Cruz Supported Illegal Invasion

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s pro-illegal invasion position has been revealed with the re-emergence of details of his 2014 involvement in activism to help illegals in Texas.

Cruz physically helped a “charity” event to provide tractor-trailers full of food, water, clothing, and toys to the swarm of invaders who had illegally crossed the border in July 2014.


As detailed on the Conservative Tree House blog, Cruz took part in the activism organized by the Blaze’s Glenn Beck to supposedly address what they called the “humanitarian crisis” supposedly caused by the mass invasion of nonwhites from Mexico.

The “humanitarian crisis” was, as the report pointed out, “essentially based on fraud” committed by the Obama administration claiming that hundreds of thousands of “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UAC) were arriving on the southern border en masse, and needed to be cared for.

The reality was the invasion actually consisted of entire families, mostly from Mexico but also from Honduras, Guatemala, and Panama, as the official statistics proved.


“This entire administration talking point was complete nonsense, but the media helped sell the ridiculous story as if it were real; and Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck helped perpetrate the fraud by claiming there was an urgent ‘humanitarian crisis.’  There was neither,” the Conservative Tree House report continued.

As the Conservative Tree House correctly reported, the Obama administration had specifically kick-started the South American invasion approximately a year earlier, and the families were showing up as an outcome of the State Department coordinating the exodus.

These were not “children;” they were entire families—and, as you can see from the pictures, these were entire family units.

The event in question was organized by Mercury One, the charity founded by Glenn Beck, and took place at the border in McAllen, Texas on Saturday, July 19th, 2014.


Cruz helps unload supplies at the pro-invasion day of activism in McAllen, Texas, July 19, 2014.




Cruz, accompanied by Beck, and Rep. Randy Weber (R-Texas)  toured the facilities set up for the nonwhite invaders—which included medical facilities, and then physically took part in the handing out of gift hampers to the invaders, which included Teddy Bears and soccer balls.


Beck, Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King), Weber , and Cruz meet with Sister Norma Pimentel of the Sacred Heart Church in McAllen, Texas, July 19, 2014.


Photographs of the illegal invaders and border crossers that Cruz was helping to supply, July 19, 2014.



Cruz is often called “lying Ted” by his leading Republican opponent, Donald Trump. The Conservative Tree House blog is full of reasons why Trump uses these words:

— Ted Cruz was for South American Refugees (2014 link) “Soccer Ball and Teddy Bear Delivery” before he was against SA/Mexican refugees and for promoting a border wall (2015).

— Ted Cruz was for Taking More Syrian Refugees, specifically dismissing the threat of terror embeds, before he was against taking Syrian Refugees (2015 link).

— Ted Cruz was for Anchor Baby Birthright Citizenship, before he was against “birthright citizenship.”

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  1. Thanks heaven for handheld cheap video cameras. Without them these liars could continue forever.
    As regards information control, I remember a writer saying (about weapons) that times where weapons are stronger than defence, you have unhappy times. Similarly, when propaganda is stronger than truth, there are unhappy times.

  2. The Republicans are in a quandary with Donald Trump also suffering from ‘foot in his mouth disease’. Are they going to hand another victory to Hillary, Silly Billy C and Obama ?

  3. Another politician courts his future voters. Dream on half wit.
    Non whites look after their own. Always have, always will.
    And we whites detest lying turncoats.

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