Croatia Builds Border Fence as Invasion Steps Up

The Croatian government is building a fence along a part of its border with Serbia to stop nonwhite invaders still trying to reach Western Europe, local media have reported.

The fence was started after Serbian authorities said that about 700 invaders were crossing the border every day.


The mess left at the Croatian border last year during the mass invasion of July 2015.

The border is being erected along the Batina crossing, near where the borders of Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary come together.

The invaders have started heading for Croatia after Hungary again tightened controls at its border with Serbia, which it fenced off in September.

In February this year, all Balkan countries north of Greece stopped allowing the invaders through, leaving thousands backed up and faced with the choice of giving up or trying to sneak through.

Recently, pro-invasion organizations estimated that between 200 and 600 invaders are still currently getting through on the so-called “Balkan route,” mostly by bypassing Hungarian border patrols.

Meanwhile, even though the number of invaders entering Europe through the Balkans has dropped significantly, the invasion across the Mediterranean Sea from Africa is now at the same levels as last year.

According to the European Union border control agency Frontex director, Fabrice Leggeri, at least 60,000 invaders have arrived along the “central Mediterranean” route since the start of 2016.

Speaking in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro, Leggeri said that “new routes have also been created from Egypt and residual arrivals from Turkey,” but that 85 percent of the cross-Mediterranean invaders were coming from Libya.

He said that while most of the invaders trying to get into Europe via Turkey came from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, many of those seeking to reach Europe from Libya are from Eritrea, Somalia, and Sudan as well as Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Gambia.

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  1. Despite all the bally-hoo and the much vaunted EU-Turkey ‘refugee stitch-up’, the invasion continues apace.

    1. Germany is going to go bankrupt soon, with the billions Merkel’s insanity is costing them, and soon to be faced with an extra 3 billion Euros to find per year when Britain’s contributions cease.

  2. From past year experience, I’m not sure this will actually work. Our police and “our” government repeatedly break every rule and even constitutional laws about smuggling people in and out of our country. Even Slovenian police made clear objections for that behaviour. But, who knows what will happen.

    I think the bigger problem is that we had to take some 1600 invaders from Greece and Italy, to help this two “poor” countries and their stupid leaders. So, these “syrians” get free national apartments (free for 2 years as media said) and also all other benefits like pocket money, food… Yet, we have a horde of poor Croats who over 10 years are digging in trash containers looking for bottles, to sell them and get some meal; we also have numerous big families kicked out of their apartments on the streets, because they could not paid loans… banana republic we are.

    1. This is just so disgusting, they’re just criminal parasites turning European taxpayers into slaves and their beautiful countries into ghettos. I wouldn’t blame people if the violence against these invaders steps up, enough is enough

    2. There are poor in many countries who will be living at a lower living standard than these migrants. How is that fair ?

    1. I believe that even the south eastern European governments are as well run by masons who are taking orders directly from the superior lodges which serve ultimately International Jewry .

      They may build a border fence for fooling the public, while in the meantime the newspapers declare a downfall in numbers of “asylum applicants”. They claimed that for years. Even in the nineties when I was in school there was a talk about the “EVIL FORTRESS EUROPE” not letting anyone in.
      Exactly the opposite has happened. They have let and are still letting millions in.

      But a look on the street, first in the cities, then towns and villages made it clear it were all big fat lies. How ignorant can anyone be?
      The cities and towns have completely changed in the last 20 years. the whole demographic make-up is different now.

      Last years opening up was nothing else than a confession that they ( politicians, banksters, NGOs, masonic lodges, do-gooders) spit on us openly and don’t need to pretend adhering to the state of law.

      By the way laws, Bulls**t rules and regulations, which they make up themselves up to destroy everything the native European population built up.

      Important is keeping the calm like a warrior. Never despair, as we have been here for thousands of years and will be there and when the tsunami is gone.

      1. Including the on the sirface soo “patriotic” Poland. You would be surprised if you knew how many of those in power in Poland are not ethnic Poles. Most of them however have equipped themselves with Polish names, as Mr Kalkstein (Jaroslaw Kaczynski), head of PiS (Law and Justice) whose primary passion is not love for Poland but hatred for all Russians.

        1. Hello, could explain why Poland never really took off. Run by the same international Jewish clique together with the usual native lackeys. I’ve read somewhere that even during the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth the whole administration was basically run by Jews.
          The eternal Jewish hatred and greed is unfortunately very contagious for the surrounding. That’s why many have fallen and will fall.
          In Western and Central Europe it manifests as anti-racism and in phrases like “white privilege” , “We’re lucky to have been born here”, which our brainwashed countrymen and women are repeating constantly.
          As if many don’t seem to understand that everything they are enjoying now on amenities are thanks to the mainly European inventors who gave sometimes even their lives. And even 100 years ago live was much harder than now.
          That happens when people get completely disconnected by their history. I even heard pensioners repeating these stupid phrases.
          The (self) – hatred manifests in Germany and Austria in the eternal Nazi , now mostly called fascists. One part of the population against one another. And in France, the UK and Spain they bring up Colonialism or the fascists/ racists as a general insult.
          Everything that is happening is actually destructive as if certain people are feeding off themselves of the discord among others. Hatred and that includes self-hatred as well is a destructive force and anyone who dwells in it too long gets devoured by it. This happens with individuals as with peoples.
          Anyone wonders why there haven’t been any major technological breakthroughs in the last 60 years, apart of the miniaturization?
          So it’s important to know why things are happening in order to develop a warrior spirit. Also it helps to familiarize oneself with the ancient European traditions like the runes and how they are related to sacred geometry.
          Striving to higher objectives. It’s actually a change of viewpoint.
          So instead of being in the wavelength I hate you and I will do this and that…( while the anger and desperation is devouring oneself) one can be on the wavelength: I will do everything I can to better myself and defend my beloved ones…Very difficult.. especially if hardship has been experienced, but possible.
          Every change must come from the inside in order to change the outside world. Leftists and libtards don’t understand that and think money, open borders, singing with invaders will change the wold for the better.

  3. The figures for invaders keep changing all the time, or are inconsistent. Does anyone really know what they are, other than extraordinarily large…?

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