Crooked Hillary’s Crimes: A Partial List

Hillary Clinton has now committed far more legal misdemeanors than even impeached President Richard Nixon, and would, under normal circumstances, be barred from running for office.

The controlled media, however, continues to protect and promote Clinton because they hate Donald Trump so much, and because they are as corrupt as she is.


The recent announcement by the FBI that emails linked to Clinton’s illegal email server had been found on disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer, showed once again that Clinton had clearly breached the law in this regard.

At the same time, the string of WikiLeaks revelations from the Clinton Foundation have shown without question that the Clinton-controlled State Department engaged in blatant “pay-for-play profiteering” and arms deals with all manner of states and companies.

The WikiLeaks-Podesta email revelations show that Clinton and her team are utterly ruthless and prepared to engage in the most corrupt, underhanded, and nasty manner.

Apart from smearing Latinos as “needy,” the emails reveal that the Clinton team think that Catholics are “stuck in medieval times” and show that Clinton aides bartered with plutocrats for Secretary of State Clinton’s face time on the basis of cash donations.

As revealed in the anti-corruption website’s video tapes, Clinton’s staff have bragged on film of provoking violence at Trump rallies and bringing in voters by bus to cast illegal ballots.

In addition, a Project Veritas Action investigator caught Molly Barker, the Director of Marketing for Hillary Clinton’s national campaign, knowingly breaking campaign finance law by accepting a straw donation from a foreign national. Contributions from foreign nationals are illegal under federal election law, and straw donations (contributions made in the name of another person) are also illegal.

A Democratic operative from a political action committee bragged on tape that Clinton herself liked the operative’s idea of having protesters decked out in Donald Duck costumes provoke Trump supporters at his rallies. (“In the end, it was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground,” the operative said on tape.)

From other hacked emails, it is clear that Clinton’s positions on fracking, trade deals, the Keystone XL pipeline, immigration, and foreign policy hinged on whatever best served her political self-interest at the time—and the nature of the audience.

Huma Abedin, the wife of Anthony Wiener, wrote in an email to the chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, John Podesta, and Clinton aide Robby Mook, that the idea of accepting $12 million to speak at an event held by a Moroccan government-owned mining company (which had received a $92 million loan guarantee from the U.S.-financed Export-Import Bank) was Clinton’s: “This was HRC’s idea, our office approached the Moroccans and they 100 percent believe they are doing this at her request.”

Also, thanks to the WikiLeaks email dumps and the FBI investigation, it is obvious that she lied about her email server, the Clinton Foundation’s pay-for-play schemes, and the catalysts for the Benghazi killings.

Clinton told FBI investigators 27 times that she could not remember key details about the email scandal.

Finally, the really serious part for which Clinton has not yet been called to account, is the fact of her support for the invasion of Iraq, and the ongoing warmongering of both Republican and Democratic party administrations in the Middle East since then.

These wars have collectively killed hundreds of thousands—a million in Iraq alone—and, together with the support given to Syrian “rebel”-terrorists, literally created the menace of ISIS.

A Clinton victory in the upcoming U.S. election would, therefore, be a victory for everything that is wrong with the political establishment. A great burden rests on the voters of America, because their choice on November 8 will have reverberations around the world.

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  1. It is going to get much, much, much worse for the Clinton’s and the US establishment. What they are involved in is totally despicable. The FBI and NYPD have so much on these “pair” and their acquaintances there is no way she can ever be president. She needs locking up and the key thrown away.

  2. The clintons make Bonnie and Clyde
    US criminals in the 1930s look like
    amateurs. That slush fund the clinton
    foundation and literally dead bodies
    in their rise to power is mind boggling.

  3. Hillary – like the leopard can`t /won`t change her spots – she`s steeped in dishonest politics along with her grubby hubby.
    Trumps` policies may resonate with many voters (as a UK citizen, me included) but I find him truly cringeworthy.
    He`s a mouthy buffoon, an embarassment, a figure of fun not a world statesman.
    My heart bleeds for America – and the rest of the world – whichever candidate wins.

    1. II, take a good look at your politicians in Great Britain (not so great anymore), we in this country have what it takes if need be to take our country back from these parasites, Trump is no buffoon as you coined him, he is what these life long parasitic vipers that call themselves American Politicians. Stay in your country and take what your Fabian Socialist have given you and your arcane Monarchy. Remember we won our independence by kicking your ancestor’s butts, and if need be our current leaders, we will take Camelot by force when the time is right. Good luck with your new subjects in the Kingdom of nothing.

  4. One of the problems Trump will have is to prevent Obama from deliberately completing all the Obama and some of Clinton policies before Trump’s inauguration on 20 January 2017.

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