“Christian” Refugee Program Halts

The Czech government has cancelled its program to settle nonwhite invaders from Iraq who pretend to be Christians after it emerged that many were simply using that country as a stepping stone to get to Germany.

Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec announced the program’s cancellation on Twitter, saying that the “Christians” had abused Czech hospitality and they would be returned to Iraq.


The swindlers’ bus is stopped at the German border.

According to a report on Czech news service Ceske Noviny, the swindle emerged after at least twenty-five of the “Christian refugees” who had been resettled in the Czech Republic through a widely-publicized program last year, had packed up and left for Germany, where they had wanted to apply for “asylum” once again.

The “refugees” were detained on the Czech-German border by German police while attempting to cross into Germany on a bus.

The German authorities quickly determined that the lying invaders had already been granted “asylum” in the Czech Republic, and put them back across the border, where their devious trick came to the Czech authorities’ attention.

As the extent of the swindle became obvious, the Czech government decided to pull the plug on the project, and issued immediate deportation orders for the group of twenty-five who had tried to go to Germany.

“After the asylum proceedings were terminated, these persons received a departure order, which is still valid. They are obliged to leave the territory of the Czech Republic by April 7,” Czech Foreign Police spokesperson Katerina Rendlova was quoted as saying.

Chovanec said the “refugees” had clearly just been using the Czech Republic as a “travel agency” to bring the invaders “closer to their countries of choice, such as Germany and Sweden.”

“These people just want to leave Iraq. This is something in which we will not participate.”


Iraqi “Christians,” caught out at the German-Czech border, wait while their bus is turned around to be sent back.

The invaders were originally brought to the Czech Republic with funding supplied by British Zionist Jew “Lord” George Weidenfeld, who established the “Weidenfeld Safe Havens Fund” for the purpose of bringing the “fleeing Christian refugees” to Poland and the Czech Republic—but not, of course, to Israel.

Weidenfeld funneled money to a local Czech organization, Generace 21 (Generation 21), which arranged the mechanics of the resettlement program in that country.

Chovanec said that Poland, where a similar project existed, had found that the “Christian” refugees it had agreed to take in, had also left.

“The Polish Interior Minister told me that almost all of the 150 people who arrived in Poland this way have already left the country,” Chovanec said.

According to the Generation 21 website, the first set of “Christian refugees” was 89 in number, and it had been aiming to resettle a total of 153.

Chovanec said on Twitter that the government had accepted his proposal to cancel “without compensation” the program to “resettle 153 Iraqis into the country. It is not possible to support the project, which does not fulfill its purpose,” he wrote.

Of the remaining 65 “Christian refugees” still in the country, a large number have also now asked for their passports back so that they can also go home, Ceske Noviny reported.

The Czech government is also refusing to accept demands by the European Union to take in its “quota” of nonwhite invaders who came to Europe last year.

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  1. They are still non-white, they have no reason to be in Europe. They can easily change their religion,these so called christians are more than likely pretending to be christian, deport the whole lot of them!!!

    1. thank goodness for the czech/polish /hungarian govts…common sense from products of a soviet system,,pity we haven,t got these leaders here in the UK.

      1. Dont be fooled by one Iraqi family from Czech republic being returned. Just few days ago the leader of group known as Proti Islamsky Blok (Anti Islamic Group) has been accused of instigation to religion hate. He is facing 3 years imprisoment, because he said he dont want Islam as main religion in Czech republic.
        I can agree with You on Polish and Hungary government actions (which are mainly provoked by people on the streets), but in Czech republic the government is covered in excrements from Merkels and Brussels ass. And I do know what Im talking about as Im the czech. The situation is worse then in communist era. In those times You at least knew what You can say and what You can’t. Now anything You say can be anti refugee, anti religion and racist.

        1. This just disgusts me. I’m tired of leaders say “we don’t want Islam” instead of just being upfront “Wed on’t want nonwhites here, they will ruin our nation and we don’t want the same problems other European nations haeve with them” Hopefully Czech will turn things around soon. I had more hopes for Czech!

  2. Can’t name the perpetrators or the crime. I’m beginning to believe saving Europe is a lost cause. You can’t save people determined to suicide enmasse.

  3. It shows that a government that acts firmly but fairly avoids the chaos that can be quickly caused. These people are not used to authorities wearing velvet gloves, and they see this as weakness which they will take advantage of.

  4. Thank heavens for the Visegrad countries once again….each with their heads screwed on right.
    Though I doubt they`re popular with Merkel.

    The invader “refugees” have every devious scam at their fingertips
    Whatever scheme is dreamt up by the EU numpties these crafty sods already have it worked to their advantage.
    No wonder they aren`t interested in work ….. or a wash either looking at many of them.

    Might have known there`d be a Jew somewhere lurking in the wings.
    “Dear” old Lord Weidenfeld… at it again.

  5. I know nothing about ordinary Jews’ feelings about this, but in Europe their domiciled elites definitely are very pro Europe being flooded by migrants from MENA-countries.

  6. Christians? The clue was when they started unfurling Prayer Mats, and praying facing East four or five times a day…………………

    1. When they wanted to use codespeech and say “we don’t Muslims here” I knew this would happen with nonwhites saying “Oh, well I’m Buddhist/Christian/hindu/etc” it’s just like that in America with people looking at the problems in all our black cities and blaming it on “unions” or liberal politics” or “gun control” or “Past injustices/lack of resources”

      Until most whites, especially in power, are going to be strong and mention race and stop this code speech BS, we’re going to keep failing.

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