Christianity Dying Out in Germany

Christianity—both Catholic and Protestant—is dying out in Germany due to a dramatically shrinking number of Europeans professing faith in God, a fact exacerbated by a growth in non-white Muslim invaders, a survey of available figures have revealed.

In the former East Germany, 52 percent of inhabitants said they did not believe in any God, and just 8 percent said they believed in a God “personally concerned with every human being,” according to a German newspaper report from 2012.

In Western Germany, some 54 percent of people said they believed in God, but this figure is declining rapidly, indicating that the majority of believers are elderly.

In former West Germany, 36 percent of over-68-year-olds said they believed in God, compared with 18 percent of people younger than 28.

In the former East Germany, the figure was 12 percent for those over 68, while not a single under-28-year-old surveyed said they believed in God.

This fact is borne out by the continuing closure of churches up and down Germany. According to a report in Die Welt newspaper, in the large Gelsenkirchen-Wattenscheid parish, the number of churches has dropped from 39 in 1990 to 29, and parish superintendent Rüdiger Höcker predicts the number will dwindle even further.

“We are well on the way to becoming a minority,” he told the paper. “It’s a fate that Protestants in most regions of the country will not be spared. These days, we’re burying far more parishioners than we’re baptising children.”

A newer report published by Die Welt in September 2013 said that Christians in Germany will become a minority in the next 20 years and that “less than 50 percent of the population will belong to the Catholic and Protestant churches as congregations slowly die out.”

More than 400 Roman Catholic churches and more than 100 Protestant churches have been closed since 2000. Another 700 Roman Catholic churches are slated to be closed over the next several years.

Of those that identify themselves as Protestants, the number of people who go to church regularly is far smaller with 4 percent of Protestants attending church on Good Friday, the paper reported.

It is a similar picture among Catholics. Back in the 1950s one in two German Catholics regularly attended church services. The number has now fallen to just 12.3 percent, according to the German conference of bishops.

The Catholic priest shortage is now so acute that that church has started importing new priests from India. According to an article in Der Speigel, 10 percent (about 1,300) of all Catholic priests in Germany are from outside the country—with most of them coming from India.

Benjamine GasparLiebfrauenkirche Bocholt 08/2013Der Spiegel’s article focused on one such Indian priest, Benjamine Gaspar, who ministers to the congregation of Bocholt in the Münster diocese.

Significantly, Der Spiegel mentions that whereas Gaspar used to have congregations of thousands in his native India, his regular congregation in Germany now consists of 70 people, “almost all are women, [and] everyone is over 60” years of age.

This decline in Christians is being aggravated by the ever-increasing number of nonwhite Muslim invaders who have been encouraged to settle in that country over the past few decades by successive Leftist governments.

There are already at least 4.5 million Muslims, or more than 5 percent of the population, in Germany—and that is according to official figures and does not include illegal immigrants. Germany is now home to more than 200 mosques (including more than 40 mega-mosques), 2,600 Muslim prayer halls and a countless number of unofficial mosques. Another 128 mosques are currently under construction, according to the Zentralinstitut Islam-Archiv, a Muslim organization based in Germany.

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  1. How sad! Many of my ancestors came from the Catholic part of Germany.. Don't turn your back on God. Wake up! Islam is here to take you over and then what will you do? GET BACK TO GOD AND CHURCH!

  2. You have allowed Islam to take over Germany, are you people insane. Get yourself back in Church shut down all mosques they're evil.

  3. I would like to add to the article that particularly catholic and protestant organizations are working for the destruction for Germany as well. So called priests and volunteers (Germans in favor for "refugees") are actively working for the dissolution of the ethnic Germans in the FRG ( Federal Republic of Germany).

  4. Christianity is also dying out in some other European countries. However, that does NOT mean the next logical step should be wholesale foisting of backward bigoted Islam on us all.
    Yet another case of too-clever-by-half EU `nanny` politicians know best. That`ll be the day!

  5. You can oppose or dislike islam and mosques. Why does it follow that people need to go to church to do that? I don’t get it.

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