Cox Murder: Democratic Hypocrisy

The murder of far left British MP Jo Cox by a deranged assassin has sparked an international outcry, with campaigning in the Brexit referendum being suspended.

However, when nationalists have been murdered by leftists, the “democrats” have ignored such events and carried on as normal.

Jo Cox

Cox, above, with some of her constituency members who were no doubt impressed with her dress sense.

Cox—a fanatic supporter of the nonwhite invasion of Europe who previously called for more “refugees” to be admitted to Britain—was stabbed and shot by 52-year-old Thomas Mair in a street in Yorkshire yesterday.

Mair’s half-brother, Duane St Louis, told the Daily Mail that Mair had obsessive compulsive disorder and cleaned himself with “Brillo pads because he was obsessed with his personal hygiene.”

St. Louis is also half black, with his father originating in Grenada, and said that Mair had “never expressed any views about Britain, or politics or racist tendencies. I’m mixed race and I’m his half-brother, we got on well.”

However, Mair—who had a long history of mental illness and who had just been released from a mental asylum—had previously purchased improvised munitions manuals and political literature from the National Alliance in America, and was a subscriber to an obscure pro-Apartheid journal called the S.A. Patriot, in South Africa.

For these reasons, the controlled media will almost certainly try to blame the entire nationalist movement for the Cox murder, and, by extrapolation, the “leave” campaign in the Brexit referendum as well.

The controlled media has also attempted to link Mair to the “Britain First” movement in the UK, by claiming that he shouted “Britain First” while attacking Cox.

However, as reported by CNN, eyewitness Clarke Rothwell told the Press Association the gunman yelled “put Britain first” during the shooting—and was obviously not referring to the organization.

The CNN report added that “Cox was in favor of keeping the UK in the European Union. She championed for the rights of immigrants, saying leaving the EU would not reduce the number of refugees coming to the UK.”

Campaigning in the EU referendum was suspended following the murder, with major “leave” campaigner Boris Johnson abandoning a “battle bus” tour of East Anglia, and David Cameron cancelling a pro-EU meeting in Gibraltar.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said the killing was “an assault on everyone who cares about and has faith in democracy.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the incident tragic, while French President Francois Hollande sent “condolences and compassion” to Cox’s family and loved ones, and expressed his “full solidarity” with the British people.

This international outpouring of grief over the murder is in marked contrast to the complete lack of reaction to the November 2013 assassination of two members of Greece’s Golden Dawn party by communists.


In that incident, the two members, Giorgos Fountoulis and Manos Kapelonis were shot dead outside the party’s offices in Neo Irakleio, a northern suburb of Athens. A third one, Alexandros Gerontas, was severely injured.

An eyewitness to the murders described how a man got off a motorcycle wearing a helmet and opened fire on the two activists in the street. Police described the event as a “terrorist attack.”

Two weeks later, a group calling itself the “Fighting People’s Revolutionary” claimed responsibility for the attack.

No one in the international political community bothered to even respond to the 2013 murders—because the victims were nationalists.

This is the real lesson of the Cox murder: the shameless hypocrisy which only objects to political assassinations when the victims are far leftists.

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  1. A very sad day for the children and a totally unjustified attack irrespective of political views because this was a beginner in the world of politics. RIP Jo Cox.

    1. It’s ever-more likely there will be civil war, or localised wars, or low-level violence of many types. Whatever the truth about Cox (and it’s impossible to trust the media – there are too many false flags for that) she was just a whore of Jews, a puppet spouting slogans, a paid ignoramus. Let’s not pretend it was ‘totally unjustified’.

    2. Are you for real – she supported the Non-White invasion and as a consequence White Genocide. I wonder if you are on the wrong site?

    3. She was anti British, a Europhile, a muslim and immigrant lover and a supporter of Hope Not Hate, who hate everything British!

    4. She was collateral damage. Brexit soaring ahead in the polls, Cameron panic struck, coming apart at the seams, threatening Leavers with ever more ridiculous calamities – it was all just too convenient – gave Cameron some breathing space and stopped Brexit in it’s tracks. Jo Cox was just too perfect as the victim – lovely, young, hard working, liked and respected by all parties and with a young family. If the victim had been some old git MP it wouldn’t have worked at all. Pity about her but if it keeps us stuck in the EU, it will all be worth it, won’t it?

      By the way I believe she was on the Thames the previous day with her family in support of Geldof’s attempt to to interrupt Farage’s Armada in support of our lost fishing industry. So a lover of ethnic immigrants but couldn’t care less about the devastation of our fishing industry by the EU – seems only some poor are worth her attention, the invading hordes.

    1. In previous eras, anyone that commits treason, used to be executed. This is no different, except she got bumped off by her own employers.

  2. RIP Jo Cox.
    However hardly a beginner…….considering the number of things in which she had worked / been active in for many years.
    Policy advisor to Oxfam; The Freedom Fund ; advisor to Sarah Brown- wife of Gordon ; worked in Brussels as an adviser to Glenys Kinnock, (then an MEP) ; advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; chaired Labour Women`s Network; founded the all-party parliamentary group on Syria.

    1. Save your sympathy for the victims of white genocide, the girls in Rotherham, and diversity of nations, for the girls of Cologne, other European cities of “Merkelisation”, and the forgotten military sleeping rough on our streets.

  3. The ‘medical professional’ who signed off Mair as ‘fit’ to live in the outside world is the person culpable for this homicide.

  4. According to my calculations, 1 Labour MP is worth 100 Lee Rigbys and any number of civilian victims of ethnic violence.

  5. I’ll save my sympathy for the countless dead white victims of the Third World invaders who have come into Europe.

    Victims the media have ignored, the Politicians never mentioned and the Multi-cultural state forgotten. From Richard Everett to Kriss Donald to Jimmy Mizen and all the others, all of these people had families that the Politicians have chosen to ignore and have shed no tears for. They have attended no memorials, given no awards to, no honorary titles to their parents or have named buildings or youth centres in their dead children’s honour.

  6. I’ve just seen an article stating that Jo Cox was trying to support recognition for Palestine. Maybe I’ve been too hasty.

  7. NWO instigated? The timing of this poor lady’s murder is too much of a coincidence. Killed by a known nutter who until recently had been banged up in a mental institution. Recall of Parliament on Monday. (WHY?). Pulling at the heart strings of the sheeple eh? The Jew World Order controllers and the controlled Lefties are shouting “hate crime” and “nazi” at the Brexit campaign. Total scum these elite, total scum. If the UK is conned or cheated into “remaining” next Thursday I predict there will be massive problems for the “Establishment”.
    Watch the newly released “Lexit” movie on Youtube. Tell your friends to watch it. After viewing it no sane person can want to stay in the EU dictatorship.

    1. Another idiot talking about so-called “Nutters” – lets hope you don’t become the “one in five” to suffer from Mental Health issues because that would be Poetic Justice – wouldn’t it?

      1. You obviously have zero understanding of these matters. I have an inkling that you are one of the “one in five” yourself. It is a documented FACT that he had been banged up in a loony bin. I don’t believe in using fluffy-PC words. A nutter is a nutter.

      2. Mental Health is definitely the poor relation in the money allocation of NHS funds. Current tickbox treatment on an ad hoc basis means many people are falling between the cracks especially those with episodic bouts of illness.
        Politicians need to realise that if they continually ratchet up immigration leading to massively increasing demands on public services while decreasing allocation of funds then something has to give.
        Let`s hope mental health services won`t be hacked again or there`ll be more deaths like Jo`s.

          1. The Left is well-known to use such false flag tactics, especially when their arguments are failing and they need some external event to win. The event is designed to cast doubt on the opponent, and the Left candidate benefits from the turmoil. Don’t let the Left steal the Brexit vote. Their attitude is always winning at any price. Both Clinton and Obama did this repeatedly. Obama had his opponent’s court record illegally released, revealing a potential scandal. The GOP opponent withdrew from the race and Obama won his Senate seat by default. Such amoral Leftist candidates, ideologically disrespectful of national laws, are notorious for using such tactics.

  8. Yup, here we go folks, breaking news on the Rothschild-owned Daily Mail’s Website: “BREAKING NEWS: Police ‘find Nazi regalia at MP murder suspect’s home’ after it emerges he ‘bought a manual on how to make a handgun from a far-Right group in the US”. Now the “Remain” lunatics will tie it in with the the rise of the “far right” (in other words, Patriots who want to stop the illegal invasion of their countries) and say that if UK Brexits then Europe will descend into Nazism. You can read these fools like a book. Well, it isn’t going to work. Their propaganda won’t work in this day and age. The internet is exposing these filthy warmongers, liars and NWO stooges.

    1. Newspapers are supposed to print what`s happening. If the police put out a release of what they found I don`t want the media picking and choosing which items to print. Presumably the police categorised the items as Nazi regalia? I`m fervently anti-immigration but how to make a handgun wouldn`t be my choice of reading material.

      1. But they don’t report the truth. They are still covering up ALL the recent false flags, 911 being the most despicable act of murder and destruction carried out by those who control our governments. The mainstream media are simply propaganda mouthpieces for this Jew controlled Establishment. This is FACT. That is why we need sites such as newobserveronline which report the truth. Also veteranstoday is an excellent site.

        1. it seems these mentally ill people are very very clever.
          Where did he get the gun?
          i thought that only criminals and police had guns.
          perhaps it was one and the same?

      2. Today the “Mail On Sunday” (Daily Mail sister publication) is reporting that this woman’s murder has swung the opinion polls back to neck-and-neck between the Stay and Leave campaigns. That’s at least a 6% swing. I don’t believe this for a second! It is PROPAGANDA designed to prepare the sheeple for an Establishment rigged vote to keep us in the criminal EU state!!

        They also have several “Nazi” themed articles! They are relying on their favourite Nazi boogyman to scare the sheeple by suggesting Brexiters are “Nazi’s”. These “media” and the Establishment are 100% anti-democracy. They will say ANYTHING to scare, bully or blackmail the population!

        They are stooping SO LOW that I now think they would even fiddle the postal votes! I voted “Leave” by post a few weeks back. The voting form was anonymous! There is nothing to stop them opening the envelope and checking the other box (so invalidating the vote) or “losing it”. We votes cannot check our votes after the event. I know voting is anonymous but this just plays into the hands of the Establishment.

  9. I didn’t see Merkle, Juncker, Tusk, Corbyn, Kinnock, Mandelson etc condemning the attrocious murder of Lee Rigby! So convenient this happened just a week before the referendum and being blamed on Brexit by the world’s political scum and the lefty trash!

  10. A FUNDRAISING campaign in memory of Labour MP Jo Cox has raised more than £140,000 in just six hours. Her husband Brendan was involved in choosing the charities which were “closest to her heart”. One being Hope Not Hate!

    1. Her husband Brendan is good at fundraising, he used to get 160k a year at save the children until he unexpectedly left. Google brendan cox, save the children, nov1,2015, daily mail

  11. We still don’t have the full facts about this case or what might have motivated the murderer, but that hasn’t stopped the politicians & the media from jumping to conclusions and politicising the event for their own advantage.

    That is truly despicable.

    They are indulging in a special bout of smug, sanctimonious and self-righteous indignation; congratulating and slapping themselves silly on the back for their moral superiority, whereas in truth they have nothing whatever to feel superior about.

    While one cannot condone murder, let’s not forget Ms Cox’s political pedigree: She had a long record in championing anti-White and anti-British causes. Definitely no saint but the Establishment will canonise her as one.

    As for the culprit: How come the ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’ in the US have details of what he allegedly bought years ago? That kind of information could only have been obtained through fraudulent or criminal means.

    The incident is also uncannily close to the Referendum: A co-incidence? Brexit has now got the upper hand and stands most to lose from something like this.

  12. Imagine how much ordinary British are being targeted by vicious Muslim radicals. The Labour Party is 100% responsible for the sellout of UK to Islamic supremacism unfolding now in Britain. And the slimy Left tries to spin this to Labour’s benefit. The Left is always evil like this.

  13. Yes this woman had some far left ideas, and was probably on Corbyn’s wish list to have as an ally by the time of the next General Election (assuming he’s still there) but all that does not compare with the actions of Tony Blair and his inner circle for which he has never, and probably will never be held to account. So my original post and the use of the word ‘unjustified’ stands. JFK did nothing compared to Bush & Blair and there are people who now think that Cameron and Osborne have lied enough to warrant being removed. Democracy in the UK is corrupt!

    1. JFK was assassinated precisely because he fully intended to alert the US and the world to the machinations of the elite and the coming NWO. Their heinous plot has been a long time in the making.The world today might be a very different place had he lived to stop them in their tracks..
      Quote from JFK`s speech “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.
      It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”
      Read More:

    2. Cameron every bit as corrupt as Bliar & Brown. Looking at what Jo Cox had done, she was obviously a fully paid up member of the EU, so was sacrificed for the larger ‘good’. The assailant just appears to be a lost soul.

  14. They sent Enoch to Coventry, Dr David Kelly unfortunately ‘died’ and the electoral boxes in Thanet did a Paul Daniels!

  15. Assuming the basic narrative we are being fed is correct then in my opinion his motivation was a desire for notoriety.

    52 years old, no partner, no kids, no job, life long mental health issues. He would have plodded along to the end of his days then be buried 6 feet under.

    From being a complete nobody he has gained worldwide infamy and to varying degrees (depending on the result) has changed the course of British, European and world history.

    The words he said in court “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain” sounds pre-meditated.

    In my opinion it’s almost like he wanted to be a Gavrilo Princip, 102 years later.

  16. The Mail is reporting that supporters are encouraging Brendan to run for Jo’s seat in Parliament. This is a guy who worked for Save the Children and who had to leave because he was accused by several of his co-workers of inappropriate behaviour towards women. Do we really need people like him representing us in Parliament. I think not.

    1. All the Left does, everywhere in the world, is DESTROY. It’s obvious what happened in the Brexit vote. The Leave campaign was far ahead in the polls, so the Left had to take desperate measures to guarantee their victory, and as power is ALL the Left cares about, more & more power, they had to prompt an outlier event to tip public opinion in their favor. It’s obvious what happened.

      Either the Labour Party or the EU version of MI6 compiled a list of unstable individuals. It would be a simple matter to goad dozens of such people into resorting to violence, an English Manchurian candidate. I doubt they’d be tasked to target anyone specifically, though the murder victim was a very visible & sympathetic figure on the Remain side. It was all too pat and convenient for the Remain side. Ask 10 intel agents from any country in the world and they’ll all say this is a classic psy ops hit designed to disrupt a vote for a Leftist party. This is vintage Leftist tactics. The Left is the West’s nemesis, utterly immoral, always for them the end justifies the means. Plus they’re true believers on the Marxist utopia they’re fighting for, so they can’t be reasoned with or dissuaded. I’m sorry, but this is what the Left is. Either the Left is destroyed in our lifetimes, or the West will go down in flames under Islamic enemies the Left is collaborating with.

  17. Headlines in every paper tomorrow: ‘Happy Birthday Jo’ This cox cr*p is going to be extended tomorrow. Why? It is her birthday. If that doesn’t tell you that this was a red flag to stop Brexit, NOTHING will!

  18. It just seems preposterous that many people would take a single street crime into account when voting on such a large political issue.Far more at stake than any one day’s headlines.

    1. It’s unfortunate the British people will become willing slaves in the German Slave Empire aka the European Union. It’s strange how the Left is so eager to sell out the British people, whether it’s the EU or mass Muslim immigration. Immigration without integration. British corporations being driven into bankruptcy by EU regulations. Britain being targeted with exponential increases in migrants as punishment for defying the Empire’s will.

    1. There will be some ‘reforms’ but certainly not to Britain’s benefit. Any changes will be designed to punish Britain for the temerity of defying their German masters. The millions of migrants arriving in Germany this year will be bused to Britain. Any leeway Britain currently has in negotiating trade deals will be withdrawn. One-way Shengen into Britain will be invoked within days of the Remain campaign’s victory. British taxes and transfer payments to the EU will be increased overnight. Britain is so screwed. There’s on thing the EU won’t abide: democratic defiance of it’s will. Britain will be crushed and British corporations will flee if they’re to survive. Ditto for ordinary citizens.

  19. Merkel, Junker, Blaire, Cameron, Sarkozy, Sutherland and many more globalists fully deserve the same fate. Good riddance.

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