Cologne Mayor: White Girls Must “Avoid Rape”

Instead of blaming nonwhites for the mass sexual attacks in Cologne over New Year’s Eve, the far left extremist mayor of Cologne has said that German girls need to follow new rules “to avoid being raped.”

Henriette Reker

The astonishing outburst—sadly, typical for far leftists whose distorted worldview prevents them from identifying the real cause of the problem, namely mass nonwhite immigration and the resultant importation of Third World standards of culture and behavior—came five days after the mass sexual attacks took place.

Henriette Reker, who was elected mayor late in 2015 after standing as an “independent”—but supported by all the establishment political parties, including Angela Merkel’s CDU, the liberal FDP, and the extremist Greens, said that in future, all girls in the city would have to follow a “code of conduct” to make sure that they don’t get raped.

Speaking during an emergency meeting with Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers and Wolfgang Wurm which was supposed to develop a response to the mass nonwhite sex attack on New Year’s Eve, Reker told the Rheinische Post newspaper that it was “important to prevent such incidents from ever happening again. We have heard by now that they [the attacks] have occurred in other cities. This of course is not comforting to us.”

Cologne holds an annual street carnival in February of each year, and the city authorities—whether they publicly admit it or not—are now seriously concerned that further attacks are going to take place during that week-long festival.

This is of particular worry for Reker because one of the larger celebrations during this carnival period is actually called “Women’s Carnival Day” when “the streets are alive with women in fancy dress on their way to the office, their place of work, or to shops,” from 10.00 a.m., when they “all head towards the Alter Markt.” (All that is according to the official carnival website.)


Part of the 2015 “Women’s Carnival” procession in Cologne. How will the refugee-criminals react to this if they cannot control themselves in front of winter weather-clad women in December?

“In future, we must assess positions at major events differently,” a Cologne crisis management team spokesman told the Rheinische Post.

The crisis management team said prevention measures should include a code of conduct for young women and girls. The suggested code of conduct includes:

“- Maintaining an arm’s length distance from strangers,

– To stick within your own group,

-To ask bystanders for help,

-To intervene as a witness, and

-To inform the police if you are the victim of such an assault.”

The ridiculousness of this “code of conduct” is exceeded only by the arrogance of saying that girls must “avoid being raped.”

Firstly, when surrounded by a thousand or more nonwhite invaders, it is physically impossible to “maintain an arm’s length distance,” as the victims on New Year’s Eve found out.

Secondly, the advice to “stick within your own group” is ludicrous—the victims on New Year’s Eve were just passing by, in their “groups” when the frenzied mob of refugee-criminals set upon them.

Thirdly, asking “bystanders for help” when all the “bystanders” are the perpetrators, makes no sense at all, and “intervening” when a mob of violent nonwhites are stabbing, robbing, and raping their way through innocent crowds is something which only heavily armed police can do—and even then, only in sufficient numbers.

Lastly, to ask girls to “inform the police” if they are victims is tautological—where does Reker think that victims are going to go after an attack of that nature anyway?

To add insult to injury, Reker then went on to deny that the all the attackers were “refugees”—but then in the very next breath said that it was necessary to provide a “better explanation to asylum seekers” about the meaning of the annual carnivals.

“We need to prevent confusion about what constitutes happy behavior and what is utterly separate from openness, especially in sexual behavior,” she said.

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  1. “German girls need to follow new rules to avoid being raped” – is that so?
    One thing is for damn sure – no Arab (even blind) wouldn’t touch this arrogant Jewish bitch even with a ten-foot pole 🙂

    1. Yes German girls should now wear burqas. Why does the ambitious Henriette Reker not tell people this ? For the safety of all women it would be advisable for all German , European women
      to avoid the up coming Carnival if they do not wish to be raped or sexually molested.
      “We have heard by now that they [the attacks] have occurred in other cities. This of course is not comforting to us.” ~~~~Henriette Reker
      When this mass assault on women happens in three different cities and was all synchronized to occur at the same time, by the same groups of migrants it becomes a “National Conspiracy” that was perpetrated by Islamist. For all intents and purposes Germany has been ‘attacked’.
      What is the motivations of German leadership to cover up this conspiracy ?

      1. “What is the motivations of German leadership to cover up this conspiracy?”
        Because it would mean they MUST hand their resignations due to their grotesque incompetency 🙂

          1. They sould organize some sort of referendum to vote her out. But will they?
            WTF are doing young German men right now? Why there are no retributions
            towards this Arab scum and drug pushers? It’s well known to everybody where they hang out every day … it beats me that nobody isn’t taking any revange!
            Germany is doomed not only because their police and politicians ares useless – young Germans became spineless just like Swedes!

      2. Do you think if German women wore burqas the rapes would stop? Women are harassed, even if appropriately garbed, if they are out alone in the Middle East.

        German girls just have to get used to getting raped. It was worth feeling really morally superior and hugging all those migrants, I’m sure.

      1. It depends – she might be (from German people) if she continues to talk crap like that … but wait – I bet she’s got body guards and they get paid by taxpayers 🙂

    2. No Madam German girls should avoid electing Marxist idiots like yourself. Your police chief was fired when it should have been YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Traitor.
    Our women deserve better than the left can ever hope to deliver.
    I’m suprised and disappointed in the German male response to this. No reprisal attacks. Nothing.

    On a side note. I’ve patented a new machine designed to rotate coffins. It’s easier than expecting our ancestors to roll in their graves on their own.

  3. I expect Ms Reker has already adopted a code of conduct – security guards, bodyguards etc – but is a bit coy about revealing details

    1. She is desperately worried that “people from north Africa should not be identified as the attackers” (or the other way round, if you like).
      So, Frau Reker, wohin kommen Sie ?

    2. Yes Reker will make sure that ‘she’ is well protected but it is doubtful she will ensure the security of
      all women who participate in Carnival. If they are not willing to wear burqas than they are well advised to avoid this event. I have little doubt this ‘Natiional Conspiracy Against Women” will occur again and again. Sharia Law whether it is wanted or not, it’s the new reality in Germany.

    1. Stu, just look at the picture above – this woman is so full of herself that it’s sickening!
      Stupidity, arrogance, lack of touch with reality? Or maybe she’s got so used to the mayor’s office she’s been just given last October? Freaking bizarre and unreal that it’s almost out of this world!

      1. well they voted for it didn,t they…every time the germans are stupid they are made to pay..that,s history! A stupid race……and I am part german!

  4. “German girls need to follow new rules to avoid being raped”? I don’t believe I’m reading this! What sort of Mayor bends over backwards to avoid referring to the problem and as for the “Code of Conduct” I have never read anything so stupid in my life. When some of these girls are raped or killed what then? Look the other way and pretend it never happened? This is an utter disgrace and why have the local male population not stood up for these girls and sort some reprisals taken place? I am so disgusted with this woman I don’t know what to say next…………………..

    1. How long have UK governments run ads on TV and billboards to try and teach a certain sort of ‘man’ that because a woman dresses in a certain way, it DOES NOT mean she is asking to be raped…now we have a German mayor saying the exact opposite.

      You couldn’t make this stuff up.!

    2. There have been attempts at reprisals but the police have arrested the people concerned. No arrests of those attacking the girls, only arrests of those attempting to stand up for those girls. The world has gone mad.

  5. So the victims of the attacks, the women are being told they must protect themselves and act in a manner that suggests they cannot go outside without the prospect of being sexually molested. It’s even more insulting coming from a woman.
    How about the men who have committed these acts are hunted down with the full force of the law and deported. This will send out a message to other men who think this is tolerated, that it will not be tolerated at all. Honestly, if they let this behaviour go and focus on what way women should behave, they’ve lost the battle and it will decend into chaos soon enough.

    1. it already has descended into chaos.


      Are you serious? How about you wake up. How about you understand that this happened because the perpetrators knew that law enforcement would not act effectively against them?

      How about enough people realise that the European governments are traitors, controlled by “certain concealed powers” who, after years of immigration that was NOT in the interests of the citizens, NOT democratic, have now moved to a new phase in the program to exterminate the northern Aryan peoples.

      …And that the ONLY SOLUTION is a revolution, with the public deleting of traitors like this, and Merkel, and Cameron, and Blair, and Hollande, all of them.

      To exterminate the northern Aryan peoples, yes, and PARTICULARLY the GERMAN PEOPLE.

      1. “perpetrators knew that law enforcement would not act effectively against them”

        Are you suggesting they got some sort of “assurance” from the govt. agents and they acted in almost identical fashion in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne and Bremen?

        1. The cunning bastards realised way back we`re now so pussified that we`re a total pushover. Having Merkel in her EU driving seat sending out personal invites via megaphone must have been manna from heaven to them.
          Arriving in such numbers has guaranteed them virtual impunity, as the wily bastards know we`ve insufficient manpower to maintain order. Once here their mobiles phones must have been in virtual meltdown with messages of mobilisation and coordination between places . Meanwhile our PC controlled law and order forces are damned if they do and damned if they don`t. They`re fighting a losing battle having one hand tied behind their backs before they even venture out.
          The invaders know how to mobilise … know that en masse they`re untouchable. Inevitably a “sort of assurance” was the awful unintended consequence.

          1. “law and order forces are damned if they do and damned if they don`t”

            I think you’ve just hit thee nail on the head, Jay – this is one of the main reasons that all these primitive camel traders act like they do because they feel complete impunity!

  6. Mayor of Cologne: another libtard whose head is located where the sun don’t shine! I am sure that if it were a bunch of German guys doing the molesting–she’d certainly have a lot to say, and not be blaming women for their own rapes.

    1. To fix things, first we need to fix the language.

      You seem to be under the leftist propaganda influence, that made most people in anglo-saxon world call leftists “liberals”. STOP NOW.

      They have kidnapped the word that means “freeedom”. Dont let them get away with it. They have nothing to do with freedom.

  7. I am sure Henriette Reker will be able to have an unmolested Womens Carnival Day, if she complies with all the Treaties, Conventions, Declarations, Covenants, and Statutes of the UN where the pillaging of a Towns purse and property is prohibited for the benefit of aggression by foreigners. All she has to do is send the foreign visitors to the International Money Lenders in compliance with Annex 1 of the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development Commitment 2c which will “Ensure that people living in poverty have access to productive resources, including credit, land…… and then they will establish their own towns, factories and municipal services and be comfortably employed out of Cologne and the Financiers who welcomed them, will have a productive relationship with them.

  8. This woman is second to Mad MERKEL for her stupidity and arrogant blindness
    Round up all these Arabs and Muslims and sling them out pronto you idiot!
    If they are really refugees, the MUST adapt or GET OUT! No other solution!

  9. All those women who were abused at the Cologne Railway Station should sue Ms Reker immediately because what she has said amounts to her being complicit in these actions.
    No doubt the voters of Cologne are now really furious that they have voted for this stupid woman. They should demand that she resigns immediately. Girls go get her.

  10. Well why don’t they just insist they where burka’s? I mean, by these comments, she’s effectively calling to adopt Sharia law.

  11. These disgusting politicians who betray the very citizens they are are sworn to protect,need to be eradicated.Merkel and her henchmen should be charged with treason.

  12. Is this woman for real every thing that comes out of her mouth is insulting to all females she should be ashamed. Also there were young girls in family groups, girls with boyfriends, girls just wanting to see in the new year with friends tell me what were they doing to warrant these disgusting attacks you stupid ,stupid woman someone should tell her to shut up!

    1. Why on earth did the people of Cologne elect this women to be their mayor. I of course sympathise 100% with the victims of these disgusting crimes and most certainly do not share the warped views of this mayor when she blames the women for being attacked. But what on earth did the people of Cologne expect when they elected a hard left mayor.?!?!?!?!?

  13. Wake up, that is all I can say to you, even though I realise that you are not able to wake up. You were warned more than 10 years ago, 15 years ago, but you probably thought it was “conspiracy theories.” WTFU.


    1. I hear’ya, Budy, but let’s not try to over-simplify a very complex social trends and processes which took place in most Western European countries for at least (!) 4 decades. It all started thru brainwashing kids in kindergartens already, then was continued at schools, media and workplaces resulting in completely spineless societies which are not even able to defend themselves from their own elected bodies not to mention millions aliens from Africa!

      That’s why I’m saying this – until some radical political movement is not born and until people don’t organize themselves in an American style citizen’s militias NOTHING can stop this invasion!

  14. These rotten sex offenders and thieves have only been in the countries a short time, yet they are already abusing everything and everyone…..The Carnival should become” The Burqua Carnival,” all females dressed head to toe in black sheets, as this is the future, it seems…..

  15. Oh! Won’t they be called racist by sticking to their own group then??? Looks like creating rules as it goes know. Loosing the plot perhaps!!!!!????? Idiots!

  16. In most or all (i am not sure about the numbers) EU countries you are not allowed to own a gun as easily as in the US since the 2nd. amendment.
    Here in Poland for example, you need to:
    1) Get a permit (you cannot get a gun just so – you need to be registered as a hunter or special criteria must be met),
    2) Go through a very extensive background police check (you got a thug in family – forget it) and psychological tests (you are depressed [not mentally ill ofc] – forget about it),
    3) If you lose a few ammo rounds – it is a felony,
    4) You need to fill a lot of paperwork once in a while,
    5) You need to buy a stronbox to keep it there,
    6) The permit can be rendered invalid anytime,
    and a lot more…

    Basically you can only buy blackpowder gun (pre XX century ones), but you need to register it in order to buy legal blackpowder.

    It is a real chore.

    I am not sure how this works in the West of EU, but as far as former communist block is concerned – it is very similar there as the state still holds the monopoly for firearms use (this idea of Stalin of how to keep the population in check is still present in the mind of most people). Cool, huh? :/

    1. Łukasz, you can’t be possibly serious suggesting that German women should start applying for gun permits so they can defend themselves from the Arab scum – this is the government job to protect its citizens especially when they invited 1.5 mln “refugees” from the 3rd world!

      Check what young Ozzies do in similar cases —> Cronulla Riot!

  17. I get it! Change your reasonably civilized, western culture to adapt to the invading barbarians who believe rape is acceptable behavior. For being so intellectually gifted, Germany is led by extremely illogical, nonsensical fools.

  18. “German girls need to follow new rules to avoid being raped”

    Well it is of course a despicable comment on the crime committed on woman and girls in Cologne from a leading politician. But never the less it’s the new reality for woman and girls in the new EUropean Migration Period, the old one in the early part of the first millennium was better known as the Barbarian Invasions. Embraced with open arms by the western EUropean elite.

    One can dislike and hate the new normal for females in Europe but women and girls better take it seriously if they want to be safe. And additionally there doesn’t seems to be any European men that will take stand and protect European woman and girls?

  19. Are german leaders sick or very naive? Do they even read news outside germany? Do they even know what happening to all european cities when it is filled with migrants who subscribed to an anti-women ideology?

  20. I’m from Bulgaria, but all the German ppl have our sympathies! Medias here, didn’t cover the story and we share and feel the same anger as you guys and deepest sympathy to those girls and women who was assaulted that night! Here we also have so called “migrants”, but we call them “Border violators”! On their first wave, few of them assaulted a girl in one store here in Sofia and stab her (luckily she survived). But after that, the regular ppl, football fans and many other citizens storm the areas that they are gathered and Justice…was given.Swiftly, properly and brutal! From then, the Border violators are calm as sheep!You can’t debate, talk and behave with them like normal ppl! They are NOT! They can’t be reason with!Trust me – my country was under muslim oppression over 500 years and we still have Churches build from bones of victims fell under their primitive and foul instincts! We are not tolerate them! If they want burka or shariah – send them to UAE, Quatar or…Hell! Their believes, mentality, diametrically opposite “culture”, doesn’t belong here!!!

    1. Tank there are few places on Earth where these animals belong. Europe is not one of them.
      It’s better they all stay in the middle east where they can kill themselves.

  21. It seems to me that the politicians are purposefully attempting to silence their own people.
    There is a hidden agenda.
    It’s possible that it’s from the UN and its apparent policy of disseminating populations in the manner of the old Soviet Union.
    ” you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs” type idea…
    The EU and national politicians in Eutope and the U.K. are no more than the instrument by which the UN is imposing its communist style agenda on the West.
    It is possible that it even managed to convince nation states to do its dirty work of deposing Arab dictators and attempt to impose democracy, because that’s the only way it can control those regions- dictators can’t be used as easily.
    Meanwhile, the UN appears to be squeaky-clean.
    Ok , so it’s a bit of a ‘conspiracy theory’ and may be nonsense but what are we to think?
    One thing is for sure ;
    The people are becoming sick and wary and intolerant of the left that constantly seeks to tell us what to think, what to believe, what to disbelieve , how to live, how to run a business ( that it lives off but can’t create or run itself ) and that we must accommodate these tribal savages in our civilised world.
    How long do they think we will keep quiet?

  22. This was all planned a long time ago the destruction of the White race. Western Europe has lost all sense of itsself. Once we were the cradle of justice, arts, culture a happy strong people, who knew who we were. Family, tradition, heritage, history, religion!
    But all of that has been destroyed over the decades on purpose.
    Bolsheviks (Jews) murdered all in sundry in Russia,but we never hear about them by the controlled media. Jews created communism, feminism, socialism, Marxism, all the same?
    Destroy nation, religion, family, culture …Promote, gay and interracial marriage, gender confusion, immigration , etc.
    The long march through all Western institutions, brainwashed through school and media on giving up who you are and embracing diversity, tolerance and all that nonsense!
    Anti-White rhetoric constantly and they are supposed to represent us? LOL!! They hate us!
    They are the real haters our leaders are puppets doing the bidding of the New World Order where we are all slaves and no home to call our own?
    If as White people we do not wake up soon and defend what is ours, then we will lose it!

    1. “This was all planned a long time ago the destruction of the White race” – here we go again 🙂
      Brainstorm, get real, will’ya?

    2. Rainstorm At last I was beginning to feel quite alone in knowing this.Even my own daughter does not believe me. We have somehow managed to all get EVIL politicians in at the same moment in time. America is also in avery bad place. they intend to take wapons from them and put their towns under martial law. Lots of army personnel gathering in Maine and other places and soldiers from other countries.I guess they won’t mind killing whites. But we can’t just lay down and let these perverts /governments to get away with this we must try to do something. maybe the national parties could do something if they knew what the truth is. The thing is it is very hard when our people are brainwashed and war tired to believe the people who should be protecting you want you dead. We have also grown up feeling sorry for Jews because of the hollocaust, but the likes of Reker and Barbara spectre hate our guts and bring in the invaders is the way they intend to start the destruction. I would like to know where the church is hiding in all this . So much for men of GOD not quite a believer enough to put themselves on the cross like Jesus then and they wonder why churches are empty.Heartbreaking for our children and grandchildren.

  23. Kol,You tell me to get real?LOL!! Who are the bankers? who fund governments!
    All White nations are being flooded with non whites and they are given money,housing at the expense of our people! They rape and plunder our children and it is all covered up.

    This is happening in all white nations (coincidence) while every government rushes through hate speech laws against us and if you speak out you will be harrassed, lose your job and more?

    1. @ Rainstorm : Exactly so – all ticking along nicely and so far going as planned having spent so long waiting for. There`ll no doubt be much rubbing of hands with glee.
      How odd ! Surely not ! You don`t think … no it can`t be ….is that just possibly why they`ve so often been portrayed over many years looking crafty and rubbing their hands together. Perhaps it`s an innate trait….lol !

  24. Сочувствую вам. Хотел что то написать, но нет смысла, уже нет смысла, жаль ваш народ, хоть и мой дед бил фашистов, так и уйдет в века ваш народ бестолково, значит заслужили

    1. Yes, Russians pushed Germans all the way from Leningrad to Berlin, but then they forgot to return and stayed for over 45 years in Eastern Europe. What’s very comical in a sense, then we scrapped Comecon and joined EU which is no different!

      1. В Советском Союзе были все равны имея равные возможности, на кого ты обучился, смог смело устроиться на работу и у с уверенностью в будущем продолжить жизненный путь, потому что тебя ждали и знал, что тебя ждут. Да! Были очень строгие стандарты. Но, они были единые. В ЕС же: вы сами запутаетесь в сетях, что расставили. Разрушены жизненные устои, поменялись ориентиры. Сбой, который ведёт к краху, не говоря, вдобавок к этому, о неосмысленной миграционной политике. Тенденция к истреблению расы, изначально белой! ЕС и СССР отличимы, хотя бы потому, где хозяева ваших государств, вы даже сами не знаете. И, как гласит русская поговорка, – рыба гниёт с головы. Были у вас сильные лидеры, а сейчас, такое ощущение, что народ бросили на произвол судьбы. Вам нужно просыпаться.

  25. It’s been reported today that the German government has asked their Media outlets to stop anyone commenting on any negative comments on migrants. You poor Germans, you can’t even vent your fury at what is happening in your own country. Never thought I would feel sorry for Germany.

  26. It is wrong to place all of the blame on Islamic rape culture. A large part of the problem is the political class that enable the criminals and have now it seems taken it on themselves to blame the victims. There can be no solution to this problem until these people in government and media are removed from the positions they so recklessly abuse.

  27. How not to get raped by MUSLIM INVADERS? Muslims are instructed, by the Koran, to: terrorize, rape, enslave non Muslim women. This pleases Allah, their god, and this is what they have been doing for the past 1,400 years. Raping blond women is especially good, as they are the closest to the Dal al Harb…House of War. This is also why they preferred raping beautiful blond women from Byzantine.

  28. The Mayor is a public servant; servant of the people. She has a fiduciary duty of care to ensure the safety of citizens. There is no defense for dereliction of duty. Not ignorance, stupidity, senility, none. Supporting and allowing Sharia Law, is to side with it and makes her legally liable; should one suffer loss or harm. Sharia Law is a criminal and foreign law. Allowing it, or supporting it, is tantamount to High Treason. The suggestions she is making on how not to get raped, by Muslims, is supporting Sharia Law. She is essentially saying, conform to Sharia Law standards or suffer the consequences. Of course, what she is also not saying is that Muslim men are taught that raping non Muslim women is halal!

  29. Each day you think it cant get any worse then each day comes more horror.All of Europe need to wake up to the fact that this is orchestrated by the coudenhove-kalergi plan,which all governments have signed into!

  30. as Germany continues to degenerate,it is now reaching the desparate stage where only a German Armed Forces military coup can rescue it from catastrophe,created by it’s insane politicians.When that day arrives we can only hope that the German military will do it’s sacred German duty and step in.

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