Cologne Carnival: 2 Rapefugees Arrested

Two rapefugees—a Nigerian and an Afghani—have been arrested in two separate sex-attack rape incidents in Germany during the first day of the North West Rhine’s (NRW) famous street carnivals, police have admitted.


According to the Focus news service, “Police have arrested an immigrant from Africa,” after a 24-year-old woman was raped at the street carnival in the NRW city of Gütersloh.

The woman was attacked and raped in broad daylight by an African, and was able to immediately file a complaint with a complete description of her attacker.

Two hours later, Focus reported, a 29-year-old “asylum seeker” from Nigeria was arrested. The police were unable to say at this early stage exactly how long the nonwhite invader had been in Germany.

The Bild newspaper reported that a “refugee” raped a 22-year-old woman in Cologne during the first day of the carnival in that city.

The victim, who works as a waitress, was accosted by a nonwhite invader in the street at 3 A.M. while she was going home from work, police said.

“The young woman was approached by the offender who showed her pornographic video material on his cell phone. He then suddenly struck her so brutally in the face that she lost consciousness,” police spokesman Ralf Remmert told Bild, adding that the nonwhite had made it clear to her with the pornographic material what he wanted from her.

When the woman finally came to, she realized she had been raped and went to the police to report the attack. Based on her description, the police swooped on a local “asylum center” and arrested a 17-year-old nonwhite invader from Afghanistan.

The BBC has reported that there were twenty-two sexual assaults in Cologne on the first day of the carnival, but that the police “are refusing to discuss the ethnicity of those arrested at the street festival.”

* The Rheinische Post newspaper reported that in “view of the continuing influx,” the German government now expects at least “two million more refugees are on their way to Germany.”

This means that an extra 400,000 will be allocated to the NRW province, Städte- und Gemeindebund Nordrhein-Westfalen (Towns and Municipalities Union of NRW) chief executive Bernd Jürgen Schneider said.

Obviously panicked at the prediction, Schneider took the unusual step of demanding of the central government that it implement its laws: “We should reject those who do not qualify [for asylum] or who come from safe third countries, as it is regulated in the Dublin agreement,” he said.

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  1. As much as I admire street patrols by Soldiers of Odin, other patriotic groups, there are over one million so far in the invader’s ‘gang’. That is overwhelming for street surveillance, the police have not only lost control, but are being silenced. If indeed there are another 2 million on their way, then we need army involvement.How long before military command breaks rank? How much more can we be expected to take?

    1. We`re at a huge disadvantage until we have some idea of where loyalties lie. We don`t know who or how many are in on the Merkel & co. master plan or how high up the chains of command of governmental departments.
      Merkel is widening the net to ensnare more players. Having won another `award` she donated her prize money to Israeli students.
      Now Zuckerberg has agreed to delete `raacist` comments posted on Facebook.
      With millions more invaders on their way as backup, I doubt our traitorous leaders will back down now.

  2. How any sane person can think that these people from Africa and the Middle East deserve to be housed and fed by the taxpayers of any European country is beyond me. Governments are denying ‘free speech’, muzzling the press and media which is definitely going to end in a lot of bloodshed. The only advice I can give is this, ‘please consider the future of your children, grand children and those of all your friends and neighbours’, because they certainly didn’t ask for this mayhem to be on their doorsteps.

    1. You are so correct. The people of western countries have to accept the truth they have been ignoring for 60 odd years. These governments do not represent us. They must be rounded up and punished. We have to rule ourselves. If we are good enough to vote for governments then why not form them the way we want them.? We can if we really want to

  3. There are no reports of Angela’s agents collecting any gold or silver watches, gold or silver jewellery. iPads, cell phones, laptops, ladies silver purses, panties, bra’s, wedding rings passports or credit cards. But that is consistent with the rules of a successful maraud set out in the Akkadian-Hittite Treaty which can be found in a link at the bottom of the page for the Ramses II and Hattusili III Treaty.

  4. I feel for the European people who have been betrayed by their leaders like what happened to South Africa. Fight while your hands are not tied . Start with the politicians.

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