Criminal Black Mob Rampages through Georgia Walmart as Controlled Media Pretends They are Just “Teens”

Yet another flash mob rampage by a gang of criminal blacks through a Macon County, Georgia, Walmart has been presented in the mass media as a “teen” rampage—all as part of a deliberate campaign to try and cover up the ongoing nonwhite crime wave which is engulfing almost all large US cities.


The attack on the Walmart, which was apparently carried out “for fun,” was reported on by WGXA.TV under the heading “Teens Vandalize Macon Walmart” and said that “(A) large group of teenagers entered the Zebulon Road Walmart just before 2 a.m. Sunday. They ran down a main aisle pulling merchandise off of the shelves. Once they got to the back of the store, they ran down another aisle doing the same thing.

“They immediately ran out of the store and left the parking lot in several cars. A few hours later, one of the teens came back to the store after he realized he dropped his cell phone during the vandalism. Investigators tell WGXA News 17-year-old Kharron Nathan Green was identified as one of the suspects and was arrested.”


The Macon Telegraph reported that “Surveillance video of a wee-hours ruckus at a Macon Wal-Mart on Sunday shows a teenager race inside flashing gang signs ahead of a mob of four dozen or so people who burst in and smashed merchandise.”


MSN, quoting an Associated Press report, reported the attack as “Teens storm Georgia Wal-Mart in wild rampage of destruction,” saying that “Authorities in central Georgia say up to 50 teenagers bent on destruction raced into a Wal-Mart in Macon, smashing merchandise and causing an estimated $2,000 in damage. Bibb County sheriff’s officials say some of the young people snatched a man from a motorized shopping cart and dragged him to the floor during the rampage around 2 a.m. Sunday.”


WJCL News reported only that “Teens storm Georgia Walmart in wild rampage of destruction.”


The Daily Mail reported the story as the “Shocking moment FIFTY Georgia teenagers go on the rampage in Walmart and drag a disabled shopper from his motorized cart.”


All of these reports—and many more—flatly ignored the fact that, once again, the perpetrators of this mob attack were black. This tactic is a long-standing device employed by the controlled media to hide nonwhite crime and pretend that race does not exist.

The controlled media’s code word for nonwhite has become “teen.”

There have been hundreds of such black mob swarm attacks over the years, all of which have been ignored and covered up by the controlled media.

Just some of the more recent incidents over the past few months include the St. Valentine’s Day riot by nearly a thousand blacks at an Ocoee, Florida, movie theater; a riot by more than 100 blacks at a movie theater in Conyers, Georgia, an incident when hundreds of black “high school students” swarmed and beat a gas station attendant who asked them to leave the property, and many, many, more.

Consider for a second how the mass media would report such attacks if the race of the attackers and victims were reversed?

Imagine if, over the past few years, hundreds of white mobs had randomly attacked blacks in the street, in shopping malls and other places? The same media would be screaming “white racism” from the rooftops, and urging “hate crime” prosecutions.

But because it is nonwhites doing the attacking, and whites are the victims, the controlled mass media simply pretends that race does not exist and that it is just some aberrant “teen” behavior.

It is all part of the media’s deliberate plan to fan the flames of hate against white people.

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  1. Blacks have been doing this for years. They used to call it steaming in the UK and involved large numbers of blacks attacking and robbing their desired targets. From London to Paris to Los Angeles to Soweto to Kingston Jamaica they all behave true to their genes.

  2. They do the same thing here in South Africa.

    At least it happens in the townships where they are no whites and they attack shops owned by other Blacks from elsewhere in Africa like Somalis traders.

  3. Walmart should just close it! And if the ‘Black’ community complains, tell them ‘why do we want to loose money?’.

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