Controlled Media: All-out War against Trump

The controlled media has launched an all-out war against Donald Trump in the final laps of the U.S. Presidential election, running never-ending stories of “sexual assault” and “racism” because they are unable to debate the real issues of mass immigration and Clinton’s warmongering in the Middle East.

Even the media’s coverage of the final presidential debate has claimed that “Trump lost”—when in fact the vast majority of polls show that the public thinks he won.


The attack on Trump is almost unprecedented in recent politics in America, and shows the full depth not only of the controlled media’s inherent bias in favor of the far-left, but also their visceral hatred of anything even remotely European.

Trump has been ultra-careful to avoid even the slightest hint of “racism” and has gone out of his way to endorse and pander to Jewish, black, and Hispanic organizations and groups, even at the expense of ignoring any reference to whites.

This however, has not been enough for the controlled media, who, under their largely Jewish directorship, have launched endless claims of “racism” and “bigotry” against Trump. Article after article put out by the major Jewish-controlled news outlets—from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Herald, not to mention the major TV stations—have followed a consistent line of claiming that Trump’s campaign has been “racially divisive” and “hateful.”


In fact, all Trump has said is that the U.S.’s immigration laws should be enforced, that illegal immigration should be halted and reversed, and that anyone wanting to enter America should follow the correct channels.

It seems that even the perfectly simple request to follow the law is now, according to the controlled media, somehow “Nazi” and “racist.”

Furthermore, Trump has correctly pointed out that Hilary Clinton, her husband Bill, the Bush family, and Barack Obama, have all engaged in disastrous foreign policies which have seen Americans sent off to fight endless wars in the Middle East—and that this has been a military, economic, and social catastrophe which has created ISIS and other threats to America and Europe.

Once again, the controlled media has not dared debate this perfectly valid and important point, and instead has given more prominence to Trump’s “locker room” talk than to the fact that Clinton et al. have been responsible for the deaths of millions of people, including thousands of Americans.

Instead, the controlled media has preferred to give publicity to a number of clearly mentally-deranged women, who, ten years or more later, now all suddenly claim to have been sexually “harassed” by Trump.

None of these claims have any proof at all—and indeed, some were easily and immediately refuted by other eyewitnesses. Certainly, none of the claims even remotely approach the real and proven sexual misconduct of Bill Clinton and others—yet the controlled media continues to present the wild allegations against Trump as proven “sex assaults.”

For example, the New York Times recently ran a story about Trump’s campaign not being able to “get past the sexual assaults,” as if they had actually happened and Trump had already been convicted of them.

The media bias has however been undermined by the advent of the Internet, and social media in particular. The latest opinion poll from Rasmussen Reports, for example—an institution noted for its accuracy in previous presidential elections—put Trump’s national support level at 43 percent, and Clinton’s at 40 percent.

The peculiarities of the U.S. electoral system, however, does not guarantee Trump an election victory based purely on figures such as these. American presidents are elected by an electoral college, which is made up of delegates selected by winner-takes-all popular votes in each state—with the most populous states getting the largest share of electoral college votes.

This means that the most populous states—California, for example—have the largest number of electoral college votes, which means that a Clinton victory in that state will give her a significant number of electoral college votes, no matter how many Trump voters there are in that state.

Clinton is far ahead among Hispanic voters in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Nevada, with her biggest lead at 50 percentage points in Arizona and smallest in Florida, where she’s ahead by 24 points, according to a new poll for Univision News by Bendixen & Amandi and the Tarrance Group.

In no state did Trump score above 18 percent among Hispanics, underscoring how that vote is poised to fuel Clinton’s support in key battleground states where they make up a significant and growing share of the electorate.

The most recent poll among blacks showed that his support base is negligible, and in some states was below the single-digit level.

Ultimately then, Trump’s election chances depend on one factor: how many whites turn out to vote.

In the previous presidential election, 59 percent of white voters voted for Mitt Romney—but the turnout for the entire country was only 54.9 percent.

In 2012, black voter turnout rates in 2012 exceeded that of whites for the first time, mainly because of their desire to vote for Obama. According to a Brookings Institute analysis of U.S. Census Bureau figures, whites made up 71.1 percent of the voting age population in November 2012.

However, the white turnout was only 64.1 percent. Black turnout was 66.2 percent, Hispanic turnout 48 percent, and Asian turnout 47.3 percent.

As the Brookings Institute report pointed out, white voters did vote more strongly Republican in 2012, but this was offset by reduced turnout.

Trump can therefore still win—but only if there is a massively increased white voter turnout, and he takes at least two-thirds of the entire white turnout. Anything less than that, and the election is likely to go the way that the controlled media is demanding.

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  1. The sickening media bias against Donald Trump in the UK is all too obvious and follows the US. Indeed, last week the ‘Today’ programme on BBC Radio 4 (the “Flagship” news programme) reported that Boris Johnson was in discussion with Kerry in relation to the possibility of joint military action in Syria, the BBC reporter, Sarah Montague, went on to say that, “….not until after the election of a new President – Hillary Clinton – will any decision be made…”. So, the BBC knows the result of the US election already? I could not believe my ears! That’s how biased the BBC has become generally and in the US Presidency race in particular. Visit : to view much more outrageous bias by the BBC.

    1. Unfortunately, biasedbbc is itself a controlled site. See if you can find any mention of ‘Jews’ forcing non-white invasion, for example. The bias they want to retain is not to talk about ‘Jews’.

  2. All your family,friends,grandparents,aquanitances,EVERYONE!you know,make sure they get to the polls to vote for TRUMP!!!! it’s the biggest election in modern history! Hillary=Death of America….TRUMP=America Great Again! The one to choose is obvious! make the world proud!and safe again! VOTE TRUMP! we’re all behind you America! Please do The Right thhing! TRUMP!!! Get everyone you know on the street to vote Trump!Lets get BUSY!!!!!

  3. Many illegal invaders are going to vote too, + probably electronic fraud in many places.
    If Clinton wins, they are going to try to close the ‘racist’* sites now that they are aware of the trends.

    *’racism’ should be not denied and defended as something natural and not bad in itself, so the label cannot be used as a weapon by the liberals.

    1. more clearly, I mean:
      *’racism’ should be not denied (when accused of), and should be defended as something natural and not bad in itself, so the label cannot be used as a weapon by the liberals.

  4. I think by now most people are aware they are being manipulated by the media. I think it could very well backfire and encourage people to vote for Trump in defiance. People havent had the chance to forget all the past lies as theres been so many ie weapons of mass destruction, all refugees are Syrian and are drs, engineers or highly skilled, if a Muslim is involved in a terrorist act cover it up, Muslims are peaceful and tolerant, Muslim adults are in fact children despite being aged over 20 …

  5. Supporting terrorism to undermine perceived threats to Israeli hegemony … which cuts into OUR civil liberties …and infringes upon our sovereignty. If you want this to continue , vote for Clinton. Our nation will eventually be destroyed.

  6. This is the most entertaining campaign in history. Point. The media will never fool the people. We may be quiet but peoples souls are mightier then the pen. The end of Media – Government manipulation. Reform in the US is needed now. Trump is campaigning at the right time. HC has carved a long and dirty past climbing up. She should have stopped while her name was still as the First Lady. I am the first to want a female president in the US but not diabolical like HC. Watch ’13 Hours’ true story and the delayed orders were due to HC.

  7. All patriots must Work as hard as you can to win this election, it is ” All or None” and also it will influence Europe too.
    this is our last chance, if not we’ll be weaker in the next election because of immigration madness by the present Regime.
    God Bless USA.

  8. The end result is that I turn the sound off when they talk about Trump and Clinton. I get my political news 100% from the internet. same for comedy, John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel, Colbert. I don’t watched these biased Marxist any more. That’s the networks loss. Same goes for Fox News which is run by Murdochs left wing sons. Yes that is their loss.

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