Christians Celebrate Easter in Liberated Syria

Christians in Syria were free for the first time in at least four years to celebrate Easter in public without fear of being attacked by U.S., U.K., Saudi, Turkish, ISIS, and other Western-backed “rebels” this weekend.

According to a report issued by the Syrian Arab News Agency, Christian denominations in Syria on Sunday celebrated Easter by holding prayers and services in churches and places of worship.

In the Lady of Dormition Cathedral in Damascus, Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch and All East Gregory III Laham presided upon the Easter celebrations, delivering a sermon emphasizing the meaning of Easter and calling for unity, solidarity and love among Syrians, in addition to condemning the recent terrorist bombing that targeted the people of Kefraya and al-Foua’a.

A similar ceremony was also held at the St. George Cathedral, presided upon by Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and All East Mar Ignatius Aphram II, who said in his sermon that terrorism and injustice are bound to be defeated by the light of righteousness.

Armenian Orthodox Bishop of Damascus Armash Nalbandian also presided upon a service at the Mar Serkis Church in Damascus, in which he delivered a sermon denouncing all forms of terrorism and aggression targeting Syria, while during the service held at the Evangelical Church of Damascus, its Pastor Rev. Boutros Zaour said that Easter bears a message of rising above evil and injustice, and that Syria has been an example of coexistence, faith, and peace since the dawn of history.

Meanwhile in recently-liberated Aleppo, celebrations were limited to prayers and services at churches in honor of the victims of the bombing that targeted the buses transporting the people of Kefraya and al-Foua’a.

Above: A cathedral in Aleppo, in use once again now that the U.S., U.K., Saudi, Turkish, and other Western-backed “rebel” East Aleppo town council (below) has been driven out.

Easter celebrations were held in churches across Syrian provinces, including the Lady of Annunciation Church in Daraa city, Mar Elias Church in Ezra’a, St. George Cathedral in Hasaka, the Archdiocese of Bosra, Horan, and Jabal al-Arab, in Jesus the King Church, and in the Good Shepherd Church in Sweida.

In Lattakia, services and prayers were held in St. Nikolaus Church, St. George Cathedral, and the Virgin Mary Church, and in Hama and Tartous services were held at the Greek Orthodox Archdioceses and in a number of churches, while in Homs prayers were held at Al-Arbaeen Church and other churches.

Meanwhile, a new article by the Center for Research on Globalization has reported on the rebuilding—by the Syrian government—of the ancient Aramaic Christian Community of Ma’aloula after its destruction at the “hands of Western-backed ‘moderate’ terrorists.”

“Ma’aloula has been a Christian village since there were such things. But it was almost gone,” the report said.

“America’s ‘moderate rebels’ of the Free Syrian Army attacked it with a vengeance alongside Al Qaeda…as they always do,” and massacred many who would not convert to Islam.

“The local men who had formed a militia to protect their homes were able to hold off the terrorists with the help of Hezbollah fighters until they could get almost all of the women and children out via ancient sewer tunnels.

“Then US-supported “moderate” terrorists ransacked the place, looted and vandalized the homes, businesses, churches, and orphanage. They stole the priceless, ancient, unique icons and sold them to Israel, Europe, and Gulf countries.”

After six months, the Syrian armed forces and allies finalized the liberation of Ma’aloula.

“So much is destroyed but they are rebuilding. President Assad made the restoration of Ma’aloula a top priority. The Syrian Army protects the people who have moved back.”

The article’s author ended with this telling commentary:

“It’s hard for me this morning, to write in such a way as to build bridges with Americans who have been lied to incessantly by [their] government, war-profiteering media, and NGOs masking themselves as humanitarian organizations while existing only to further political agendas…because I am filled with rage as I write this.

“After the lies and horrors of Iraq and Libya are so obvious and so exposed now…why oh why do Americans continue their blind, ignorant and often arrogant support for the US war machine?

“Oh, and Happy Easter.”

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