Communist Thugs Attack Police as Peaceful Austrian Nationalists Gather

At least twelve Communist thugs have been arrested by police in the Austrian capital of Vienna after they attacked police, threw Molotov cocktails, and looted shops while supposedly “protesting” against Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) members attending one of that city’s famous cultured balls.

The annual event, known as the Academic Ball, is a favorite of the conservative community, and takes place in the grand old imperial building of the Hofburg in the center of the city.

The interior of the Academic Ball room.
The interior of the Academic Ball room.

At the same ball the previous year, Communist gangsters had attacked some attendees, focusing on FPÖ officials. Nine protesters were arrested for civil disorder that year, and two ball-goers were slightly hurt.

2013: A Jewish communist (left) spits on a ball attendee.
2013: A Jewish communist (left) spits on a ball attendee.

As a result of the Communist street violence, city police this year closed off sections of the city surrounding the Hofburg before the ball started.

Police also banned everyone within the city’s outer ring road from covering their faces with masks. The wearing of ski-masks and balaclavas is a typical tactic of the “brothers of peace and freedom” when violently attacking other people.

The police move was immediately dismissed by the Communist gangsters—which included six so-called “holocaust survivors” as an “attack on civil liberties” and described in their acquiescent mass media as a “controversial” decision.

For their part, the FPÖ said the protestors had the right of demonstration if they wished, but that this did not extend to violence.

Disappointed that they were unable to physically attack the ball-goers, the Communist thugs then vented their “anger” on the police, throwing bottles and stones, while still others smashed shop windows and looted stores.

The Communists are particularly angry because the FPÖ won 21 percent of the vote in last September’s elections, and thereby became the third largest part in Austria, just a few percentage points behind the governing parties.

In usual style, the Communists are only in favor of “democracy” as long as those parties which essentially agree with them win the elections. As soon as a party which is genuinely anti-Communist and pro-European does well, then the same “brotherhood of peace and tolerance” turn into the most extreme fascists one could hope to find anywhere.

Below: Some images of the Communist thugs and their work, January 2014.

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  1. This photo is being recirculated around the internet two years after the fact as being a Muslim in Sweden, while two years ago it was a Jewish Communist in Austria. If you can cite a reliable source that it was a Muslim activist in Austria, could you please cite it here? Thanks.

    Editorial comment: This picture is from January 2014, and was taken in Vienna during an attack by communists on the Akademiker Ball in that city, attended by senior FPO people.

  2. The picture of a Jew spitting and Holocaust Survivors being present at the rally isn't accurate. The protesters were leftist, however the one spitting is a Mislim activist.

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