“Civil War Possible” because of Merkel

Angela Merkel is Europe’s most dangerous politician and her promotion of the mass Third World invasion has paved the way for a possible civil war in Europe, HC Strache, the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), has said.


Speaking to a crowd at the Epstein Palace in Vienna commemorating Austria’s National Day, Strache said that Merkel’s policies have been “criminal” and have put the whole of Europe at risk.

“She is the most dangerous politician in Europe. With her go-ahead for the largest migration of peoples for centuries, she has opened the door for Islamists, economic immigrants, and soldiers of fortune, whose worldview does not fit into modern Europe,” Strache said to cheers.

“The unchecked influx of culturally alien, poverty migrants, seeping into our social systems, is shaking our social structure, solidarity, and cohesion to its foundations.

“The move has been pre-programmed to fail, and I would not even rule out a civil war in Europe as a consequence.

Referring to the mass sex attacks being carried out by the “refugee”-invaders, Strache said that the “abyss of evil” which was dominant in the territories “thousands of kilometers to the south” are now “in the heart of Europe.”

He also said that there was near warfare between Turks and Kurds in Austria, and warned that under these circumstances, the “accession of Turkey to the European Union seems unrealistic and unreasonable.”

Furthermore, he said, if “we want to preserve our cultural heritage permanently, we must also be prepared to defend it. The current influx into Europe contains people who do not even think of integrating, let alone assimilating, and thus, catastrophe is inevitable.”

Strache also attacked the state broadcaster ÖRF which, he charged, “financed by public tax dollars,” still broadcasts blatantly biased news reports every day against his party, all in an attempt to keep Austrians supporting the socialist-conservative alliance.

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  1. hope hofer wins. austrians remember history. just recently you celebrated 300+ years of beating back a muslim invasion. here they come again, people that breed like rabbits, and want to import their numerous relatives. in good time they vote and vote for their retrograde misogynistic concepts to be implemented. democracy in action.
    in england the most popular name for newborns is mohammed (the various ways to write it, combined) gasp!!! when is europe going to wake up? wherever muslims ruled, nothing than misery and backwardness.

    1. Merkel should be tried and put away for the rest of her rotten life, I am sure the devil is waiting already for that one..

  2. The ONLY way to stop civil war, is to repatriate EVERY last ‘immigrant’ who has come to Europe this past 5yrs. Merkel should be tried in the Hague for the genocide of Europe!

  3. The war has already begun. Round ONE was where the Euro elites declared war on the common people via mass migration clearly intending slow extermination. The civil war warned of by the Austrians might need to be with secret military help from over foreign borders.
    For example Austria and likeminded states like Poland could supply the needed weapons to the common people of the greater nations like Germany that needs the most help. Targetted attacks on lying left wing journalists, liberal idiot politicians etc and even the police chiefs who feel sorry for the migrant rapists as in Sweden. I dont think argument and discussions and reasoning will ever reach into a marxists mind. The Austrians are correct war is coming.

    1. The best way to get back at Merkel is leave the EU. The EU is leading to the 4th Reich, ruled by Germany. By leaving the EU you will aid it’s rapid collapse.

  4. “I don’t think argument and discussions and reasoning will ever reach into a marxists mind”

    Quite right. They wouldn’t see it and even if they did……they’d think it was a price worth paying for the diversity and enrichment.

    We are screwed!

  5. The first phase, still within that phase, is the destruction of the mugrat centres. This will of course escalate, and with that escalation, will come a newly found kameraderie between brothers across the water and around the globe. No enabler or their performing seals will be safe from retribution.

  6. So many Europeans have this white guilt appeasement mentality, they believe they are somehow guilty of a better life and owe something to these inferior people. They will learn the hard way , if they ever do learn.

  7. Unfortunately, sheeple will not wake up until too late. Just look at the Germans. They are capitulating already and leaving their country in droves. Soon, there will be nowhere for white Europeans to run as the invaders will take over everything they can, especially if vacated. And, as many other countries, we in UK are fubar, TPTB new this was coming (Kalergie plan) and have made sure that 19 years ago we were disarmed. The very first thing that should be done is to round all the politicians who served leftie libtard policies over last 30 years and try them for treason or just eliminate them (less tax money) and then deal with the invaders.
    If I am to die I will do it on my feet, not on my knees.
    Make no mistake, it’s becoming a choice of survival or slavery.

  8. Strache is correct. The flashpoint could come in Sweden, France or Italy.

    Renzi of Italy is in a panic because the promised distribution of migrants is not happening and Italy is stuck with hundreds of thousands of illiterate, unemployable African migrants. He will lose his upcoming referendum for sure but that is the least of his worries. The mafia are still a force to be reckoned with and I fully expect that they will assassinate him.

    1. Yip that clown’s a real knob only an utter fool would believe Jrunkard and fattie. So much for patrolling the med to keep them out. Itll either be war in Italy or Ebola, looks like maybe both

  9. What hold does Merkel have over all those that are blindly following her dictatorship. In many countries across the world she’d have been taken out already?
    There comes a time and I hate saying this, but a military coup can be a good thing when the taxpayers of any country are being forced to accept a massive change in their country without having the right to vote on it. The sooner Deutche Bank collapses the better, that’ll be the first trigger to see the EU disintergrate.

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