Criminal “Refugees” Shocks Germany

Germany has been shocked at the exposure of the massive criminal nature of the nonwhite “refugee” invasion, with police making dozens of arrests, recovering stolen cell phones in invader  centers, and seizing numerous Arabic-German translation guides prepared especially for use in lewd interactions with German women.


The most shocking discovery—that of several written lists of Arabic-German phrases to be used by the refugee-criminals when speaking to German women—definitively proves that the mass sex attacks were preplanned and organized by the nonwhites.

One of the notes, obtained and released by the Bild newspaper, was found on one of the arrested “refugees” shortly after midnight on Breslauer Platz behind the Cologne central station. It contained a list of phrases to be used, in both German and Arabic, giving its readers instructions on how to say things like “I kill you,” “I want to f**k,” and “big breasts.”


In addition, the Bild reported that many of the arrested nonwhite invaders had cell phones with videos of their mass sex attacks on white women, showing in shocking detail the group nature of the events.

The police found 350 hours of video material, and the 80 member-strong investigation team has had to be increased to 100 to cope, a police spokesman said. It is expected that these videos will be released during upcoming trials.

According to the Kleine Zeitung, more than two-thirds of those arrested have already been definitively identified as recently-arrived “asylum seekers”—showing once again the outright lies and cover-ups perpetrated by the Cologne police, establishment politicians, and the controlled media in their initial coverage of the attacks.

The nationalities of the majority of those arrested have been identified as “Syrians” (which is doubtful, given the large number of fake Syrian documents in circulation), Pakistanis, Afghanis, Iraqis, Moroccans, Algerians, and Tunisians, police have said.

In addition, the number of victims who have laid complaints in Cologne alone has now risen to 170. Three quarters of the complaints are related to sexual assaults, police said.

In addition, police raids at “refugee camps” in Cologne resulted in the recovery of dozens of items stolen from the German girls during the nonwhite invader rampage through the city center, including a large number of cell phones.

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  1. Come on people, when are you gonna learn that these black africans and muslims will not assimilate to our culture, to our way of living, to our christian beliefs,to our values. Wake up, they are out to destroy us, to wipe out Europeans from the face of the earth. They want to breed us out, either by consent or by force (rape), if that does not work fast enough, then they will murder to achieve their goal. South African Europeans have been warning our European cousins for many,many years, you have not listened to us. Look at the mess that is occurring across Europe now.

  2. “Syrians”, Pakistanis, Afghanis, Iraqis, Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians – just crème de la crème 🙂
    Just looking at these faces was enough to guess that this was just criminal element flooding Europe … attacks on Hungarian and Macedonian border police, burning “refugee” camp in Slovenia, rapes of “refugee” centre in Italy … I mean what does it take to get the full picture showing the real nature of these Arab animals? As they say: better late than never but maybe it’s too late for Germany?

    Btw. The Prime Minister of Slovakia has just requested a special session in Brussels on immigration security in view of the latest incidents in Germany and other European cities!

  3. For Years Germans Liberals have destroyed the penal code making it far less severe then civil law. Jun2015 Justice Minister Openly suggested that Murder should not even called Murder anymore because the evil Nazis “made that up”.
    Off course barbaric Non White Invaders immensely supported by this.

    1. Stahl, it would be really comical if the major unrest comes from the East again like it was in 1989 … eg. Ossies in Lepzig where the devilish Angie came form – what do you say?

  4. Imprison them for their crimes, Have them serve their sentence then fly them all back to Syria.
    Also subject them all to Dialect voice recognision and publicize their true origins. One
    more thing, a new word for them to all learn ‘Arabische Schweinen’.

  5. Perhaps the New Observer could research and put together an article on where white Europeans, especially Germans, can legally acquire arms. I read that guns are easier to obtain in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, etc. Ethnic Europeans need to form militia. Women, too.

    1. That’s not a brainer: Belgium!
      “Is Belgium Europe’s favourite gun shop?”

      Why do you think Germans should buy guns? Would you like if your sister use one if confronted by 50 drunk camel riders? Germany is not another South Central Los Angeles or Bronx in NYC 🙂
      What they actually need is a number of paramilitary style citizen’s militias if they feel that their police in is not protecing them effectively!

  6. So Pegida protest women’s right in Cologne police get out water cannons .Women get mass molested in Cologne police crawl under a rock. Such different behavior. State sponsored ?

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