Copenhagen Attack: Once Again, Leftists Pay Price for Promoting Mass Third World Invasion and Pro-Israeli Foreign Policy

The latest Islamist terrorist attack in the Danish capital of Copenhagen has—just like the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris—highlighted the fact that the far Left’s own policy of promoting the mass Third World invasion of the First World, will ultimately rebound on its proponents and destroy them, particularly in the light of their subservience to Israel and the Jewish Lobby.


The attacker in the Copenhagen shootings—now shot dead by police—was a second generation nonwhite invader, born in Copenhagen to Palestinian “immigrants”—who had been granted asylum after fleeing the decades-long genocidal campaign conducted by Israel against the Palestinians.

In a “career” now being trod by millions of nonwhite invaders in Europe, all granted residence by the delusional race-blind immigration policies followed by European leftists, Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein was well-known to Danish police as a serious habitual criminal gangster who had just been released from prison after a particularly vicious knife attack.

According to police, El-Hussein was a hardened criminal by his early teenage years, and a member of the nonwhite gang called “The Brothas” who roam the streets of Nørrebro armed with knives and guns. He acquired what police called an “extensive” criminal record for a number of crimes including assault and possession of dangerous weapons.


Most recently, he had been released from prison after a November 2013 knife attack on a Copenhagen train, which was captured on CCTV. In that attack, he selected a victim at random from the white commuters on the train. Although the attack was clearly racially-motivated, the controlled media played this fact down, and El-Hussein was released from prison just two weeks before his attack on the “free speech” meeting.

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El-Hussein lived in the Nørrebro secton of Copenhagen, an area heavily overrun with nonwhite invaders. Estimates of the number of non-Europeans living in Nørrebro vary from between 28 to 40 percent, although the number of illegals makes it impossible to form an accurate picture.

Nørrebro is also the site of Denmark’s first custom-built mosque, and the country’s first minaret. The mosque, which opened in July 2014, was funded by Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, the former emir of Qatar, to the tune of $27.4 million.


The nonwhite invasion has caused such a spike in crime in Nørrebro that as recently as December 2014, the US State Department warned Americans in Denmark to avoid the area, saying that the “Nørrebro area is a less affluent area of Copenhagen with higher levels of violent street crime, narcotics dealing, and gang activity. Local gang conflicts in Nørrebro and adjoining neighborhoods occasionally result in drive-by shootings and stabbings.”

At the same time as the Left has promoted this nonwhite invasion, they have also been steadfast in their support of Israel. According to the World Jewish Congress website, “Israel and Denmark maintain full diplomatic relations” and “Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II was the patron of the 1993 events marking the 50th anniversary of the rescue operation of Danish Jews.”

Hence the ironic—and tragic—contradictory situation has arisen. By promoting mass Third World immigration, the Leftist establishment is busy creating a community which shares none of its “liberal” values, and by supporting Israel, they are also providing easily-digestible propaganda for Islamists to recruit Jihadists from the Muslim “immigrant” population.

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Hence it was no coincidence that the two shootings in Copenhagen were directed at a synagogue and a “free speech” seminar—at which the deliberately offensive Mohammed cartoonists were present, prattling on about their version of “freedom.”

The two targets are a prefect representation of the contradictory Leftist policies—and the real cause of Islamist terrorism.

* In an act of supreme irony, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement calling on all Jews to leave Europe and to immigrate to Israel.

Netanyahu said that at “a time of rising anti-Semitism in Europe, Israel is the only place where Jews can truly feel safe.”

The irony of this lies in the fact that the Jewish lobby in Europe has been at the forefront of “anti-racist” activities for decades. They have been the single greatest promoters of the mass immigration policy which has now resulted in a vastly increased Muslim population—which is now driving this “rising anti-Semitism in Europe.”

Furthermore, while the Jewish lobby has fanatically promoted “anti-racism” in Europe, Israel remains the most racist nation on earth. It uses DNA tests to racially screen immigrants; arrests, detains without trial, and forcibly repatriates “asylum seekers;” applies strict racial segregation in state-funding housing projects, and outlaws marriage between Jews and non-Jews.

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