Cologne Police Officer Confirms: It was “Refugees”

A senior police officer in Cologne has confirmed that the 1,000 nonwhites who carried out a mass sex attack on New Year’s Eve in the city were definitely recently arrived “refugees”—contrary to claims by pro-invasion politicians and media sources.


Speaking to the Express newspaper, the senior officer—who was not named by the paper for fear of persecution for daring to speak out—said that there had been fifteen arrests by his unit on the night—and that fourteen were “Syrians” and one was from Afghanistan.

These arrestees had “definitely only been in Germany for a few days or weeks,” the police officer said. “That’s the truth. Although it hurts.”

The fifteen who were arrested all “had residence certificates used in the asylum application procedure with them in their possession,” the officer added.

The Express article, titled “My night with the brutal mob,” went on to say that it remained a “central question” of “who were the people who formed the mob?”

The Express then went on to answer its own question: “After comparing statements, the mob was made up of North African and Arab people.”


The paper went on to quote another police officer, present at the scene, as saying:

“I’ve had young women weeping beside me, who wore no panties, after the crowd had spat at them. These were pictures that shocked me and the first ones we had to process.

“Besides the fact that we were busy trying to protect ourselves because we were massively attacked.”

In addition, there were “refugee” social workers present at the scene, he went on.

“We talked to refugee helpers who were there on the night, accompanying some of the Arab people. Even paramedics and emergency physicians can confirm that they had to work with asylum seekers,” the officer continued.

The police had, he revealed, “asked desperately” for reinforcements, but there were none.

“There were other forces, but they had all been deployed in other cities,” he added ominously, concluding with the revelation that the head of the police department for organized crime had also now appointed investigators into the incident—meaning that there was now a serious suspicion that the attacks and invader criminality was actually premeditated.

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  1. Now it’s time for all of those liars to quit. Will you ugly bitch Rekker, you faceless Interior Minister de Maiziere and you insane and stubborn Merkel kindly hand in your resignations, please?

  2. Agree with everything you say kol me krazey and would also like to add Obama’s caliphate has started.

  3. This PROVES it!!!
    They are not fit to live in our society and these “refugee” social workers that were on the scene on New Years Eve has now seen first hand what these bastards are capable of … and probably MUCH WORSE!! … Are these workers still the “bleeding hearts” they were before? Will the news broadcasters start reporting the REAL TRUTH, rather than these “goody goody, sugar coated” stories they report on the Muslims, which is ALWAYS in a favorable light.

    These people make me sick anymore … I say all countries should close their borders, get rid of these Muslims that are destroying your cities and raping the women, period. My heart goes out to the victims in Germany and truly hope that, finally, your government will do what’s right for their citizens. I live in Canada and luckily, we haven’t been subjected to this, at least not compared to the countries in Europe.

    I really think they all should go home now … this just isn’t working out, ANYWHERE!!!

    1. Lookit, these “refugee” social workers, as you called them, are just otherwise unemloyebale losers with some hicktown university diplomas in completely usless fields like “human studies” etc. Some of them might be even lefty skewed lunatics but hopefully they have some doubts after what they’ve seen.

      As it comes to Canada and “refugees” – well, check some “hoods” in North Toronto for Somali gangs fighthing Jamaicans for drug pushing territories. At least young Trudeau listened to some of his advisors and they’re going to pick up these 25K refugees directly from the refugees camps. At least he doesn’t repeat his father’s mistakes so far and hopefully he won’t leave such a dent on public finances!

      IMHO absolutely all of them should be given only temporary resident permits until situation in Syria gets stable. For whatever reasons Europe picked up mostly just the human garbage from the 3rd world and unfotunately the future generations are going to pay the consequences. What’s so shocking that there are countless examples that all of these social experiments ended up as total failures.

  4. Well done guys. The whole push for this mass attacks is to activate the NWO (New World Order) where they are planning to erase the white race to prevent resistance for the New World Government. For 40 plus years we are sitting with the same struggle here in South Africa. Historic names gets changed to “erase” the “past” and the white culture. Languages gets enforced on all people to once again “erase” the past and every time they fail ten times over in their efforts. The ANC government in SA believes the Chinese is there “savior”. Well I’m afraid I have bad news for those dumb black Africans.

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