s command to teach all the nations as an excuse to import Invaders. Christ sent out His disciples to teach the nations. He did not tell them to flood Christian nations with locust swarms of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists & Voodoo Idiots bent on destroying Christianity.

    1. I think that would be fair, and “just”, since they are always wittering on about “social justice”.

  4. Canada appears to be under the control of the United Nations thanks to their stooge Justin Trudeau. No other white country has gone so completely overboard for liberal internationalism and humanitarianism directed at Third World invaders. This is virtue signalling on a grand scale, and I would not be surprised if it does not harm the prospects of the Liberal Party from being re-elected to power in 2019 because a large part of the population share the values of liberal progressivism which includes issues like women’s rights, abortion, marijuana, same sex marriage and multiculturalism.

  5. Canada is dying… a broken…sad…pathetic sight indeed……bankrupt and teetering on insolvency…shootings from coast to coast…death,murder,rape is now the new normal for once peaceful Canada….all lost within 2 generations… Sweden,REST IN PIECES…….it’s too bad all those citizens lost their lives in WW1 and WW2 as it was all for nothing!

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