Communist-Green Wins Austrian Election

The Communist-Green party candidate, backed by the socialists and conservatives, has won the presidential election in Austria by 31,026 votes. Hofer polled 2,223,458 votes, or 49.7 percent, and Van der Bellen polled 2,524,484 votes, or 50.3 percent of the vote.

Van der Bellen came from behind after the polling on Sunday to win just over 60 percent of the postal ballots. Even so, he only beat Nobert Hofer by some 31,000 votes, which means that the total vote split 50-50 between the FPÖ and all the other parties—an astonishing achievement in light of the establishment conspiracy against that party.


In a concession statement on his Facebook page, Hofer urged his supporters not to lose heart and to consider the campaign an investment in the 2018 election, in which the FPÖ is still set to be the largest party by far.

“Dear Friends!,” Hofer wrote.

“I would like to thank you for your great support. Of course, today I am sad. I would have loved to serve you as president of our wonderful country.

“I will remain loyal to you and will continue to make a contribution toward a positive future in Austria.

“Please don’t be despondent. The benefits of this campaign have not been lost, but are an investment in the future,” he concluded.

In his reaction, FPÖ leader Heinz Christian Strache said that 50 percent of Austrians had demanded a better country, and that this was “only the beginning.”

“The path that we have walked for the last eleven years has now opened so far that no one can overtake us,” Strache wrote.

“We have already started the turnaround. Norbert Hofer was ex aequo winner today with around 50 percent of the vote, and was only not elected president of Austria in a photo-finish by millimeters.

“The whole of the old party system (the SPÖ, three former ÖVP leaders, the Greens, the Neos, EU-Juncker, EU-Schulz, etc.) campaigned against Norbert Hofer.

“We will now work consistently on this great success toward a nice, better, and more fair Austria.

“Fifty percent of people have expressed a desire for change, and we are not going to leave half our people in the lurch.

“This is only the beginning of a democratic new era in the direction of direct democracy and binding referenda.

“We are fighting for the people who have been alienated in their home country and seek new policies for Austria. Good luck!”

* “ex aequo” is Latin for “according to the right and good.”

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  1. Not surprising.

    Every single report in the American mainstream press that mentioned Hofer was paired with the words “far-right” or “far-right extremist” – while van der Bellen was never, ever mentioned as what he is – a leftist/ Communist.

  2. This is what they will do at the Brexit vote if we don’t find a way to stop them using postal vote fraud, any ideas?

    1. This is exactly how the referendum vote will go. The only way to stop the fraudulent post. votes is for someone in the know to spill the beans. Somebody knows what happened to the ‘missing’ boxes in Thanet. Get a reporter on the inside, before June 23rd.

    2. I doubt TPTB will ever even attempt to tackle postal vote /ethnic vote fraud….. don`t want to upset the `particular` cheats who practise it using the excuse `it`s their culture`. What about our famous British `fair play and all that ?
      The country has gone to the dogs because of pusillanimous politicians constantly chasing the ethnic vote.
      In effect cheating is now an endemic part of our `UK voting culture` by default. Sickening !!

    3. The supporters of Brexit must at least monitor the vote counting procedure.
      That was successfully done by an organization of volunteers at the last Ger-
      man regional elections. Thus large-scale fraud could be prevented against the
      vociferous protests of Merkelists.

  3. My comment would be considered unprintable for the moment !
    I`ll get back to my sewing…. practising`stitching things up.`

  4. Those Swine Communists and ‘Greens’ will do to Austria what Labour done to Barkingham and Dagenham after the big BNP vote and flood it with Third World trash. Austria is on 2 of the main routes of Migrants through Italy and Eastern Europe to reach Germany. The country has a smaller population than London and can easily be submerged under the Migrant avalanche.

  5. It stinks. Miracle for the establishment guy right at the end. Soon every election will look the same nothing will change and in 20years Europe my home will start burning

  6. A very sad day indeed. The communists will will do their best to change the demographics of Austria before the 2018 elections.
    The Brexit vote in Britain, will follow the same result as has happened with Austria’s election.
    The tide is turning, but the pace is to slow. Does Europe have enough time, we pray that they do.

  7. Like to have seen his party win out right, but I guess democracy is the name of the game, but essentially, it’s a great start at approx. 50/50, so come the general elections, they’ll gain even more votes. One things certain tho’, times are changing……..for the better.

  8. “The whole of the old party system (the SPÖ, three former ÖVP leaders, the Greens, the Neos, EU-Juncker, EU-Schulz, etc.) campaigned against Norbert Hofer. On average these aforementioned parties could only dream of a maximum of 10-15% of the overall votes. It is ludicrous that FPO, with 49.7% is not already in government. The conservatives forming part of the old party system need to reconsider and align themselves with the FPO.

    1. “It is not how you vote but how we count them that matters”…says it all, really, traitorous governments…!!!

  9. Just when there was a glimmer of hope, it has been crushed, and I’m certain it was crushed fraudulently.
    If this is anything to go by, Europe is finished, we have no chance, because ‘they’ can’t afford to allow democracy to interfere with their plans for us.
    Approximately half of Austrians should be taking to the streets tonight, and they should be prepared to meet with resistance.

  10. The EU mandarins, Juncker, Tusk & Schulz must be bribing a lot of people in Austria to have done that. Please remember that the EU does not want dissent against their dictatorship and yes, as said above, they are moving heaven and earth to ensure the United States of Europe will become a reality and my guess is it will be before 2020. If we stay tied to the EU, say goodbye to democracy and say hello to the never-ending flood of all types of migrants from the continent as well as those from other EU countries for starters, and that will be followed by this country not having any veto at all about any laws they want to inflict on this country.

  11. This is a sad day for Europeans, a commie party installed by fraud,more Merkel is what we can expect as their puppet masters start pulling the strings!!

  12. Austria is now officially finished.They don’t have the luxury of waiting until 2018, when millions more shitstains will have flooded into Europe, and the females have been mass “educated”. Sorely disappointed. I believed in hope, yet all we have now are grinning enablers rubbing their hairy hands at this result. Well, it is up to us Brits, and the Americans. Brexit success would tear through the veil of the EU. Trump success would give us solidarity. I feel so sorry for the females of Austria, and the treacherous vermin only anger.

  13. Postal votes are always in early, so why are they not counted first? So that the vote can be rigged, like the Scottish referendum. There is a video on YouTube of a woman who should be in jail, rigging the votes!

  14. So all those that did not vote for Mr Hofer totally accept the rapes and criminal activity of the nonwhite invaders. When Merkel states that Austria will now accept whatever number, the PC media will be told not to report the increase of crimes that will follow.

    1. The enemy will look to punish Austria accordingly, for having the balls to dare challenge the ruling elite. Expect the same for a failed brexit.

  15. Just as in France with Marine le Pen, the Establishment – in alliance with the far left and the usual green garbage – have ganged up to disfranchise the White electorate. I bet the same process will be repeated in the US when Trump challenges Killary for the presidency later in the year.

    The Greens are particularly loathsome and despicable; they witter on about saving the planet, etc, yet they want to destroy its most creative life form – the White Race. Time these political melons showed their real colours and were exposed for what they really are – green on the outside but red within.

    And I’m fed up with Nationalist candidates being labelled ‘far right’ and ‘extremist’ by the presstitutes in the controlled media.

    The real extremists are the liberal elite hell bent on exterminating the White Race. You can’t get any more extreme than that.


    PS Pleased to see your site back on line; shocked by the brief hiatus. It’s the best Nationalist news site and my first port of call. Keep up the good work.

  16. This is obviously a fix and, as such, there is no democracy (if we ever really had any in the first place) within EU countries. The same will happen with the Brexit referendum, so the least we can do is sign the petition 123986, to have three independent organisations counting the votes. In addition, make sure when voting that you fill out your ballot paper using a pen and not the pencil provided by the polling station. Although this won’t stop them fixing it, it may make it harder for them.

    I fear that, as with Austria today, we will not get the vote we want because Merkel et al simply won’t allow it. We are living under a dictatorship and those that think Hofer will win next time are probably wrong because by then Austria will have received thousands more leftist voting immigrants. The time to act is now, Austria, before it’s too late. Ditto for the UK.

  17. The readers in the States have to know, that a “Bundespräsident” is just a representative in German speaking countries. I figure without power and influence, just there to shake hands and spout. Comparable with the royal families in Britain, Benelux, Spain and Scandinavia. The Key figure is the chancellor.

  18. Quote taken from PRI:
    “As Austrian president, Bellen dreams of a fence-free “United States of Europe,” which defends the rights of minority groups. He garnered signatures from more than 4,000 public figures in the course of his presidential campaign. Van der Bellen admits to two weaknesses: Donald Duck comics and cigarettes”
    And he`s supposed to be what you`re looking for to represent your country…..??

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