Congo Capital Chokes on Trash: Garbage Removal Stops after White Aid Program Ends

The capital city of the Congo, Kinshasa, is literally turning into a massive trash heap with more than 9,000 tons of garbage accumulating everyday—because whites from the European Union stopped an aid program to dispose of the waste in 2015, it has emerged.

According to a report in the Deutsche Welle (DW), the “area in front of Kinshasa’s main station” is where “everybody has to make their way through piles of garbage.

“Passing vehicles whirl up plastic and paper bags. The scenario repeats itself all around town. It is an everyday torture for the inhabitants of Kinshasa,” the report says.

“It gets worse every year. Our once so beautiful Kinshasa has degenerated into a big dump,” a woman told DW. Another one added: “We Congolese obviously despise our country. Otherwise we would not allow our cities to sink into such filth.”

Jules Mulimbi, in charge of environment and sustainable development at Kinshasa City Council, told DW that the “problem is not just the completely inefficient disposal of waste,” but that the “behavior of the inhabitants also contributes to the problem.

“The solution begins with every single citizen, every single family. If everyone disposed of the garbage on their own doorstep, we would already have solved part of the problem,” said Mulimbi.

According to another person interviewed by DW, named only as Jeanne, the situation in her neighborhood is bad. “Most gutters are clogged with plastic bags and bottles. The water doesn’t run off when it rains. During the rainy season, most slums are flooded.”

In the Pakajuma district, about three kilometers from the main railway station, “there are mountains of rubbish everywhere. Children and many animals, including pigs are always seen foraging for food. Sewage flows down the hills. Under the hot sun, the stench is hardly bearable. Latrines are a luxury here,” the DW report continues.

“Just look at how people live here! No wonder there are so many cholera cases in the area,” said Mimi Mututu, deputy coordinator of the NGO Logos Premier, which is working to clean up the neighborhood. “People use dirty water to wash, drink and cook,” she told DW.

“People here live in an environment that is not clean and not healthy. That’s why there are many cases of malaria, typhus, cholera and other diseases,” Mututu added.

The reason for the upsurge in the trash plague is then revealed: according to the report, the city has no professional waste management and the “European Union used to support a waste disposal program, but aid was stopped in 2015. The problem got noticeably worse.”

In other words, after the white people running the garbage disposal system left, the Africans were incapable of maintaining the system which they had been given.

The reason for this inability to maintain any functioning First World infrastructure becomes obvious when it is considered that the Congo has an average IQ of 78.

According to the internationally-accepted Stanford-Binet scale of intelligence, an IQ between 70 and 79 is classed as “borderline deficiency,” and therefore incapable of either developing or maintaining any form of society above tribal level.

As science has now proven that intelligence is wholly genetic, and not environmental (because intelligence can be determined from studying genes in unborn embryos), any immigration policy which encourages these people to come to white countries will inevitable result in the dragging down of those nations to the level of the Congo.

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  1. The African way of government and business all depends on handouts and foreign aid Sad to say one of the richest countries in mineral wealth but still always with the begging bowl Africa is all about corruption and will not change in a million years.

  2. I read a book a while back by man who spent years working in Africa. In it, he made some very interesting observations about the people there. One of them was that the people completely lacked the ability to think abstractly. The example he gave was about trash. He said they are incapable of thinking, “If I throw my trash in the middle of the street, what would happen if everyone started throwing their trash in the middle of the street?” So, they throw their trash in the street, and everywhere else.

    1. They know full well the result of garbage accumulation.

      It’s their characteristic psychopathy and not giving – literally – a shit about anyone and anything else which is at fault.

  3. How can supposedly ‘poor’ people – who by definition consume little or nothing – generate so much garbage?

    – Another point, Just why the Hell should EU taxpayers be forced to foot the bill for something the Congolese are well able to organise themselves?

  4. Exactly like the african enclaves they have created in England, and so true, since our governments policy of filling our nation up with these ungrateful 3rd world parasites we can see the country going backwards.

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