Czech President: Europe Needs Army, Not Fences

The mass Third World invasion of Europe is a well-organized invasion and has to be stopped with military force, not the building of fences, the president of the Czech Republic has warned.


Speaking on the Czech Prima TV show Partie, President Milos Zeman also said that the wave of “young refugees are cowards” for running away from their country instead of fighting for it.

He discussed his difference of opinion with the Czech Prime Minister, Bohuslav Sobotka, who has not endorsed his sensible position on the crisis.

“Which of us is right will be a question which will be answered in the next few months, rather than years,” Zeman said.

“I am of the opinion that this migration crisis has the character of an organized invasion, a well-organized, well-financed invasion which aims to disrupt the entire structure of Europe.”

He went on to say that he often saw among the “refugees” many healthy young men. “I think that they are cowards,” he said. “They should take up arms and fight for their country, not run away.”

He went on to point out that the United Nations had estimated that in 2016, the “refugee” wave would be double what it had been in 2015. The European Union, he said, even talked of a flood three times as great.

“I am like Cassandra warning about the migration crisis, warning about pulling up the wooden horse before the gates of Troy,” Zeman continued, referring to the character from the legend of Troy who, gifted with prophecy, warned of the destruction of the city through the wooden horse ploy.

“In particular, European culture is being exposed to the risk of oppression by a foreign culture, which is incompatible with European values,” he said. “The only way to stop it is to deploy an army, not to build fences.”

President Zeman also addressed the growing split between himself and the Czech Prime Minster, Bohuslav Sobotka.


The Prime Minister, who was elected in 2013—before the current invasion crisis erupted—is leader of the Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD), which is a far left grouping allied to the socialist parties in the European Parliament, including France’s Socialist Party and Britain’s Labour Party, among others.

As a result, Sobotka has been as duplicitous as any far left winger over the matter, and has only been restrained because he knows that Zeman’s position is the prevailing popular opinion in his country.

Nonetheless, Sobotka has done whatever he can to help his fellow leftists in Europe, most recently by backing out of a planned move to oppose the EU’s “migrant quota” distribution policy. This was strongly criticized by Zeman in his TV interview, and he accused the Prime Minister of “undermining” the Czech Republic’s neighboring states.

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  1. The man is absolutely right! These parasites look like they have a well defined target. Getting rid of dictators in Libya, Iraq and attempts to remove Assad from Syria resulted in this exodus. I’m almost sure that EU is not going to do anything because is simply just a phoney creation of some lunatics. It will come down to each individual country to defend itself. That’s why I praise Orban and Hungarians so much to stand up against those nitwits from Brussels like they did in 1956 against Russians!

    1. Kol, have you seen the RT documentary ‘The Truth About Muammar Gaddafi’ ?
      It really shows the truth behind the lies of the Western leaders, one of the most interesting things I’ve watched in a long time.
      They got rid of Saddam, Gaddafi, and they’re determined to do the same to Assad, but these people can’t govern themselves without a strong leader. None of this invasion would be happening had they left Gaddafi in power. In 1951 Libya was the poorest country in the world, but Gaddafi turned it into one of the finest for his people, with a higher standard of living than many modern Western countries. There never was an uprising against him, just a CIA led coup which has left all of us to deal with this invasion.
      How many sub-Saharan Africans would be passing through Libya and on into Europe had Gaddafi been in power…
      Before Gaddafi was led like a lamb to the slaughter, Libya was debt free, had first class free healthcare and housing. Each newly married couple were given $50,000 towards a new home, all electricity was free for everyone, and most interestingly, the bank was state owned and charged 0% interest on loans. Now they have a Rothschild owned bank…speaks volumes does it not?

      1. Yes Stu, Gaddafi was a piece of work, but without any doubt, the amn knew very well how to run Libya which was divided into tribes!
        If it comes to defending Europe’s borders I’m afraid nothing constructive will come out from Brussels. The latest grotesque “agreement” they signed with Turkey can be a sad indication of that. Looks like they are either so incompetent or they completely lost their minds – Erdogan and his family are smuggling weapons for ISIS in return for their oil … and the visa-free movement for Turks within Schengen – total surrender!

  2. When Milos Zeman said the invaders “should take up arms and fight for their country, not run away” he means that they are draft dodgers.

    1. And what’s the most grotesque – thousands of “refugees” from Eritrea claim asylum in Italy based on the fact that they were afraid of the army service and that’s why they escaped!

  3. I think the zionists overlooked the possibility of the eastern european states leaders putting the brakes on their plan for the islamic domination of Europe and it is now quite clear to see that there was a need to inflitrate their governments as well before opening the floodgates to the 3rd world.

  4. To je náš český prezident! Jsem za něj vděčná a hrdá , že ho máme. Nedáme si ho!
    Už se snaží na něj pražská kavárna tlačit, ale on se nedá a ta banda s Kalouskem a i Sobotka se můžou jít leda klouzat za Saphirem na ambasádku)))

  5. The president has said what I have tried to explain to so many who are unaware. These are NOT refugees, those young men, and 80% of them are young men! should be fighting for their countries and not allowing other brave young men do it for them. It is absolutely ridiculous that the MUTTA MERKEL can be so stupid???.
    From my reading of the Spiegel, it seems she is no longer in charge? Her change of tune was forced upon her. But this blackmail with turkey is a change of tune?
    KOL is absolutely correct about Gaddafi. Her made a garden of Eden out of desert. He treated his people well. They all shared in the benefits of petrol, which HE had geologists find. He was also the one who found the water to give to each resident. He may have been a tyrant, but he was a benevolent one to his people.

    1. Gaddafi also kept his promises. He promised to house every Libyan before his own family, and his own father died whilst waiting for his own home.
      I’m struggling to think of just one promise UK politicians have kept after being elected. In 2010 David Cameron promised that ex-service personnel would go to the top of the social housing lists, but 5 years later we have ex-forces members living on the streets while they put ‘refugees’ into social housing.

      1. Stu, not only that: each and every US Army “volunteer” was given an American citenshhip … talking democracy? Please, and start at the source! Now white Eueropeans have to deal with this “legacy” – sad, isn’t it?

        Tony “teflon” Blair and Bush are clearly responsible for this mess … why Kassner-Merkel falls for it? I’m still puzzeld!

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