Clinton: Israel Helps Syria “Rebels”

Israel has actively supported “Syrian rebels” in their war against that country’s government as part of a wider US-Israeli strategy to destabilize the Arab world, new revelations from the Hilary Clinton email archive have confirmed.

The Clinton emails—made available by Wikileaks—have also revealed Clinton’s role in fostering major crises such as the overthrow of Ghaddafi, the destabilization of Syria, and in engendering hostility toward Iran—all  on behalf of the Jewish lobby.


The emails, released after a Freedom of Information request and now in searchable format on the Wikileaks site, show that Clinton played a significant role in fomenting widespread conflict throughout the Middle East and North Africa, all to ensure “Israel’s military advantage.”


The emails also reveal the close connection between the destabilization of Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iran, and that the “Arab Spring” was largely the result of US and Israeli attempts to refashion the political structure of the Arab world.

With regard to Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi, for example, a Clinton email dated March 3, 2011, declares that the only way to deal with the Libyan leader is to “deprive [him] of his strategic depth—his support both financial and military.”

It seems that the situation is developing into a protracted civil war with various nations backing opposing sides with unforeseen consequences. Under these circumstances the crucial challenge is to deprive Qaddafi of his strategic depth—his support both financial and military.

The chaos which resulted from this decision to “deprive Qaddafi of his strategic depth” is well-known, and only last week Libya’s Islamist-backed government in the capital, Tripoli, declared a state of emergency after reports that four members of the rival United Nations’ unity government have arrived.

The Tripoli government is one of Libya’s current three “governments,” all claiming to be the true representatives of the country, and all actually just little more than desert gang warlord outfits, all enabled and empowered by the “Allied” intervention against  Qaddafi.

To make this scandal even worse, an email sent on September 16, 2011 to Clinton from Sidney Blumenthal (a former Bill Clinton White House “advisor” and later a full-time employee of the Clinton Foundation), revealed that then French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron each traveled to Tripoli about one month after Qaddafi’s government fell in order to establish control over Libya’s oil.

Clinton—and the Obama administration—had backed the French and British governments’ military intervention in Libya which was the critical advantage needed by the “rebels” to destroy the country.

Blumenthal informed Clinton that:

According to knowledgeable individuals, as part of this effort, the two leaders, in private conversations, also intend to press the leaders of the NTC to reward their early support for the rebellion against Muammar al Qaddafi. Sarkozy and Cameron expect this recognition to be tangible, in the form of favorable contracts for French and British energy companies looking to play a major role in the Libyan oil industry. According to this source, Sarkozy feels, quite strongly, that without French support there would have been no revolution and that the NTC government must demonstrate that it realizes this fact.

With regard to Syria, an email sent by Blumenthal to Clinton, and then forwarded by Clinton to Robert Russo, her “special assistant,” revealed that Israel intends to use the war in Syria to mend its relations with Turkey. As a result, Israel will provide “covert help for secular Syrian rebels.”

Western governments should expect some covert help for secular Syrian rebels to be channeled to them from Israel.

Finally, this sensitive contact advises that if the Israelis can use the Syrian situation to reestablish a degree of trust with the TNIO [Turkish National Intelligence Organization] and the Turkish Army, Western governments should expect some covert help for secular Syrian rebels to be channeled to them from Israel via the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq and Turkey.

The email then goes on to say that Israel intends to establish “covert links to various rebel Syrian forces” in an attempt to “influence the policies of whatever successor government emerges in Damascus.”

At the same time, a particularly sensitive individual added that Israeli Military Intelligence officers, in discussions with their military commanders and the Office of the Prime Minister, have raised the possibility of trying to open covert links to various rebel Syrian forces. This effort would be designed to collect intelligence and influence the policies of whatever successor government emerges in Damascus.

Since then, Israel has carried out numerous air strikes in Syria against the Syrian government forces in support of the “rebels,” so the “aid” was stepped up beyond mere contacts into active military assistance.

Reports of these physical attacks were largely ignored in the controlled media, and only emerged after the Syrian state news agency reported them.

Another email, dated July 23, 2012, sent to Clinton by Blumenthal—which she then forwarded to the former Director of Policy Planning at the US Department of State, Jake Sullivan, goes on to recommend bringing down Syria and then, after that, Iran:

The fall of the House of Assad could well ignite a sectarian war between the Shiites, and the majority Sunnis of the region drawing in Iran, which, in the view of Israeli commanders would not be a bad thing for Israel and its Western allies. In addition, certain senior Israeli intelligence analysts believe that this turn of events may even prove to be a factor in the eventual fall of the current government of Iran.

The quote above shows that Clinton clearly endorses the idea of a war spilling over to engulf Iran, and the same email reveals a detailed discussion of when Israel can and cannot attack Iran, what Israel may or may not be blamed for if they do, and what targets they should strike.

3. At the same time, looking at the tensions between Israel and Iran as part of the overall situation in the region, these European heads of state are receiving reporting indicating that if Israel were to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities at this time it would only exacerbate relations with their neighbors.

In addition, such an attack may lead to further deterioration in the world economy, which would in turn be blamed on Israel.

4. According to a source with direct access, Turkish Army commanders have stated in private discussions with the highest levels of their Government that an Israeli attack on Iran will surely start a regional war “before the first Israel air-strike sortie has returned to base.”

Turkish intelligence estimates, supported by their liaison contacts in Western European intelligence services, advise that thousands of missiles and rockets would fall on Israel fired from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza.

5. (Source Comment: The Turkish Army estimates that Syria and Lebanon Hezbollah forces have access to over 200,000 surface to surface rockets and missiles. Their military analysts also believe that an assault from such a force would overwhelm Israel’s defenses.)

The emails reveal clearly that a Hilary Clinton presidency—based on a fanatical support for Israel no matter what the cost in human lives—would threaten a new Middle East war and have catastrophic consequences for the whole world.

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  1. Jewish wars in the 20th century were concerned to make money from weapons manufacture profits; to lend money to all sides, then insist on repayments; to grab assets; and to control banks and businesses in as many countries as possible. A desired side effect was to kill and maim goyim, and ruin architecture and entire populations. They have been amazingly successful. In the 21st century, they have been given Palestine at Palestinian expense in 1948, and it’s ironic that after 50 or 60 years this small bit of territory has given them more trouble than Europe and the USA put together, despite the overwhelming ‘money’ and other advantages of ‘Jews’.

  2. Beside all said, I realize that all American Jews, should not be allowed to be part of the US government, they do have dual citizenship and as seem in many occasions, they do act in the interest of Israel before they do for the US.

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