Crisis in Europe as Unemployment Tops 19.3 Million

The European Union has betrayed Europeans, sold out to mass immigration and is in a crisis akin to a “coma” as unemployment topped a record 19.3 million in May, Austrian Freedom Party Member of the European Parliament Franz Obermayr has said.

In a statement issued on his website, Herr Obermayr said that the EU was now a “coma patient” and that the real unemployment figures could be substantially higher, if all the “euro-workers, trainees, courses and cosmetic jobs used to calculate statistical measures” were included.

“It is clearer every day that constant expansion, different economic potentials, varying social and living standards, a single central bank and monetary policy, simply cannot work,” Herr Obermayr said.

He pointed out that more and more countries in the euro zone cannot survive without subsidization, which he called “foreign aid.”

“19.3 million unemployed makes Brussels a catastrophic testimony and is another indication of Europe’s predicament,” he said.

According to Herr Obermayr, EU labor ministers promised last February a “job guarantee” to the estimated 5.7 million unemployed young non-EU nationals within the EU.

This work has, of course, never materialized, even if one includes “illegal African workers in the fruit and vegetable plantations of southern Europe or the construction workers from Eastern Europe in the black economy.

“Many companies have been forced to rationalize in the face of the many requirements and regulations coming from Brussels which include exorbitant taxes and labor costs.

“One must not wonder why, in order to survive, some companies lay off people or are forced to otherwise economize on their workforces.”

Herr Obermayr said that there are a number of problems which the EU has created for Europe’s economy. The first, already mentioned, is excessive rules and regulations which place unnecessary economic pressures on businesses.

The second is that a united “European economy which is under constant competitive pressure, represents in the first instance the interests of the United States or international corporations.”

Thirdly, the EU by continuous expansion, has “facilitated access for economic refugees to a criminal’s paradise” and is helping to create the large number of unemployed.

“The fact is, the Europeans in Brussels have no lobby. Their interests have been betrayed. The EU’s thoughts and actions is mainly in favor of globalization, multi-nationals, the US and immigrants.”

There are no longer any “national” governments in the EU, merely obedient servants to carry out the orders from the EU, Herr Obermayr concluded.

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