Czechs Refuse to Accept Any More Invaders

The Czech Republic will not accept any invaders coming from Turkey “due to the unclear situation after the coup” in that country, Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (Social Democrats, CSSD) has told the public broadcaster Czech Television (CT).

The Czech Republic is also going to start a “tough diplomatic offensive” in order to make Greece fulfill its duties over the displaced persons, Chovanec said.


“We will not accept anyone till the end of the year because the security checks are very precise,” Chovanec said.

“After the events in Turkey, and we do not know exactly what happened in Turkey, whether it was a coup or counter-coup, Turks have been intervening militarily in a very efficient way,” he added.

“However, I am afraid that they are not intervening to the benefit of the people in Syria, but they are resolving their conflicts with Kurds,” Chovanec said.

“I am afraid that the escalation of the tension Turkey is now practicing in the direction of the Kurds may destabilize Turkey,” he added. “If the agreement with Turkey crumbles, we may expect a migration wave of a minor character this year and a much bigger one next spring,” Chovanec said.

It is impossible to accept the Turks’ demand and cancel their visa duty because they have not fulfilled the conditions given to them by the EU, he added. “If Europe does this, it will absolutely lose face,” Chovanec said.

It is necessary to force Greece and Italy to start approaching the migration seriously, he added.

“If they do not, they will have no place in Schengen,” Chovanec said. “The Czech Republic should start a tough offensive in diplomatic negotiations primarily to make Greece fulfil its duties,” he added. “Unfortunately, Greece will have to become a sort of detention facility where the migrants would know that they are closed there, checked, and returned,” Chovanec said.

The Czech Republic is also preparing a more comprehensive monitoring of its border with Germany in case Germany starts returning the refugees to the country of their origin, he added.

At the end of September, Chovanec will have talks with his German counterpart in Berlin.

“We will not be closing our border and building fences, but we want to know what is going on,” Chovanec said. It can be expected that after the return policy is toughened, a part of the migrants will try to escape from Germany, he added.

“We want to know where they go and whether they will go across this country,” he added. “It is not very likely that they will be running to the Czech Republic in order to stay in it,” Chovanec added.

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  1. Chovanec is damn lair. Just one day after he announce this Czech republic accepted first portion of refugees from Greece camps! All this BS which is coming from his mouth are just b/c there will be elections in November. Chovanec and Sobotka (premier) still continue in so far successful destruction of land, which has been for hundred years defended by our ancestors.

    1. that’s disgusting! I’m tired of nonwhites coming into our lands and us being forced to accept them. I don’t care if it’s one non white or if all the nonwhites are ‘skilled’ I do not want them here at all,period. Even the ‘educated’ ones hate whites and they will side with the nonwhites over whites all the time.

      I hope the Czech men, and European men everywhere, make all nonwhites feel so unwelcome in our nations that they never set foot in Europe again.

    2. Almost as ridiculous as the border fences in Croatia and Norway. Some alibi actions and strong talk, but through the backdoor the destruction is invited.
      They hardly do anything openly always the backdoor.
      And suddenly you have an African Barber shop in town, then African barkeepers and son on.
      When they show something openly on TV then only to trigger our compassion with the poor invader.. I mean poor refugee.
      Help everyone, look after everyone up to the point where you have no more energy left for yourself.
      In the meantime politicians live in good boroughs without refugees and tell you not be racist and of course showing some “humanity”

  2. The Czechs/Eastern Europeans will not capitulate like Western Europe. Our Eastern white brothers will kick serious butt, if there is any sniff of fickificki cr*p!

  3. If these invaders make landfall in Europe, in either Greece or Italy, they are being accepted in to Europe. The Eastern Euros are only a transit lounge, but then get bullied by Germany to take these illegals as distributions. The only policy should be turn-backs. No picking up any one from the seas, or allowing them to cross. There will be no ‘returns’ because they have no way to round up and send illegals back, no country of origin, or face hostile states that won’t accept their fleeing citizens.

  4. Please do. I can’t stand watching what is happening in Europe no, and what ill happen to the USA if Hillary gets into office. Stay strong.

  5. This saga keeps unfolding every day of every week and will continue for every month UNTIL someone does the proper job of ending the arrival of economic migrants who do not have any identification on them. Those crossing the Mediterranean should be halted in the middle, papers checked and returned to where they came from as well as the ones who have already thrown their papers into the sea. Most countries where they come from do not have any conflict so stop them landing in Italy and Greece is the only way to end this. Sadly, the army of do-gooders have no intention of listening to the taxpayers who object to this form of insanity that is being inflicted upon the whole of the EU and the UK.

    1. We Americans know that if you send them back where they came from they will just come back again and again and again, committing every more crimes each time.

      Rather than stopping them at sea and checking them for documents they don’t have, then sending them back, where they can just get on another boat and come back again, I think it best to employ the expedient of simply sinking them at sea on sight. That’s the only thing that will stop the invasion.

  6. Accepting all these refugees into europe means letting soros and company win the game and debt will enslave europe for many generations. These refugees should be help in their regio ie west asia. West asia is way bigger than europe and 30k satanic muslims should not make all of them flee. The media is too supportive of soros and company ambition.

  7. We do not want them in the uk why should we our forefathers the WORKING CLASS OF GREAT BRITAIN SCARIFICED THEIR SONS SO WE COULD LIVE IN PEACE ALONG WITH MANY OTHER NATIONS WHOM SCARIFICED THEIR OWN WE WILL NEVER FORGET THEIR BRAVERY EVER !!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Obama take you’re que shite and bake in Martha’s Vineyard. Sunshine because MR YES WE CAN !!!!!!!!! Does not solely apply to you wake up Barack and merkel not the smell of integration !!!!!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM LIBERTY !!!!!!!!! You and you alone r forcing us there’s no smoke without fire!!!!!!!!! Ye of little faith !! There is a fire of hell smouldering in Europe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The working class of Great Britain sacrificed their sons because Jews controlled the media, and told them lies. So did Churchill and all the scum of the Civil Service and Parliament. Don’t be under any illusions: Jews want to kill whites, and if working class whites kill other working class whites in other countries, they’re delighted. Their bravery was the bravery of fools. Face facts.

  8. The fact that I am facing ! Is that through the the bravery of fools you have the freedom to voice your opinion what would have happened if a battalion of your lot heard the whistle. To go over the top?? Shot at dawn springs to mind and that insults them that were because they were there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Isn’t the glory of the victorious a wonderful thing eh. Wasn”t it all worth the blood and toil to be faced with Custar”s last stand! Enjoy the diversity!

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