Cologne Sex Attackers Walk Free

Two of the nonwhite invaders who took part in the mass sex attacks in Cologne on last New Year’s Eve have walked out of court with no more than a slap on the wrist.

Algerian Hassan T. and Iraqi Hussein A. were sentenced last week by the Cologne District Court to one year’s “probation” after being found guilty of “sexual assault” under “juvenile criminal law.”


Hassan T. celebrates outside the courthouse after walking free.

According to the Express newspaper, Hassan T. (26) was “beaming” when he left the courthouse, and taunted his victims by repeatedly shouting out “I’ve done nothing!”

According to the indictment, the two invaders—both claiming to be “asylum seekers”—had initially taken photographs of the victims, and then later, when some had been surrounded by the gangs of nonwhites, had taken part in the assaults.

The female victim in court.
One of the female victims in court.

One victim, a retail saleswoman (27) from Siegen, told the court during her testimony that she, her fiancé, and a friend had come to Cologne to celebrate the New Year.

At midnight, she said, she had been taking pictures at the city’s world-famous cathedral, when the two nonwhites had approached them and asked if they could be in their photographs.

She and her friends had agreed—and thus preserved vital information which led to their arrest.

However, the woman said, “two minutes later, we found ourselves in a cluster of people.” The two nonwhites were among the crowd, but this time their behavior was anything but friendly.

“It was as if a switch had been turned on,” the woman said, trying to describe how quickly the mood had changed.

The two nonwhites who had earlier posed for pictures with them took part in the mass indecent assault upon the white girls, grabbing them by their private parts and Hussein A. “licking my friend in the face.”

They had then been beaten and kicked by the mob, and after escaping, Hassan T. had then approached her once again and offered her €5,000 for sex.

When she refused, she said he insisted and told her “Money or three hours sex, otherwise dead.”

As part of his sentence, Hussein A. must perform 80 hours of “community service,” while Hassan T. was released because he had already spent time in custody.

The Deutsche Welle news service has in the interim reported that a Federal Criminal Police Agency (BKA) inquiry into the mass nonwhite sex attacks included 900 cases of sexual crimes with over 1,200 white victims.

The assaults occurred not only in Cologne, but also in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, and other cities across Germany, Deutsche Welle reported.

Officials who worked on the report estimated that around 2,000 men took part in the crimes, but only 120 of them have been identified.

“We have to assume that many of these crimes will not be followed up on,” BKA President Holger Münch told the reporters.

According to the BKA, over half the nonwhites responsible for the attacks have been in Germany less than one year.

“In this respect, there is a connection between the occurrence of the phenomenon and the strong levels of immigration in 2015,” Münch added, by way of understatement.

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    1. no matter what country you are in we must all support the right wing movements to overthrow ALL these govts in the EU and bring order back to the civilised world!!

  1. Sentenced to 80 hours of community service??? What the hell are they capable of doing beside raping and breeding??? I guess maybe that’s what the judge had in mind!

  2. This harsh sentence will surely dissuade any further Taharrush attacks this coming New Year’s Eve. Looks like Europe is safe once more! Unlock your daughters, stop dyeing those blonde curls and strap on those summer skirts, ladies!

  3. What a fool of a judge, the problem is not the islamists THEY ARE NOT TO BLAME. the problem lies with the white leaders that white fools insist on electing…….terry

  4. This is absolutely unbelievable. Doesn’t Germany realise it is playing with fire handing out these sentences. Have read the sales of guns have skyrocketed.

    1. This is true. And a lot of women are training martial arts. In Berlin a girl asked a refugee if he wanted to kiss her. When he stepped aside with her he found himself face to face with ten men.

  5. So the girl was offered €5,000 for ficki? Hardly poor and needy mugrats then?! Expect a lot worse come NYE this year!

    1. Hopefully the girls have learned a valuable lesson.
      Until things get worse for women at the hands of invaders, aided by feminists and other deluded marxists, we will continue reading these harrowing accounts.
      Until normal women, beg men to become masculine men once more, we will be sidelined by the hysterical feminists who want to swap racists for rapists.

  6. It will come to massive civil unrest in a short period of time. It is not until there are riots, burnt out shops and government offices will the establishment do something. Initially curfews, water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets. When that fails they will back down but there will be massive damage to the infrastructure and economy.

  7. Sexual assault is an acceptable crime in Sweden, Denmark and Germany now, shortly to spread to the rest of Europe, why do we buckle to these people all the time, the more leniency we show the more they take it as a sign of weakness.

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