Communist Thugs Riot in London

A large gang of “refugee”-supporting, communist thugs have rioted in London overnight, after police raided their drug-filled rave dubbed “Scumoween” in a disused building in the south of Britain’s capital city.


According to the Metropolitan Police’s official report, late on Saturday night, October 31, officers attended an address in Whitgift Street, SE1 to close an illegal rave.

When officers arrived, they were confronted by a large group of people outside the venue.

During this confrontation a number of missiles were thrown at officers, including one reported ‘petrol bomb’.

Fortunately no officers were seriously injured, but four are understood to have been treated for injuries at the scene.

As well as attacking police the group also caused criminal damage to private vehicles and property in the area.

Later, the police issued an update that the “rave” had been closed down shortly before 6 am, Sunday, November 1.

Officers entered the venue stopping the event with powers under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act.

Persons present in the venue were removed. There were some further arrests (no further details at this time).

Police remain in the area dispersing the groups of people removed from the venue.

The disorder and criminal damage around the venue has stopped.

There are no further reports of officers injured at this time. There is one report of a member of the public, a man, being treated by London Ambulance Service.

A post incident investigation has now begun.

The organizer of the event, a Facebook person going by the name of “Scum Tek,” is also organizing a follow-up party for the British “Guy Fawkes” celebration on November 5, at which, the Facebook page says, “Refugees [are] welcome.”


The Facebook page also tells potential party-goers that “jerk chicken”—a Jamaican dish in which chicken is prepared with a very hot spice mixture—will not be allowed because it “could be used as a projectile.”

London is home to a large number of unemployed communist thugs who have crystalized around the far-left “Socialist Workers’ Party” (founded by a Jew named Yigael Gluckstein, although he changed it to the Anglo-Saxon sounding name of “Tony Cliff” when he started the party).

They have also started a number of far-left front organizations, such as “No Borders,” which attacked the St. Pancras railway station on October 24 in support of the nonwhite invaders in Calais (St. Pancras is the main London terminal for the railway line under the Channel to France).


The SWP also runs the “Unite against Fascism” campaign in Britain, which, among other things, organizes “visits to Auschwitz” and “opposed “Fascists targeting refugees”—but is strangely silent on Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights.


The violent, criminal, and ultimately hypocritical behavior of this far-left gang is also hidden by the controlled media in its coverage of their activities—but the advent of the Internet has, fortunately, broken their stranglehold on news content.

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  1. Jews and communism? That's almost a tradition which was started by Marx, Engels and follow with endless list of Russian Jew-commies … British government should deport them to North Korea together with those African parasites living of handouts in Britain!

  2. You’ve forgotten to mention that ‘far left’ is a joke category, meaning Jews and their rented puppets

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