Cologne: 11,000 “North African” Crimes per Year

North African invaders in the city of Cologne, Germany, have committed on average some 11,000 crimes every year since January 2013, a secret police report leaked to the media has revealed.


According to the Die Welt newspaper, the nonwhite crime wave is so unprecedented and overwhelming that the police in Cologne have had to establish a special unit devoted exclusively to North African crime.

Called the Nordafrikanische Intensivtäter (“North African Multiple Offenders,” or NAFRI), the police unit’s name reveals its purpose—although its existence has been kept out of the public eye since its founding in 2013.


The police report which has found its way into Die Welt’s hands states that so far, NAFRI has arrested 18,311 nonwhites for 22,000 crimes over the two year period from 2013 to 2015.

Only a small number of the arrestees were domiciled in the Cologne area, even though the offenses were registered in the city, spread out over seven police stations.

According to Die Welt, the “alarming” part of the report (as if the whole report is not “alarming”) is that the perpetrators are for the “greatest part, refugees who have entered the country as unaccompanied minors.”

The nationalities of the nonwhite criminals arrested during 2015 are listed as “mainly Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians,” but “also a visible number of Syrians and citizens of other Arab nations,” the report said.

The fact that the arrested nonwhite criminals are minors means that they are not even imprisoned for their crime plague. As Die Welt reports, “unaccompanied refugee minors are not subjected to the normal asylum procedure, and are instead taken in under the government’s Youth Welfare Office.”

From there, Die Welt says, they are “transferred to local youth protection centers, where they are released once again within a few hours.”

In other words, even if the police arrest them, the nonwhites know that they will be free to carry on with their criminal activities almost immediately.

In addition, the report says, there are a number of young men aged between 18 and 21 years of age. In Germany, 21 is deemed to be the age of majority, and people under that age are not subjected to the full due process of adult criminal law.

Finally, the report says, although “all the registered suspects have an official address, their actual whereabouts are as a rule unknown.”

Die Welt adds that the criminal nature of North Africans has been known to the police since early 2012, but that news of the nonwhite crime wave had been deliberately suppressed under political pressure.

Now, however, following the mass nonwhite sex attacks over the New Year, and the daily reports of “refugee”-crime pouring in from all over the country, it has become impossible for the authorities and even the controlled German media to pretend that nothing is happening.

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  1. Just wait till all the 1.5 million invaders can bring their families over here in 2/3 years time. Then the fun begins. God forgive the politicians and liberals because I won’t.

    1. Next year Cologne will have a ‘bumper crop’ of crime. Anyways the Germans should be used to the crime by now. It’s those future mass rapes that will be hard to get used to.

  2. Biggest problem is these people will be worse and worse criminals, because without detterrent enough punishment they will think they can do anything without consequences. Thus zero chance for integration, deportation will be the best solution. Which will be much harder and costly than simply not letting them in.

  3. After another 8 000 000 arrive next year the victorious invaders can elect their own Mayor and send a representative to parliament and sanitise the situation by renaming the city New Casablanca in a Pacific Settlement Solution to the problem of the criminal rejection of the UN and international law.

  4. These are not refugees theses are trojan horses which will destroy your children and grandchildren, Remember The Rage Of Achilles……..

  5. The leaders of Germany are bought off, globalist controlled TRAITORS. They need to all be replaced. They are leading Germany to disaster. Germans need to close down every single leftist periodical, newspaper, magazine and media outlet. They need to elect the Nationalist Party and abandon every liberal open borders globalist entity. THEN, they might have a chance to survive as a nation and a distinct culture, in the face of the globalist, communist attack being waged against them by TRAITORS, THAT DO NOT HAVE THEIR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART. PEACE

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