Crime: “Refugees” Fill German Prisons

More than half of the criminal inmates of Germany’s largest prison are nonwhite “asylum seekers,” and “refugees” are three times more likely to commit crimes than Germans, official figures have revealed.

In addition, at least four prisons are now filled to 110 percent of their capacity because of the nonwhite invader crime.


As reported by the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, the chairman of the Gewerkschaft der Strafvollzugsbediensteten (Union of Prison Guards, BSBD), Anton Bachl, the figures have not been released until now “because they do not fit into the political landscape.”

Bachl said that German prisons are becoming “overcrowded because of the increasing number of criminal asylum seekers.”

“The wave of refugees has had important consequences for the German prison system,” he told that newspaper, adding that the “number of prisoners on remand has climbed significantly—and definitively with foreigners.”

He went on to criticize the “non-transparent handling of the problem,” saying “Sometimes one could get the impression that the figures are handled cautiously because they do not fit into the political landscape.”

Even though non-German nationals officially make up around 9 percent of the population, they account for 30 percent of all prisoners in Germany.

Of those prisoners in pre-trial detention, the “proportion of foreigners is significantly higher,” and “foreigners are three times as likely to offend as Germans.”

The prisons of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia are particularly affected, the BSBD representative in that region, Peter Brock, told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.

“Since the sexual assaults on women carried out by foreigners in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the police have increased the number of raids [on ‘immigrants’],” Brock said.

“The judges have also cracked down on offenders and have started imposing pretrial detention because of public pressure,” he continued.

“Foreign offenders are often remanded in custody because they have no fixed abode and the risk of flight is particularly high,” he added, revealing that prisons in Dortmund, Duisburg-Hamborn, Willich II, and Essing, currently have a 110 percent occupancy rate.

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  1. What can one expect, when Germany invites all the third world who do not recognise law and order, nor respect other cultures and traditions? Time for European governments to grow spines, although hardly likely.

    1. as long as the german people don,t criticise these poor unfortunate “refugees” because they had another chance last week at the polls but thought long and hard and came up with the resolve that they actually like this scum amongst them I never thought that were so few german women and so few daughters amongst them…The german women must be really sexually frustrated that they wish this invasion to continue!!! The german men must have emigrated!!

  2. American prisons fill up with Afro American and Hispanics for predominately drug dealing and drug smuggling. Like those that fill German prisons they are predisposed to violence and are a flight risk. Unfortunately the people running these two countries seem to despise the law abiding citizens by allowing more of these criminals to enter or re-offend. Further the leaders of these two countries just encourage more of the same. Fortunately America has a two terms and you are done rule whereas Germany permits their leader to remain as a dictator for life.

  3. I need more people to send such links as this to the BBC. Please overwhelm them with HONEST news from this source as I do. I’m happy to oblige others in sending links to other national broadcasters who are uncomfortable or even instructed by their governments not to broadcast anything which condemns the so-called “Refugees” or highlights the crime wave sweeping Europe as a result of their activities.
    [email protected]

    1. Exactly! Many of the articles here I send on to news media in Europe and elsewhere. In return they acknowledge receipt of these honest, realistic stories ( If they didn’t want them, I would just be ignored). Am sure they don’t get them from any other source.

  4. ” Public pressure” isn`t hollering loud enough. Time to UP the ante !!
    Sod prison.
    Cushy conditions and human rights only encourage the scumbags.
    Deport the lot ….every bastard manjack.
    Those having destroyed their documents return the way they came.
    By leaky boat.
    If countries refuse to take them back then it`s a drop in the ocean.
    No parachutes allowed.

    1. Any country that refuses to take back even one of its own citizens: Shut down its embassy and all of its consulates. And do the drop into the ocean you referred to.

  5. Of course the term ‘German’ no longer means of ‘German ancestry’.
    Hence, the statistics are even worse than face value.

    1. True. But indicating that A pure germany could be Heaven by now, if it weren’t fr these scumbags. You can’t have heaven on earth without having your guard up against the intruders from hell though.

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