Custodela Fightback Site Launched

After six months of preparation, the “Custodela” initiative—announced by the dynamic and world-famous mayor of Ásotthalom in Hungary in December 2015—has launched its own website.

“Custodela” is a Latin word meaning “protection.” The project was first formulated in December 2015 by Mayor László Toroczkai, when he announced that a media platform would be created to influence public opinion in Europe on the nature of the Third World invasion of Europe.


“The time has come!” the new Custodela website has proclaimed.

“After more than 6 months of preparations, we can finally go public with our European self-defense network.

“The existence of Europe is threatened by illegal migration that was brought on us by the leaders of the European Union, and we can effectively take action against them only together with other European nations,” Mayor Toroczkai said in a statement on the site.

“As long as the Hungarian legislators are forced by the pressure of Brussels to send migrants into open camps, where—after getting free catering—they laugh in our faces and continue their journey towards western Europe, then our struggle is in vain.”

Mayor Toroczkai went on to say that the Hungarian struggle against the invasion on its border was futile because “by now it is clear that Brussels is threatening, racketeering, and even forcing the member states to resettle and distribute the migrants.”

“Now the number of the migrants is reaching up to several millions, but because of the accelerating spiral-effects and the future family reunions, there may be hundreds of millions of them in the near future.

“Ásotthalom has become known all over the world as the last bastion in the fight against illegal migration. We took this the opportunity to organize the first Custodela Reunion on December 19–20, 2015.

“Active patriots—all worried about their motherlands—from several European countries attended this event. There were people, with European roots, from Australia and the USA.

“Together we established this sovereign network—Custodela, which connects nations. This network aims to open the eyes of millions of Europeans.

“We have only one weapon left— to shake up the European public opinion and motivate people to act.

“This is our weapon to make pressure on those EU politicians who have betrayed Europe, whose aim is to destroy the European nations; this is our chance to get rid of the traitors.”

Mayor Toroczkai is seeking assistance and help in getting Custodela established. Readers can find out more by going to the newly-launched Custodela website here.

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  1. I can only envy the people of Ásotthalom, they have a real leader, unlike our pathetic, corrupt, lying traitors in western Europe.

  2. I should have expanded on my previous comment…in Mayor Toroczkai, the people have someone who is one of them, not someone who presides over them, or wishes to.
    Someone, whom it would seem is carrying out his duties of public office, not for his own personal gain, as we experience so much in the west, but because he genuinely loves his town, his country, his compatriots, and is willing to do whatever he can to preserve his/their cultural identity.
    I suppose he’s considered ‘right-wing’ or ‘xenophobic’ by the leftists, but is it not more logical to simply presume that he is of sound mind?

  3. Si vis pacem parabellum
    “If you want peace, prepare for War”
    We will not go quietly into the night.

  4. The most interesting thing about this so-called, ‘Migrant Crisis’ (including the creation of this new website) is the part-truth underlying it.
    Europeans have had much experience of true ‘Refugees’ particularly around the time of the Second World War. My understanding is that where possible the peoples of Europe did not flinch in their humanitarian response. This current debacle is different. Very different. It involves Islam in the main and millions of people who follow that political and social creed. I submit that if the ‘Refugees’ were all Christians to a man, woman or child that needed refuge this whole affair would be seen as and treated as an immense humanitarian gesture on the part of the Europeans. Yes, there would be some objections but I believe they would be minimal in comparison to what’s actually happening right now. Why should this be?
    Firstly I believe, the effect of the internet and websites such as TNO. In these TNO submissions we get to hear what many politicians do not want us to hear. We can, ourselves, research the facts. We, as contributors, bring an international perspective based upon our own national experiences. For example, the World now knows that virtually half the White London population has effectively been ethnically cleansed by mostly those following Islam and now, a new Muslim Mayor. And that work goes on with, no doubt, renewed vigour now an appropriate figurehead has been appointed. Facebook provides us with short features showing Islam (or its effect) on many parts of the World. In the main, in represents a picture of conflict, terrorism and war.
    The fact is, Islam requires Europeans to accept its philosophy and ways unflinchingly and to accept its imposition of that on us all. This creeping sickness from the seventh century is slowly engulfing us all and, the more informed, quite rightly, don’t like it. Youngsters have already been braiwashed into believing so-called, ‘Multiculturism’ and ‘Diversity’ are desirable. They are blind to this creeping paralysis and neither do they even understand the underlying fact that in not too many decades time, Islam will take over, certainly in the UK. Read the figures. The projected demographics say it all.
    When Trump declares it is necessary to stop all Muslims entering the US until, “……we can figure out what’s going on……’ it resonates with all concerned, thinking people which, in view of the recent election in Austria, I suggest, represents approximately 50% of the population. On the basis of 50/50, the politicians still think normal Politics will prevail – business as usual. Only when this 50% is exceeded dramatically will the weight of opinion force the issue or other action may be the only solution. Interesting times.

  5. Fantastic video…Well done again once Hungary….we salute you !! Amazing how many young people are so aware too ! Let this be the catalyst to get things really moving and picking up speed all across Europe.
    Tell as many people as possible about “CUSTODELA”
    Brits must spread the word that there`s far more to consider than Cameron and Osborne`s wild rhetoric.
    Wake up UK ! What we really DO have to fear is the future totalitarian EU.

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