“Communists” Attack as French Election Enters Final Round

Communist thugs—ironically acting in support of the globalist capitalist system they claim to despise—attacked police with paving stones and gasoline bombs in a May Day riot in Paris, protesting against the Front National’s candidate Marine le Pen.

Six police officers were wounded by the violent thugs, who were described by the controlled media merely as “left wing protestors”—the standby media description given to violent communist anti-white violence.

In her reaction to the violence, Le Pen said that the thugs represented a “permissiveness” she wanted to end.

She used the biggest rally of her presidential campaign—held at an indoor venue a short distance from the violence—to reveal how Emmanuel Macron, her crypto-communist rival (who is pretending to be a centrist after a lifetime’s activism in the Socialist Party), is an inexperienced version of Hillary Clinton.

In a speech before about 8,000 cheering and flag-waving supporters, Le Pen said that Macron, like Clinton, embodied a system that was collapsing and that he was psychologically unstable.

According to reports, the mood was upbeat at the FN rally in Villepinte exhibition center, with activists convinced that Le Pen had little to lose.

“Even if Marine Le Pen is not elected president on Sunday, she will have won anyway because of the way our ideas have gained ground during this campaign,” Bruno Rota, 57, head of the party’s branch in the Meuse département in eastern France, was quoted by media as saying.

Macron is on course—according to the polls, and based on the first round of votes—to win comfortably on the May 7 second round.

Le Pen remains however firmly in charge of the campaign propaganda, and pulled off a minor coup last weekend when she sealed an alliance with Debout la France (Stand up France), a Eurosceptic party whose candidate polled 1.7 million votes in the first round.

Le Pen has also stepped back from the leadership of the FN in an attempt to model herself as more unaffiliated before the final round, all in an attempt to woo votes from the conservative candidate who finished third in the first round.

* In a separate ceremony in Paris to commemorate Joan of Arc, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine’s estranged father, also criticized Macron, saying that he was in no position to talk of the future because he had no children.

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