Controlled Media Panic at Euro Youth’s Votes

The controlled media is becoming increasingly panicked as ever-increasing numbers of young white people across Europe are voting for parties dedicated to white survival. The latest such example has come with the German Deutsche Welle (DW) media outlet.

In an article titled “Young people vote far-right in Europe,” the DW editors employ every tired old trick in the book to belittle and defame any European who does not want to commit racial suicide—but cannot get away from the fact that all over the European continent, rising numbers of young white people are choosing survival over genocide by immigration.

The DW starts off by saying that “some experts see democracy in danger”—just because young people are starting to vote in large numbers against the parties that seek their racial extermination.


For example, the DW says, the Front National (FN) in France and the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) are just two examples of parties that are currently receiving an upsurge in support in European Union member states, and the worried controlled media article adds, “they’re especially popular with younger voters.”

The DW said that even though the FN didn’t win any regions in the second round of France’s regional elections, it managed to pick up 35 percent of votes from 18-to-34-year-olds in the first round.

“And in state parliamentary elections in Austria’s Vienna district, the FPÖ picked up 24 percent of the vote among under-30-year-olds.”

Furthermore, the DW whines, in countries such as the “Netherlands, Denmark, and Poland, far-right parties are gaining traction among young voters as well.”

The DW then goes on to quote a well-known quasi-communist Member of the European Parliament, who pretends to be a “Green,” as saying that the young peoples’ voting habits are a “longing for a national identity inside the European Union.”

This is, as outlined above, pure nonsense. Young people are voting for parties that are opposed to the mass nonwhite Third World invasion of Europe, a policy which can only end in the utter destruction of the white, European First World at the hands of hordes of Third Worlders.

The DW then goes on to discuss how the pro-European survival parties are reaching young voters:

“In Austria, support for the FPÖ does not come from all young voters, but from one group in particular: young men,” the DW says.

“Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache tries to appeal to this demographic by presenting himself as cool and down-to-earth. He doesn’t wear suits, but jeans and sunglasses, and he even filmed a music video for the Vienna regional elections in October. In it, young people chant ‘HC, HC,’ Strache’s nickname, over an amped-up version of the famous Strauss waltz The Blue Danube.”


In Germany, too, the mood has been growing more hostile toward refugees, the DW goes on to admit. “The more that arrive, the greater the number of attacks on refugee housing,” the DW complains.

Another DW article also hysterically discusses the reforms which the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) has put itself through in order to start attracting a larger audience.


Correctly pointing out that the NPD used to attract the “skinhead” type, the DW admits that the new leadership has been pushing out the “easily maligned skinheads and leather coats” and is replacing them with “trendy sneakers, canvas bags, even the Guy Fawkes masks favored by the hacker collective Anonymous movement.”

This, the DW says, shows the “new face of the German far-right movement: a cooler, less-aggressive appeal to youths that largely relies on appropriating symbols of the left.”

Using the new NPD leader Frank Franz as an example, the DW says he is a “good-looking 37-year-old father who describes himself as a sartorial enthusiast on Instagram, and the photos he posts show a man with a penchant for well-tailored trousers, pocket squares, and trips to the lake.

“When he’s not reminding immigrants to ‘stay out — you’re not welcome!’ on Facebook, the professional graphic designer is trying on bespoke suits,” the sarcastic DW article adds.

The acidic coverage by the mainstream media is however being steadily undermined by the rise of the Internet, which grants people direct access to the original source of political parties and statements, rather than just relying on what the controlled media says they are saying.

As a result, the “lying press”—as they are already widely known in Germany—are losing credibility as people can see for themselves what is being said and what is happening around them and in other countries.

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  1. Well done the younger generation, for having the intelligence to see what the EU have lined up for your future, and your children’s future.

      1. oh what twaddle. If you got off your bum and did some proper reading you will see the trend started in the seventies with all these ‘ minority rights’ . All agreed to by people your age and older. You and others like you allowed government to treat us oridinary citizens as criminals with clamping down on those who abused those minority rights with violence and crime.

    1. There are more seniors that you can imagine that are already on the ball. But, they, TPTB and most of the young ones were calling us racist, fascist and all sorts in the past. I’m glad that at least young are starting to wake up to the facts that joo financed invasion of Europe is meant to destroy our culture, identity and roots through “multicultural enrichment” and wipe out whites..

  2. Some people are open to reason and understand what is given to them as information. Jargon, slogans and acceptability to join the crowd often wins but cold facts are there for a careful time of reflection. IN the 1800’s there were less than one million indigenous people in South Africa and now there are about 50 000 000. The children will have to face this problem in Germany and make space for 100 000 000’s in their lifetime.
    In the Treaty of Kutschuk-Kainardji July10/21 1774 The Sovereigns of the two warring Empires, the Empire of Russia and the Ottoman Porte, equally moved by the desire to end the present war between their respective Empires, and restore peace….. agreed in Article XXlll … Truly renounces ever again to demand a tribute of young children, be they girls or boys, nor any other form of tribute…. (and) shall no longer interfere in their affairs and promise not to bother them.
    This agreement from 1774 is echoed inn the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that prohibits servitudes and these assurances are trashed in the EU today.

    1. know your ancient history. Blacks are not indigenous to south africa. Stop spreading misinformation. The closest we can get to this is the Bushman. SA was the only country that had a good general health policy even during apartheid SA was the only sustained growth population in Africa. The South African population growth is directly related to the Apartheid health policy where today 900 babies are born and survive a day. No where in Africa is this happening.

  3. Front National (FN) in France and the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) are not the only parties with gains – Sweden Democrats, the party that was founded only in 1988 (!), in recent polls has over 20% support nationwide. That’s unheard of in so brainwashed and seriously derailed to the left Sweden!
    Let’s not forget Hungary which remains the Orban’s stronghold and the recent landslide victory of Peace & Justice, a very nationalistic party in Poland. They got two chambers of Polish parliament and the president. That didn’t go very well in Berlin and since they took the office all Merkel’s Jewish puppets in Brussels like Schulz, Junkcer and recently even Assborn of Luxembourg are viciously attacking Poland in mainstream German media. This uneducated and arrogant ex-bookstore keeper Schulz even stated that what took place in Poland was coup d’état – unprecedented crockshit from “public” official whose salary is paid by the European taxpayers!

  4. Increasingly it’s to be expected and increasingly people are awakening to what’s going on.
    Weird, that – democracy in danger because people are starting to vote. There’s far more danger to democracy in Merkel trying to stamp out/ban political parties and kicking the wishes of her own people into the long grass.

  5. “I care not how you vote, it is the way I count them that matters” ; who said something like that ? Well, it is true !
    Vote daily, by the way You live your life. Do not surrender your power to some self serving ‘poly-sh*tian’ in local and central government. All voting when necessary is fixed, a surprise narrow victory for TPTB by a last minute swing, hahhaa…. I care not how you vote, it is the way I count them that matters.

  6. Meanwhile here in the UK, we have our religious leaders, Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop of Wales among others, claiming that the UK is not doing enough by limiting the number of migrants to 20,000 over 5 years. Apparently it shows a lack of humanity not allowing those who are in fact ‘economic migrants’ to flood our country.
    It always comes from those who are well insulated from them when they are brought here. They can sit in their ivory towers and tell us how we ought to think, feel, act, without it affecting them in the slightest. They don’t have to worry nor care that their daughters might be raped, infected with disease, or even murdered by these savages.

    1. The Archbishop of Canterbury is now Welby, of stock from Jewish parasites in Germany. He’s not British or English. He follows the insane Jewish genetic impulse to cause damage where possible.

    2. Agreed, except for ‘economic migrants’, they are in fact invading army financed by soros and the Jewish lobby. and all those who speak the truth, the real patriots, are facing charges of “hate crimes” and even incarceration. We must deal with our treacherous politicians before doing anything else.

  7. “The more that arrive, the greater the number of attacks on refugee housing”

    No sh*t Sherlock? Who would ever have predicted that?

    People in their 40’s today are the most brainwashed, head-in-sand generation ever. Luckily the socialists cannot thought control the next generation who bear the brunt of multi-culti madness. There is also a generation over 50 of which I am one who were never raised to be politically correct. Racism for us is a survival instinct.

  8. “The acidic coverage by the mainstream media is however being steadily undermined by the rise of the Internet,”

    Which, of course, is why all the govts are hell-bent on internet censorship.

  9. Here in the UK our politicans are scared to death of even mentioning the word muslims.but I can tell you the people are rising all we need is anot her 7/7 and all hell will be let loose.but bravo too germany,France, and all other European countries for standing firm

    1. “Here in the UK our politicans are scared to death of even mentioning the word muslims” – cause in many municipalities muslims are the majority of voters. There are only 73% White population in the UK and some think it’s already too late. Only UKIP can slow down that suicidal trend!

      1. Agree with you Kol, there’s a nasty anti-White, anti-British virus growing that has been about for some time, largely ignored, but with very sinister motives, with big cash backing, Marxist/SWP controlled, it’s the group called Unite Against Fascism, backed by some big unions, N.U.T just one that give them money backing,money also coming from wealthy donors from across the pond, they have managed to infiltrate all parts of people’s lives, from gullible well off students,to low life drugged up scroungers,and rabid Muslim organizations,and many anti-white organizations.

      2. “Only UKIP can slow down that suicidal trend!” Exactly so, Kol. BUT…….
        unless and until Muslim males bearing bags stuffed with voting papers are banned outright the whole voting process in certain UK areas will continue to be a total farce. Such voting practices may be the norm in Pakistan/ Bangladesh etc; but not here in the UK – [supposedly.]
        When in Rome …..
        Our politicians at every level should be ashamed. Turning a blind eye is totally unacceptable in a democracy.

        They are not in Pakistan /Bangladesh etc; where such practices are acceptable.Muslim gents allowed to turn up bearing bags stuffed with voting papers should be banned.

        1. Jay people like you and Kol should be the main voices coming from the whole of Europe, let alone the UK, before its too late, as for the voting system, it suits the main parties ideas for ‘sharing’ out the votes between the same two that have and will control as long as it is in place, it will not be needed in the future if we stay in the EU,most of the systems dodgy useless politicians now being fed by the taxpayer will be surplus to the EUs requirements, there’s a petition with regards to stopping the Muslims ghetto postal fiddle, I’ve signed it, don’t know if it will solve the fraudulent use that our ‘guests’ use.

      3. @ Eddy & Jay: British democracy, being so great and excellent influntial model for so many countries, has one “flaw” – it assumes that all who benefit from democratic rules would try to preserve them. I don’t mean any disrespect but I’m afraid that British people are simply too soft on those “guests” form so many backward societies who have been flooding the UK for so many years now!

        How true is this saying: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, isn’t it? Rather than adapting to the rules of their host countries those backward and primitive “guests” are using every trick in the book to change the customs of the country they invaded. That works until they are met with force, eg.: just days after Paris bombing, Navjot Sawhney, a Sikh from Bristol, wasn’t allowed to a nightclub in Cracow, Poland because he refused to have his turban searched. Few years ago another Sikh with British passport almost missed his plane from Warsaw to London for the same reason but the border inspectors didn’t give rats ass, anyway.

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