Anti-Invasion Austrian Govt Sworn In

Several Communist thugs have been arrested in Vienna during demonstrations against the swearing in of the new anti-Third World invasion Austrian coalition government today—while at the same time the far-left controlled European Union has announced that it is considering imposing sanctions upon that state for daring to vote in the government.

The new government—consisting of a coalition between the anti-invasion Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) and the opportunistic conservative People’s Party of Austria (ÖVP ) was sworn in today at the Hofburg in Vienna.

The coalition—which means that ÖVP leader Sebastian Kurz will be chancellor, and FPÖ  leader HC Strache will be vice chancellor of the Republic of Austria—will consist of 14 ministers, made up of eight ÖVP and 6 FPÖ members respectively.

Significantly, the positions of Ministry of the Interior and Defense—both pivotal in combatting the mass Third World invasion of Austria—have been placed in the hands of the FPÖ, whose policies are widely regarded as having powered the coalition into taking a combined 57 percent of the vote.

Over 5,000 communists demonstrated in Vienna under hammer and sickle banners during the swearing in of the ministers at the presidential palace, the Hofburg. Several communists were arrested for public violence during the fay-long demonstrations.

Ironically, the president, Alexander van der Bellen, is himself a crypto-communist who led the fake “Green” Party until before he narrowly beat a FPÖ candidate for the presidency.

Van der Bellen once promised never to swear in a government containing the FPÖ, but the overwhelming support accorded to that party seems to have forced him to back down

The inauguration of the black and blue government went along with several demonstrations on Monday. At around 11:00 am, according to police, 5,500 people had gathered at Vienna’s Heroes’ Square to loudly announce their protest. The demos ran for long stretches without any major incidents, but there were three arrests during the downpour. Around 1,500 police were on duty.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary leader of the Social Democrats in the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella, has warned that the EU was not ruling out the possibility of sanctions against Austria following the swearing in of a government whose declared policies include the halting of all illegal immigration.

“We are deeply concerned about the formation of a far-right government in Austria,” said Pittella in a press release.

 The Socialist Group in the EU Parliament will observe “every single step” taken by the Austrian government that could jeopardize “our values ??and European principles”. Sanctions or infringement procedures can not be ruled out if the “EU key values” are threatened.

FPÖ General Secretary Herbert Kickl has been appointed to head up the Ministry of Interior. Kickl lost no time in announcing his prorities: the lowering of the crime rate and the fight against illegal immigration, two factors which everyone knows is linked despite the controlled media’s propaganda.

According to a joint document released by both parties which mapped out their policies for the next five years, the crackdown on illegal immigration will require the provision of “temporary protection” to those who are genuinely fleeing for their lives, while simultaneously cracking down on illegal immigration created “under abuse of the asylum law.”

The joint document also states that the “greatest threat to Austria’s internal security” comes from Islamic extremism. In addition, there has to be a return to the original Schengen agreement—abrogated by German chancellor Angela Merkel—which stated that illegal immigration had to be stopped at Europe’s external borders.

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