Controlled Media and Black Mall Riots

Thousands of blacks have once again rioted at shopping malls across America over the past weekend—but the controlled media is still pretending not to notice the race of the rioters, describing them as “teens” and “youths.”

The largest riot took place at the Mall St. Matthews in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday, December 26, when 2,000 blacks ran amok, looting, fighting, and even firing shots at passerby.


According to media reports, the first incidents were reported at around 7 p.m. on December 26, when “police say around 1,000 to 2,000 unruly teenagers began disrupting the mall.”

The police initially described the incidents as “disturbances” but later called it a riot after the large crowd of Africans became overwhelming.

Police believe many in the crowd were drawn to the area by cell phone messages sent via social media. Eventually the authorities had to call fifty officers from four different agencies to get the mall under control.


During the riots, fights broke out between gangs of Africans, while others took to looting. Several witnesses reported gunfire.

Businesses were told to close their doors and bring down steel blinds until the rampaging mob had been dispersed. Buses were brought in to drive the black mob away back to the west end of Louisville, where most had come from.

Social media comments on Facebook made by local white people complained that the police were too scared to arrest the young blacks, and instead arranged for the buses to take them away.

Just like many other such mall riots, flash mob attacks, and social mayhem involving large groups of nonwhites, the controlled media deliberately ignores the obvious—even though photographic and video coverage of the violence clearly shows the race of the perpetrators.

This coverage is in stark contrast to any incident involving white people—where the controlled media goes out of its way to emphasize that the perpetrators are white. In any incident involving whites and nonwhites, the media almost always also accuses the whites of “racism.”

A good example of this double standard is the media hype around the “black lives matter” campaign, which steadfastly ignores the reality that more whites are killed by police, pro-rata and in real terms—than blacks, and that blacks are responsible for nearly all the violent gun crime in America—and as a result, the vast majority of gun deaths of fellow blacks.

The “lying press” always follows the law of “one standard of bias against whites,” and another standard of bias in favor of anyone else.

The Louisville incident was not the only black “post-Christmas” mall riot to take place. In the Deptford Center Mall, New Jersey, a mob of more than five hundred blacks rioted in what police called a “large disturbance” at the food court.

Multiple law enforcement agencies from both Gloucester and Camden counties were called to the mall, located on Deptford Center Road.

In the Towson Town Center, Baltimore, a large crowd of blacks rioted and attacked police after the mall closed Saturday night.

At the Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News, Virginia, a police department spokesman reported that “several fights involving teens” were reported around 5:15 p.m. Officers arrived shortly after that and started “ushering the unaccompanied kids off mall property.”

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    1. ORCs… This is their nature. Their numbers are increasing. You know the story…

      Men are weak, and believe the lies of the dark one…

      Frodo save us.

      1. It is in their genes. They came from Africa and used to run away from lions and tigers so therefore their bodies adapted to the violence in their surroundings and they also became athletic to run away and survive. Now in this country they have the same animal, violent instincts. They will never change. There is a drive by the black masses also to rename this country Amefrika out of respect for Africa and for their so-called “leaders”. They will never change. These violent black kiddos are only jail bait for our prison systems for their future. My dad used to say that one day you will turn your TV on only to have a black screen but it won’t be because it is broken but because blacks will dominate TV (sports, commercials, movies, music, etc). Look at Family Feud as an example – mostly black on white people. We should think not of deporting illegal aliens but blacks in a horrendous amount back to Africa where they would be much, much happier.

        Peter Wolfgang
        : – )

    2. Anyone want to guess who will be scapegoated for the financial meltdown about to ‘occur’?
      There is a reason why the speed has intensified on the gun grabbing agenda, its not far off now.

  1. Many of the comments talk about teenagers, young people, juveniles etc – it’s quite funny. One or two renegade truth-tellers get through, to be followed by rented liars discussing racism etc. Almost the whole thing – videos, comments, everything – is staged.

  2. The media is not allowed to use the term “black youth” or “african-american” or such otherwise they will be labeled as “racist”. Or they are just adhering to the liberal politically correct bullsh t that they were trained to do by our obama’s govt.

      1. Very true they would like to rename America!! I have worked in West Africa and the Blacks in this country would not last 5 minutes in Africa, the motherland. It is a hard life over there and they do not fuck around, if you riot they just shoot your ass.
        The other problem with American Black’s do not have a clue how good they have it, no whites to blame it on over there and give them a free ride.

        This does not apply to the real African Americans that is sick of this bull shirt that is going on with all of this cry babys

  3. Sad…..and clearly reverse discrimination….but hey its the “Black Lives Matter ONLY” Movement~ The rest of us better shut up and watch~ It will only get worse and if the Police have to shoot in self defense or in defense of a law- abiding citizen they’ll be sued~ The “Black Lives Matter Movement” is a license to loot, disrupt, create chaos, and advocate violence. The media is one of its strongest supporters~

  4. ORCs… You know the story. This is their nature. There numbers are growing…

    Men are weak and believe the lies of the dark one…

    Where are the ELVES when we need them?

  5. When the first one erupted the cops were trying to claim it wasn’t organized. I wonder if they are still trying to make that float?

  6. America is violating the 61/295 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Annex Article 2 “Indigenous peoples and individuals are free and equal to all other peoples and individuals and have the right to be free from any kind of discrimination, in the exercise of their rights, in particular that based on their indigenous origin or identity.
    There is nothing wrong with describing a Nigerian as a Nigerian and their right to their cultural traditions and customs, intellectual, religious, and spiritual traditions, customs and ceremonies and have a right to establish and control their own educational systems and institutions in their own territories and so on…

    1. William it also is said in the magna cater that any indigenous person can not be charged with racism as they are the indgenious pro of that land

  7. One thing you can’t accuse police force in the United States is that they are reluctant to deal effectively enough with black delinquents of all sorts. Unfortunately, the situation in this department right now is a little bit “delicate” as it was too many incidents of so called “police racism” toward black criminals lately. IMHO this is the only reason that cops reacted with such restraint toward them and they didn’t act more decisively!

    It’s a shame – this otherwise first class city was also a birthplace of the black hero boxing champ Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali.

  8. I live in Louisville very close to the mall where this happened. I wish I could say that this incident shocked me but far to often lately this is typical behavior. I have never considered myself to be racist but with everything that has been going on lately in my city I have to admit…that may be changing. It is the black youth and the young black culture that caused this problem. Yes white youth…a very few…were involved…but the white youth involved were keeping up with young black culture. Go ahead call me racist…I know you want to. I work in the public and the situation gets worse everyday. I also ride the bus and the comments about the black youth from the west end of Louisville are all very true. I find It very interesting that the police called TARC and had extra buses brought in….all routes ending in the Park Duval neighbor hood in the west end. Bus drivers now carry guns for protection and its not from the white youth or the elderly or the handicap the ride but for protection form the black youth that ride. Something has to be done about this and all the PC correct BS needs to stop.

  9. …and they even get a free ride home, to their free-ride housing.

    Next time, load up the bus and drive it out into the middle of a live artillery exercise.

    When their baby mommas start wailing, hit them with that old trusty standby…

    “Wrong place, wrong time.”

  10. Hi To All:

    Even us Hispanics in the United States or in Mexico do nothing like this, my Good Lord!. Why do blacks have such a propensity for such behavior – either raping anything and everything in their way, loot, fight, cuss, disrespect, etc – is it their genes from Africa that predominate their personality so much as also in their physical looks and behavior. Perhaps all of the years in Africa running from lions, tigers and elephants made them so fast and athletic – just to survive but yet maintaining their beast attitude/behavior. Such negative behavior in this great country of ours that our Spaniard ancestors, our English ancestors, our Mexican ancestors and our Chinese ancestors built up is being destroyed by blacks/Africans/negroes with such animalistic behavior. This type of behavior will only lead for them to prison or death at the hands of the law or themselves. Eventually, all of these looters or violent gangs (blacks) in these malls will one day very, very soon have their just reward with destiny made by their own hands (behavior). Donald Trump should be looking at sending an enormous and a horrendous amount of blacks back to their mother country (Africa) and have them live in the wilds with the lions, elephants. There they can pour out all their hate and violence on the animals in the wilds. Don’t forget to give them a loin cloth so they can outrun the beasts – either themselves or the lions.

    1. “Why do blacks have such a propensity for such behavior” – buena pregunta, amigo!
      I thought about it many times before as well and all I can say is this: most of them are coming from disfunctional families and they all too often grow up without their fathers around. That’s in my opinion the most important, and very often omitted, fact about black families!

  11. I was in the military recently. In the military the majority of blacks (at least 90%) are violent to themselves but wanting to date any white woman at the same time. Even as soldiers I heard them talk about killing when they get back home and wanting to marry a fine, white woman – they don’t want black women even though the black women are crying and begging them for their love and sex but they see black women as UGLY. They want to propegate their culture and their “looks” everywhere they go in white America – even if it means raping. I could not believe I was hearing this from American soldiers. God help us if the Russian and Chinese military meets us on the battlefield – even our military is so DETERIORATED AND GODLESS. They talked among themselves that America should be renamed Amefrica out of respect for their black “leaders” and for Africa. I wanted to burst out laughing but held back as there were blacks and blacks and blacks (men/women) everywhere… ocean of blacks. This type of behavior has to STOP in our military and in the streets of our country.

    1. Blacks have told me it’s a status symbol to have white women in the harem. I was told they pursued this practice mostly to piss off white men. It’s not about love.

  12. We can very well put the blame on odumbo and his administration because the blacks know that no matter what they do, the divider in chief will be thereto say how racist the law abider is. We can never undo what this POS has done and I blame the ignorance and stupidity of the voters for putting him in office. And now they want Hitlary. Lord help us!!!

  13. People are starting to realize that the collapse of the US is not due to incompetence, but by design.

    Our overlords do not want to rescue the economy. They are intentionally ruining the country.

    Once the USA is destroyed and the poor become too much of a burden on the rich, the elites will soon say Capitalism failed so they can justify turning the US into a hardcore Communist state. Americans will then be sent to concentration camps and starved and killed so the 1% can divide the wealth and land among themselves.

    Those fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Wake up. How else can you explain why the government is doing the opposite of every logical action to help the economy? Economics isn’t rocket science. If you want to boost the economy and nation, don’t allow millions of cheap illegal immigrants to flood the country, offshore jobs to 3rd world countries, punish hard work with taxes and regulations, and reward laziness with welfare.

    Sadly Americans won’t realize what is happening until it is too late.

    Never underestimate the inhumanity of man towards man. Greed has no bounds.

  14. It’s much easier to point the finger at the boogyman (Obama) then it is to take the blame for the people you’ve elected who put America in the position she is currently in.

  15. *YAWN* more “youth” violence! Surprise surprise. When will people finally accept the correlation between crime and certain ethnic groups?

  16. Citizenship should be revoked and send them to Africa. I’m sure they will find it a heavenly place…
    What is wrong with these people?!!! They have the best chance for a great life in this country on this planet, yet this is how they behave. Sad and disrespectful of the slavery their ancestors endured all over the world hundreds of years ago.

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