Controlled Media’s Code words: “Youths” Actually Means “Nonwhite”

Yet another example of the breathtaking anti-European double standards in the US media has come with an NBC Chicago report on the latest black-on-white flash mob attack in that city’s Magnificent Mile area over the past weekend.


In an article headed “Hundreds of teens mob pedestrians on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile,” NBCChicago reported that “several teens were arrested after dozens of mob groups began attacking pedestrians on Chicago’s downtown Magnificent Mile area on Saturday night.

“Police responded to reports of disturbances near Michigan and Chicago Avenues.

Police said 28 teens were arrested during the incident and no serious injuries were reported.

“The teens [were] charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct and battery and later released, according to News Affairs Officer Perkus.

“Eleven other teens were charged with the same misdemeanor charges after they attacked a group of women on the CTA Red Line, police said.

“Officers began breaking up the attacks by ushering teens to the Red Line. Chaos continued underground but many attackers reportedly left the area.”

In five sentences, the NBC report used the word “teen” five times to describe the assailants. In reality, they are young black thugs—as is obvious from the accompanying video—but such is the state of antiwhite hysteria in the controlled media, that they do not dare point this out.

Compare this behavior to the very same NBC’s coverage of the Trayvon Martin incident last year, where they—and other media outlets—loudly trumpeted that the shooter, George Zimmerman, was a white and tried their very best to incite black violence against white people all over the country.

Zimmerman turned out to be a mixed-race Hispanic, and even when this fact became known, NBC insisted on calling him a “white Hispanic” and then infamously went on to doctor a tape recording trying to show that Zimmerman targeted the “youth” only because he was black. (NBC News regrets editing of Trayvon shooting call.)

The Chicago Tribune also has a long history of censoring criminal behavior by blacks.

After a particularly severe outbreak of black-on-white violence in June 2011 last year, Chicago Tribune senior vice president and editor Gerould Kern admitted the newspaper censors black crime.

“We guard against subjecting an entire group of people to suspicion because of the color of their skin,” Kern wrote in his paper after it not only censored the race of the perpetrators but also concealed the nature of the attacks, claiming that certain areas of the city had been closed due to “excessive heat” rather than a mass attack by blacks on white passersby.

Despite all the attackers being black, and all the victims being white, Kern said “there is no evidence to suggest that the victims were singled out because of their race.”

In 2007, the LA Times issued an official online statement admitting that it was standard practice in the newspaper industry to censor of the race of “minority” crime perpetrators.

“In recent decades, newspapers and other media outlets stopped mentioning suspects’ or victims’ race or ethnicity because of public criticism,” the LA Times said, adding that “Newspapers came to embrace the idea that such information is irrelevant to the reporting of crimes, and may unfairly stigmatize racial groups.”

John Langley, creator and producer of the TV show COPS, recently boasted that he censors black crime. In response to criticism that he portrays too many blacks as criminals, Langley said that he in fact reverses the facts for his show.

“What irritates me sometime is critics still watch something and say ‘oh look they misrepresent people of color.’ That’s absolutely not true. Au contraire. I show more white people than statistically what the truth is in terms of street crime. If you look at the prisons it’s 60-something percent people of color, and 30-something percent of white people. If you look at COPS it’s 60 percent white and 40 percent, it’s just the reverse. And I do that intentionally, because I don’t want to contribute to negative stereotypes.”

Tom Kent, deputy managing editor for standards and production at The Associated Press said in 2011 that his media outlet also routinely censors out the race of criminals, saying that it is “not be germane to the story.”

Last March, 18 black males were arrested for gang raping an 11 year old Mexican girl in Cleveland, Texas. The New York Times covered the story—but completely censored the race of the attackers.

Philip Corbett, associate managing editor at that paper, said that mentioning the race of a crime perpetrator does “not really provid[e] any useful information and it could be [a] sort of boiler plate.”

In August 2010, the Washington Post Ombudsman Andrew Alexander was asked why his paper had censored black mob attacks on whites on the local metro system.

“The Post should always be sensitive to overplaying stories, especially if race is involved,” he said.

The increase in black-on-white mob attacks across America is becoming more serious as the racial demographic balance swings ever more against whites—and yet somehow the media is still pretending that nothing is happening.

The Internet, at least, has provided a channel whereby the controlled media can be bypassed, and fortunately this is happening more and more as traditional newspapers go into a steady decline.

The future of news reporting is becoming diffused, local, and increasingly based on “citizen reporters”—and at long last, the media mogul’s stranglehold on the dissemination of real news is being broken.

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  1. We get the same in the UK, if its blacks or muslims or any non-white it’s just men, or young men and we are not shown any cctv, but if it’s whites, then wow, suddenly we have cctv facial footage on the TV. Dreadful coverup of what is happening.

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