Third World Terror Engulfs Europe

Decades of Third World immigration and liberal race-denial are the primary reasons behind the nightmare of Islamist terror engulfing Europe, as the attack this morning on a church in France has once again demonstrated.

At least one of the attackers has been identified as a local, and legally resident, nonwhite immigrant who had earlier been fitted with an ankle bracelet by police to prevent him from going to Syria to join ISIS.


The invader—described by French TV as “known to anti-terrorist services”—was jailed for trying to travel to Syria in 2015, but subsequently released under bail terms which allowed him to be unsupervised between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. The attack happened after 9 a.m.

He had tried twice to reach Syria, first via Munich, unsuccessfully, then via Geneva, where he had been sent after being expelled from Turkey. He had been jailed in Switzerland and then extradited to France, where he was indicted for conspiracy to prepare acts of terrorism.

According to Le Figaro newspaper, the nun who escaped the church confirmed that the attackers were speaking in Arabic, indicating that they were likely recent arrivals in Europe.

The Gambetta Church where the attack took place was one of a number of Catholic churches on a “hit list” found last April on an ISIS invader-terrorist living in France, it has also emerged.

The gruesome details of the attack—which included the beheading of an elderly Catholic priest as he was giving early morning mass—will be fully covered by the controlled media, but the real reasons why it occurred will inevitably be covered up, disguised, or simply not reported at all.

Already the French l’Express newspaper has described the attackers as “madmen” rather than Islamist terrorists living in France courtesy of the French government’s policy of promoting mass Third world immigration and race-denial.

Only the leader of the Front National, Marine le Pen, has dared to put her finger on the root cause of the problem. In a Twitter message sent out soon after the attack, Le Pen said that the responsibility for what has happened lies squarely on the shoulders of “those who have governed us for 30 years.”

Blaming the “left and the right,” Le Pen called the chatter of the ruling parties following the attack “revolting” for its hypocrisy.

FN vice president Florian Philippot also named Third World immigration as the cause on Twitter.

Starting with a response to the refugee-terrorist bombing in Ansbach, Philippot said that the policy of “welcoming migrants is madness, as we [the FN] have constantly warned.”

Then, when news of the church attack came through, Philippot tweeted that he “felt sick” when he learned of “this new drama caused by mass immigration.”

True to form, French Socialist president Francois Holland announced that France was “at war with ISIS”—even though his party has been at the forefront of importing millions of Muslims into that country for decades.

The “conservative” leader Nicholas Sarkozy echoed Hollande, saying that the time had come to be “ruthless” with ISIS—but also ignoring the reality that the “conservatives” in France are equally responsible for the flooding of that country with nonwhite immigrants who are now making up the vanguard of the terrorist attackers.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, the niece of Marine, added on Twitter that they “kill our children, murder our police, and slaughter our priests. Wake up.”

Another FN leader in the region where the church attack took place, Damien Rieu, took the Catholic Church to task for its endorsement of the Muslim invasion of France.

Rieu, a former spokesman for the French Generation Identitaire movement, accused the bishops of “closing their eyes and being silent for too long about Islamism. It is time for the church to open their eyes to the threat of Islamism rather than call on people to vote against the FN,” he tweeted.

The attack—the fifth Muslim terror attack in Europe in as many days—poses the inevitable question of how many more Europeans have to be killed before the realization dawns that the only path to true world peace is physical geographic separation of the races, and that the race-denying liberal worldview can only have one ultimate conclusion: the extermination of the European people.

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  1. This is what the NWO and the Kalergi Plan want. The total destruction of the world through third world immigration. Islam is the total opposite of European religion and culture. They should NEVER mix. All muslims should be returned to the ME, blacks to Africa and whites in Europe. It is the ONLY way to stop all this terrorism and death!

    1. Such a load as clearly blacks and arabs cant live in their own countries peacefully which is why theyre running away, that plan your talking about is sheer nonsense lol

    2. I agree. This is all planned and is ushering in the ideal for the select few (racially pure jews) to rule absolutely over the creators of civilization, namely the Indo-Europeans (That’s us white folk). Know your enemy and never ever submit. No more tolerance.

  2. Pope Francis, ironically, is the biggest supporter and enabler of massive Muslim immigration into Europe.

    The other day he was in Poland, pompously pontificating and demanding that Poland should take in darkies.

    1. Also the Polish Catholic Church supports the Muslim immigration. But the Polish public, traditionally outspoken and staunchly anti-refugee, have been reminding the clergy that if they like so much those refugees, they should take them into their own “loaded” houses and live with them. The Catholic Church doesn’t seem to have much respect there any longer. In fact, it seems to be in the state of hopeless decay, actually dying. There have taken place attacks against churches and clergy by anticlerical thugs, but it’s another story. It doesn’t seem good the Catholic religion is collapsing, as it’s not a bad religion (the Decalogue is fine moral rules to abide by). The void may be conducive to the spread of Islam.

  3. Hello dopie popie in rome. Bring in more nonwhite invaders. This is what you are doing to Europe. What a moron.

  4. Nigel Farage warned that this could happen over a year ago, and many will remember that Enoch Powell also raised the issue in the 60’s with his ‘rivers of blood’ speech. The UN and the EU are not fit for purpose and should be dismantled immediately. Politicians will only say publicly what they think the public want to hear, the fact that they are inept, incompetent and totally ineffective of representing their people has not dawned on them during my life time..

    1. Do you mean a year ago Farage warned the French church would be attacked by Islamists? Where exactly did he warn so? What exactly did he say? So you say the UN and the EU are to blame for the attack? Why them?

    2. Yes,, politicans say what they think the public want to hear and the bitter truth is that general population don,t want to hear nothing connected with nationalism. National parties keep getting their 20% for decades. Why should any person try to defend cucked population only to get his life ruined ? British electorate had since Enoch Powell chance to vote nationalists 50 years and they haven,t done in and in 2015 nationalist parties got their pathetic 12% again. Year later 3 weeks after Paris terror, FN lost in every single district in France.

    3. Please don’t refer to Farrage as some sort of prescient oracle – any random person could have predicted these type of attacks. Now, Enoch Powell was a true visionary – although even the common man of his day also would have expressed the same nationalist sentiment.

  5. Pretty soon the Islamist will succeed in attacking the Vatican. So far the Italians have succeeded in foiling a number of attempts on the Holy Sea, but one day…..!

    I always think back to the rumours of the Vatican helping & abetting the Nazis during the latter part of WWII. Wonder where this ones going?

  6. I wonder if all this is just a diversionary tactic or are Eurocrats being paid to flood Europe with migrants, somethings not right about all this. Italy asked for money to bail out their banks and were told no, yet Germany has used european taxpayer dollars to bail out their banks since 2009. EU and banks are totally corrupt, like the subprime mortgage scam and that filthy liar Blair the truth is slowly going to come out as it all unravels

    1. Eurocrats are indeed being paid money to flood Europe with invaders. Italy hasn’t yet picked enough boatloads of negroes, once they have reached the required number, they’ll get paid their “loans” to “bail their banks.”

    2. But Britain also has been overflowing herself – and Europe – with Third World masses. For long, long decades. Including huge crowds of Muslims. For instance, from Pakistan. The only difference between those and those who storm into Italy from the sea is that the former have been coming into Britain (and Europe) LEGALLY, as “British Commonwelath” proud “nationals.”. Allowing them to settle in legally seems even more crazy. Britain ain’t no better than the EU in letting the Third World in, including Muslims. Actually, she seems way worse. And the British measures to stop the invasion are fake and deceptive. True, the British keep some border controls on the movement from Calais, but at the same time a steady massive inflow of arrivals from Africa and Asia continues LEGALLY through the British airports. During his visit to India, British PM Cameron complained that too few Indians lived and worked in the UK. He made those remarks about the same time he expressed his outrage at the allegedly unacceptably great numbers of Poles working in the UK, but it’s another story. To conclude: when one slams the EU for letting in “refugees,” one should even more slam Britain. By the way, the EU, of course, is a mess. But the facts seem to show Britain even worse.

      1. Well Excuse Me, something has certainly rattled you re virtually everything about the UK….and yet you give the impression you don`t even live here. Imagine then how we Brits feel each time we receive yet another load of immigrants without so much as a by-your-leave.
        Incidentally, the original influx from Pakistan started in the mid 60s putting decent hardworking people who were working in the cotton mills at the time out of work. It would have been perhaps understandable had there been a shortage of labour but that wasn`t the case. Presumably money was the deciding factor. A decision that has had continuing repercussions and is now virtually crippling us so many years later.
        Living several to a small terraced house, `hotbedding ` was rife amongst the immigrants – which meant as the nightshift vacated their beds their place was taken by the day shift.
        That`s when the UK rot started.
        Not because people wanted or agreed with it but it was what TPTB deemed was the way forward for the UK.

        1. If I were you I would try to practise the rule that even the harshest but justified criticism from an outsider is better than the sweetest but fake compliments. And to control my temper. If I were – as you indignantly imply – hostile toward the British, if I didn’t care, I would either praise their multikulti, or kept silent thinking: “I am enjoying watching you go under.” I don’t enjoy it, because, first, I regard the British as my European brothers and sisters, second, their downfall is fatal to the rest of Europe. Where did I write the British people wanted and agreed to the Pakistani influx? Aren’t you fantasizing? PS. Isn’t it the great John Milton who wrote that the truth gets strong in the fire of criticism?

    3. Latest news is that Germany’s mega bank, Deutsche Bank has suffered a profit fall of 98%. A graph plotting the start of the decline correlates well with the start of the Merkel immigration disaster. Say no more! Can’t see the EU surviving past 2020!
      And yet the EU and the English who wanted to remain in the EU forecast the British economy would collapse. Also on News is that one of the world’s biggest pharmaceuticals companies is confident in Post Brexit Britain and announced a $260 billion investment.

      I find it very strange that the media,TV & press, no longer mention the European stock market reports in Australia. Too much bad news?
      They do however make disparaging remarks about the London Stock Exchange & publish figures. Not much help when you have no other figures to compare the LSE numbers!!! European stocks are falling that’s why no numbers are are made for public consumption.

      The media do however keep telling us that the Frankfurt & London stock exchanges must merge with headquarters in Frankfurt. The EU is actually trying to steal the wealth of Britain. No British government would ever dream of it. (Well not conservatives)

      EU “leaders” still will not admit to the real cause of their problems. Unless they do so very soon unrest & steep decline is unstoppable!

      1. It seems quite possible the EU may collapse by 2020, or even earlier, in connection with what you call “Merkel immigration disaster.” Yet isn’t an identical collapse threatening also the “multicultural” Britain in connection with its “Commonwealth immigration disaster”? Even if all the world major pharmaceutical companies pumped billions into the country…

        1. Allowing Commonwealth citizens to settle in the UK was presumably the result of historical factors re our former gung-ho forays in foreign lands. When the Asians originally arrived at least they worked and weren`t featherbedded on benefits as they are now as our own rights are turned upside down.
          Try returning invaders/ failed asylum seekers/refugees back to their cesspits today for whatever reason and see how far you get. Our UK justice system – loaded to the gills with loonie libtards – will promptly turn justice on its head and allow them to stay regardless on some spurious `rights` claim and no doubt later allowed to bring in family members as well.
          Merkel – on behalf of the EU – now invites all and sundry to pitch up pretending that there`s work for everyone. This at a time when very many of our own unemployed people are desperately looking for work.
          The traitorous Frau then further insults intelligence with her crazy “We can do it ” claim while generously sharing them out across the EU… no `ifs or buts` accepted.

          1. I’m not fond of Merkel, but don’t get what harm you mean she’s allegedly done to Britain as regards Britain’s job market? You say scores of British people are desperately looking for work, don’t you? Isn’t it plain untrue? And isn’t it true that, actually, scores of British prefer to sit on benefits instead of working on low-paid positions? They even give birth to a few kids in order to collect benefits. I mean only WHITE British here. I’ve seen this with my own eyes in Britain. There are probably many millions of such. Isn’t it true that however hard one can try, one can’t force them to get a job?

          2. II, I’m not quite sure of the Merkel statement: “We can do it”. Exactly what do you think she’s referring to? With her obvious mind-set of achieving a Islamic Caliphate in Germany and throughout Europe and bringing the indigenous peoples down to that level, it can only be this aim she refers to.

  7. Truly, I do wish that Western governments would simply expel them all. Third World aliens, Muslims, do not belong in our Western territories at all.

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