Clueless Corbyn and the Jewish Lobby

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is once again under attack from the Jewish lobby—this time for opposing anti-Semitism and defending Jews.

Corbyn’s error is that he expects political and moral consistency from the Jewish lobby—while their only measure is what is good for Jews and Israel, regardless of the moral dimensions.


The latest attack on Corbyn has come about after the launch of his party’s “report on anti-Semitism” commissioned in the wake of former London mayor Ken Livingstone’s completely accurate comment that there was an alliance between Nazi Germany and the Zionist movement.

While introducing the report, Corbyn rejected anti-Semitism and said that the word “Zio” (presumably as in “Zio-media”) had no place in his party. Furthermore, he said, it was incorrect to say that Jews were involved in any sort of media or other conspiracy, or were aligned to any political movement.

Finally, he said that it was incorrect to say that his “Jewish friends” were responsible for the behavior of the state of Israel, any more than his “Muslim friends” were responsible for ISIS.

This last point—by which he obviously meant that not all Jews support Israel, and not all Muslims support ISIS—is however the one which has landed him in trouble with the Jewish lobby once again.

The Jewish lobby—aided by their controlled media—have twisted and distorted this comment into “meaning” that he compared Israel to ISIS—a claim which is blatantly false.

Nonetheless, this lie is the theme which has been adopted in the Jewish lobby’s new attack on Corbyn. As the Times of Israel reported, the Labour Party’s foreign policy adviser, Emily Thornberry, has already apologized directly to the Israeli ambassador for Corbyn’s remarks.

In Israel, that country’s Labour Party—traditionally the firm political ally of Corbyn’s party—has also attacked him. Leader Isaac Herzog said that Corbyn’s “comparison [between Israel and ISIS] is shocking, unacceptable, and a betrayal of the values that the Labor movement represents around the world.”

In Britain, that country’s Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, joined in, accusing Corbyn of making “offensive” comments and causing “greater concern.”

The former Chief Rabbi of the UK, Lord Jonathan Sacks, issued a statement saying that Corbyn’s remarks were “demonization of the highest order, an outrage, and unacceptable. That this occurred at the launch of the report into the Labour Party’s recent troubles with anti-Semitism shows how deep the sickness is in parts of the Left of British politics today.”

The UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported that the Jewish Human Rights Watch (JHRW) organization has formally written to the Labour Party’s central office, objecting to Corbyn’s remarks.

The JHRW said Corbyn’s comments had “demonized and delegitimized Israel in a way wholly consistent with modern anti-Semitism” and the fact that he had chosen “to make the remark on the release of the report serves only to underscore the reality that Mr. Corbyn has no interest in fighting anti-Semitism whatsoever.”

In reality, Corbyn was trying to excuse Jewish support for Israel—and that state’s ongoing war crimes and racial laws—by giving an “out” for Jews to claim that they do not support that state.

Therefore, Corbyn’s logic goes, if it is incorrect to assert that all Jews support Israel, then it is also incorrect to blame all Jews for Israel’s behavior.

There is no possible way Corbyn’s remarks could be construed as comparing Israel to ISIS.

The real reason for the hatred directed toward Corbyn is because he genuinely opposes many of the interests pursued by the Jewish lobby—on a purely moral basis.

In this regard, Corbyn has consistently opposed all the wars in the Middle East, fought on behalf of the Jewish lobby and to protect Israel, and he has also consistently supported the rights of the Palestinians not to be suppressed by the Israelis.

At the same time, Corbyn expects the Jewish lobby to be as consistent as he is on these moral issues—and this is the cause of his downfall.

They are not interested in being morally or politically consistent, and operate on the principle of “one rule for the Jews, another rule for the non-Jews.”

Corbyn is clueless as to this principle upon which the Jewish lobby works, and this deliberate ignorance will cost him the leadership of the Labour Party in the very near future.

* Even the accuracy of Corbyn’s comments on Jews and Israel can be called into question.

As the world’s most famous ex-Jew, Gilad Atzmon, pointed out on his blog, “Despite Israel’s devastating record of war atrocities, the vast majority of the world’s Jews support the Jewish state and identify with Zionism.”

Furthermore, Atzmon said, the “Jewish lobby dominates American, British and French foreign affairs. This lobby pushes for criminal immoral interventionist wars.

“Corbyn obviously knows this since he has consistently voted against these wars.

“None of these factors apply to Muslims or Islam. Only a fraction of Muslims worldwide support the Islamic state. In fact, the vast majority of Islamic leaders denounce Isis politically, religiously and culturally.

“Finally, unlike Jewish oligarchs such as Haim Saban and George Soros, Muslim billionaires do not attempt to buy our political system. So I can’t imagine what led Corbyn to make such a comparison.”

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  1. If that is a demonization of the highest order, what are they going to call it when somebody says something really bad about Jews? Lord Sacks is a hysterical drama queen.

  2. Ken Livingstone – Wind the clock back to 1947 and, Hey Presto! this abhorrent demagoguery was called ‘McCarthyism. Progress? That’s the essential truth of the two factions in the UK’s Referendum results: The ‘Remain’ camp youngsters see everything as, ‘progress’ and a different, improving World and EU; the ‘Leavers’, the older generation have seen most of it all before – they know only too well that, in relation to human beings, there is really no ‘Progress’.
    I’m very surprised that an expression I heard used by a young ‘dynamic’ businessman when interviewed many years ago has not resurfaced in relation to the Referendum result. He said, “Age in the enemy of innovation”. Immaturity will never understand that very little in life is actually ‘new’ and, it just may be the case that older people have heard/seen/experienced it all before and, importantly, can predict the outcome fairly accurately.

  3. Corbyn is just a puppet leader the real leader is john McDonnell he is pulling corbyns strings. Corbyn is useless.

    1. Both Marxists and both unelectable for the majority of the general population. Happily, we are witnessing the writhing’s of the dying entity. No word from ‘Orville’ yet? (Angela Eagle).

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